Camping Raft Hotel, floating camping rafts in lakes

The Camping Raft Hotels are four nomadic hotels located in four lakes in Belgium and The Netherlands. These ecological hotels are floating barges used as camping grounds.


Each room is a hut located on top of a floating camping raft. The rafts are made from planks of wood floating on barrels. Each hut is one room. There is no electricity and no heating in these camping rooms, and the bathroom is a bucket, offering guests a rustic camping experience. There are bathrooms and showers on the edge of the lakes. Each raft has twenty five square metres of space, half of which is the cabin and half is the terrace.

Only guests above 21 years of age are allowed to stay at this hotel. The rafts are located in several lakes in two countries, and there are several rafts in each lake. Guests who stay at this hotel are given a canoe that will transport them from the raft to the shore.

Price varies depending on the season. Two of the hotels, those located in De Heen and Marnemoende, are open during the winter months, with a price of 100€ for two nights. During the low season prices are around 139€ for two nights, 146.50€ for two nights during middle season and can reach 156.50€ for two nights during the high season.


Guests have to bring their own crockery and sleeping bags. The hotel supplies guests with the necessary material for their stay which has to be returned at the end of their stay. This includes a canoe, camping mattresses, camping chairs, a gas stove, gas lamps with matches, water containers, a rubbish bin, a bucket for waste, a broom and a folder with tourist information of the area.

In the reception area of each hotel the hotel staff can provide guests with a list of activities that guests can enjoy in the area. Guests can explore the area by bicycle and on foot, and swim in the lakes. On the lake shore there is a barbecue area.

Excursions and Location.

The hotel is located in several lakes in Belgium and The Netherlands. There are rafts in the De Heen Lake, in the De Cleyped Lake and in the Marnemoende Lake in The Netherlands, and in the De Wissen Lake in Belgium.

De Heen is a hotel with five floating rafts located on the Steenbergse Vliet River. Guests who stay at this hotel will be able to enjoy fishing.

The De Cleypoel rafts are located in the Kagerplassen lake. Near the lake there are several small rustic villages and guests will be able to practice water sports.

Marnemoende has three rafts, two on the island and one floating in the lake, and a main building. The restaurant is located in the main building. The hotel is located a short distance away from Utrecht.

The hotel in the centre of the Mass de Wissen Lake is located in Belgium. The hotel can organize cultural activities around the Belgian region of Limburg, known for its museums, and guests can rent bicycles.

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