Hobbit House Hotel, the Shire in Montana

The Hobbit House of Montana is located in the state of Montana, in the United States. The hotel is similar to the Shire, the place where hobbits lived in JRR Tolkien’s novels.


This small hotel is located in a valley in the northern part of the state. The owners decided to build a replica of Tolkien’s Shire, with rooms in small rounded houses in the hills.

From the outside only the hills with round doors and windows are visible. There are several hobbit houses inside the hills, a troll house and several fairy houses.

The spacious master bedroom has a kingsize bed and etched doors, and there is a view of Gandalf’s large statue from the round windows. The bedroom has several lamps carved as characters from Tolkien’s trilogy. Each room has an HD television set with BluRay, WiFi access, a radio, three telephones and a large designer kitchen with granite counter tops. Price is from 185€ per night.

The hotel is known for its décor. The hotel rooms are decorated as hobbit holes, with carved wooden furniture and bright colours. The door knobs and cabinet knobs are made from stone, the glass doors are decorated with Gandalf’s figure, and the One Ring hangs from each loft.

These hobbit houses are ecological. The rooms, which have a dome shape to save energy, are located partially underground and have large windows at an angle that allows natural light. There is a farm on the hotel’s grounds where the alpacas live.


The hotel is located on a large territory, and is filled with statues and plants that make this hotel similar to the rural Shire. The owners of the hotel found an ancient cedar tree trunk and used it as a base for one of the hotel’s largest structures, a mythical Troll House. Those guests who are fans of the Lord of the Rings will be able to recognize many of the buildings located on the hotel’s grounds, mainly Bilbo’s house, Frodo’s house, the clearing where Bilbo’s birthday party took place, an Elf House and a Haunted Forest.

Guests will be able to enjoy walks in the Haunted Forest, at the centre of which is a large ancient tree. Nearby they will find a recreation of the house of Bilbo Baggins and several hobbit holes. There is an observation deck where guests will be able to relax while sipping local wine with views towards Whitepine country.

There are several fairy houses, a huge hobbit sized mushroom and a wishing well. Next to the troll house guests will find a barbecue area with a fire pit. The small village has several murals where guests can see the usual activities of hobbits. In the centre there is a large Gandalf statue where the wizard is sitting in a hand carved wooden wagon.


The hotel has views towards Cougar Peak and the Whitepine Alpaca Ranch. A short distance away from the hotel guests will find the cities of Trout Creek and Thompson Falls.

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