Esbelli Evi, a cave hotel with fairy chimneys

The Esbelli Evi Hotel is located in the region of Cappadocia in Turkey. This hotel is the first boutique hotel built in the area, and its ecofriendly approach integrates the building with the natural landscape.

Building the hotel.

Part of this hotel was built taking in account the caves and other natural formations of the region. The doors and windows have been adapted to the rock formations, and the hotel’s natural staircase is the result of years of erosion. Like many of the local structures, the hotel was built with fairy chimneys which are considered one of the region’s top tourist attractions. The interior design of the hotel reflects the country’s cultural aspects, with thick red carpets covering the floor, Ottoman style furniture and lace curtains.


The hotel has ten suites. The rooms are all different because they were built following the outline of the rock’s natural structure. Each room has a double bed, a traditional regional décor and a bathroom.

All the rooms have a flat screen television set with hundreds of channels from all over the world, and are equipped with CD and DVD players, a radio, climate control and kitchenettes and fridges. Guests will be able to enjoy free WiFi and will have free access to laptops. Each room is provided with complimentary bottles of water, reading material and free coffee and tea. Price varies depending on the suite and the season, and the minimum price is of 80€ per room per night.

Some of the suites can be converted into connecting rooms to accommodate families travelling together. The connected suites can accommodate up to six people. These suites have a master bedroom with a bathroom and a living room with a kitchen and a terrace, while other suites can have two or three bedrooms with their corresponding bathrooms.

The Fantasy Cave suite is the largest suite at the hotel and has a master bedroom and a separate living room with a sofa bed inside one of the caves. There is a kitchen and a bathroom with a claw foot bathtub and separate shower. The suite has a private terrace and access to the common terrace.

The Family Cave Suite can accommodate up to four people. There are two bathrooms near the entrance, and down a flight of steps guests will find the master bedroom, an extra bedroom with gilded ceilings, a living room with a kitchen and a private terrace.

The Stonecutters suite is built to resemble a traditional Cappadocian villa. There is a master bedroom and a living room with a sofa bed, a bathroom with a separate bathtub and shower and a small garden with flowers. The suite has access towards a semiprivate terrace with views towards the region.

The Twin Arch is a suite with a large bedroom with a bathroom and a living room with a guest bathroom. There is a kitchen with a terrace and a private garden.

The Labyrinth suite is a stone suite. The master bedroom is a large cave with a bathroom adapted to the crevices in the rock. There is a guest bedroom with bathroom which is connected to the living room. The suite has several terraces.

The Winepress suite is located above the ancient wine press. The master bedroom has a kingsize bed, and the guest bedroom has a double bed directly above the wine press. The bathroom is connected to the kitchen and the living room, from where guests can access the semiprivate terrace.

The Volcano Stone Cave is a dark coloured suite since it is located near a layer of volcanic rock. Near the kitchen guests will find the bedroom with a domed ceiling, the living room and the bathroom. Behind one of the ancient doors there is a previously hidden tunnel. This tunnel is a XVIIth century, 16 kilometer long water tunnel inside the volcanic rock.

The Colorband Cave is a colourful suite. The volcanic rock in tis suite is filled with minerals which create several colourful hues reflected in the bathroom, the bedroom and the living room.

The Hillside Suite is located on one side of the hill where the hotel is located. This suite has a bedroom with a bathroom and a living room with a private terrace and a private entrance.

Breakfasts, halls and terraces.

Guests who stay at the hotel will have access to the hotel’s cafeteria. The hotel provides guests with complimentary continental breakfasts made from local products. Other common areas include a home cinema room, an event hall with a piano, a Turkish hall and several terraces with views towards the natural structures formed centuries ago.

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