Hotel in an aquarium

This rather unusual hotel is located in the middle of the Mälaren lake, one kilometre away from the city of Västeras, in Sweden. The Utter Inn hotel is a curious submarine hotel with a rather striking resemblance to a floating aquarium, designed by Mikael Genberg, an architect.

If one decides to stay at this peculiar hotel, they’ll have to take a water taxi from Västeras which will cross half the lake until it reaches a steel platform. The hotel is built on the steel platform and is surrounded by the small islands peppering the lake, and if one looks at it from the outside, it looks like a small floating cabin. If one goes down the stairs, three metres under the water surface, they will find the only room in the hotel.

The Utter Inn has an exterior terrace with comfortable chairs where one can sit down and relax while absorbing the peace of the lake. Inside the cabin, once one has gone through the thick steel door, at three metres deep, they will find the double bedroom. The hotel also has a bathroom, an electric kitchen and a radiator. When one closes the door, they enter a totally different new world, surrounded by silence, tranquility, and the marine lake life. There is a total of four windows, and one can observe the inhabitants of the lake that are floating just outside your window.

Price per night is around 165€, and it includes a picnic for breakfast and dinner. The hotel is open from the start of April to the end of September. Most of the furniture in the double room is comfortable and original Ikea furniture, and all the lamps are low consuming lamps.

One can swim in the quiet waters of the lake, observe the wildlife around them or be observed by several curious fish that often swim by any of the windows. The star of the lake is a rather friendly luce who enjoys observing humans. One can also rent a small boat that will take them to the nearest, mostly inhabited, islands of the lake.

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