Hotel Aria, music rooms and baroque gardens

The Aria Hotel is a musical hotel located in Prague, in the Czech Republic. This hotel is dedicated to music, with a grand piano in the main hall and mosaics with musical notes on the walls.


This hotel is known for its dedication to music. Many artists, singers and music virtuosos have stayed at this centric hotel. In the hotel there are art pieces dedicated to compositors, ranging from Dvorák and Mozart to the singers Elvis Presley and Billie Holiday.

The hotel’s 52 rooms have their own theme. Each room is dedicated to a musical style and there are rooms dedicated to singers. There are several types of rooms, 28 Deluxe rooms, 17 Junior suites and seven Luxury Suites. The hotel has four floors and each floor has a theme, the four floors being dedicated to classical, opera, jazz and contemporary music.

Each room is a double room with a bathroom and is decorated with antiques. There are pieces of art, magazines and a large flat screen where guests can browse the biography of the composer their room is dedicated to. In each room there is Internet access, a minibar, a television with a DVD, loudspeakers and an iPod loaded with more than 250 songs, which range from the chants of Gregorian monks to the latest hits. The bathrooms have a bathtub, bathrobes, Molton Brown amenities and a telephone.


The hotel has a rooftop terrace, the Roof Garden Terrace, where guests can enjoy a snack with views of the city. The Coda restaurant is one of the city’s most visited restaurants. This art deco restaurant has views towards the historic center, the Palace Gardens and Prague Castle. Guests and visitors can enjoy live concerts while they enjoy their meals served on plates decorated with caricatures of composers.

At the Prairie Salon guests will be able to enjoy relaxing and revitalizing treatments. There are special facial treatments for men and women. The hotel’s gym has several treadmills, a weight lifting area, a sauna and a steam room.


Guests who stay at this hotel will be able to enjoy live music. In the Screening Room there is space for around twenty and thirty people, depending on the room’s layout. The Screening Room can be used as a meeting room, and the Executive Boardroom is a smaller meeting room for a maximum of ten people. This room has a conference phone, loudspeakers and a whiteboard.

The Music Box is a library and a recreation room where cultural evenings are organized. The room has several sofas and can accommodate up to six people, and has a high definition plasma television screen, a DVD player, loudspeakers and an overhead projector.

There is a large musical library where guests can rent CDs, DVDs, videos and a large selection of musical literature. The Music Salon is decorated like a small theater, with golden and red curtains and furniture. There are leather armchairs and sofa and a chimney, with large bookcases filled with musical literature, a place where guests can relax and enjoy a bite.


The hotel’s building was built according to the architectural style of nearby buildings. The path between the iron gate and the hotel’s entrance is decorated with an Italian mosaic representing singing Gregorian monks.

Next to the hotel guests will find the Vrtbovska gardens, one of the city’s most ancient baroque gardens. In these gardens there are several terraces with views towards the Old Town.

The capital of the Czech Republic is one of the most touristy destinations in the region. This city is known for its Gothic architecture and its history. The hotel’s staff can book tickets for the latest musical events.

The hotel is located in the center of the city, in the Mala Strana neighbourhood. This neighbourhood is filled with ancient baroque palaces, historical churches and gardens. Some of the nearby attractions and landmarks include Prague Castle, the Charles bridge over the river Vltava decorated with mostly baroque statues, Saint Nicholas Cathedral and the Royal Gardens. There are many cultural landmarks and monuments, and guests will be able to visit the Rudolfium, where guests can enjoy a performance by the Czech Republic’s National Orchestra.

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