Food Hotel, where candy is a cushion and soup cans are armchairs

The Food Hotel is located in Neuwied, in Germany. This small hotel has a theme, and its decorations and rooms are dedicated to the food industry.


The hotel has 115 rooms, a suite and four apartments. There are standard rooms and Premium rooms. The four family apartments can accommodate up to four people. All rooms are double rooms with their own private bathroom and food shaped decorations.

Each room has an individual design and is dedicated to a food brand. The furniture is shaped as cans and the cushions resemble candy. In each room guests will be able to choose from a large selection of food.

There is air conditioning, Internet access, an ironing board and a television set. There is room service. Price is 92€ per night for an individual room and 148€ per night for a double room.

The hotel has an agreement with 36 local food brands, and each brand decorated a room. The Coca Cola room is decorated with the colours of the brand and posters. There Messmer room is decorated with tea boxes and paintings of tea plantations. In another room there are pillows and tables in the shape of cream cookies.

The hotel has a room dedicated to Unilever products, decorated with furniture styled as some of its brands and with a mural dedicated to its products. The Raffaello by Ferrero room is a dessert island with palm trees and sea shells. Chio, a potato chip brand, has a room with disco balls. The Veltins room has a large beer poster above the double bed.


The hotel has its own restaurant with a terrace. The restaurant offers menus for guests with diabetes and for vegetarians. Brunches can be organized at the hotel.

The lobby is decorated with furniture in the shape of food cans. There is a lounge where guests will be able to relax in armchairs disguised as shopping carts. Guests can enjoy local dishes in the hotel’s café and at the bar, where the chairs are recycled beer crates.

There is a food store, the Food Akademie, where guests can purchase food and drinks. The store organizes events and workshops that are centered around food.


There are five conference rooms at the hotel where conferences for up to two hundred guests can be organized. These halls are equipped for conferences and guests have access to the hotel’s business centre located in the lobby, which has fax machines and a photocopier.


The hotel is located near Neuweid, near Cologne. A short distance away from the hotel guests will find several golf courses and small towns.

The hotel is located a short distance away from the Marktkirche Church. Guests can enjoy walks along the Rhine river. The Rhein Westerwald Natural Park is located five kilometers away from the hotel. Tours on foot and by bike are offered at this park.

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