Hotel in an Authentic Wagon

The Wagon Stays Hotel is a hotel where each room is comfortably situated in an old wagon. This hotel is an ecologically friendly hotel, and can be found in New Zealand.

Each wagon is designed and furnished as a comfortable guest room, decorated with ornaments that mimic a more ancient style. However, under the screen of old designs guests will find an array of technologies and other luxurious details. Price per night at this hotel varies between 120 and 160€ according to the season.

Almost every aspect of this hotel is eco friendly and respectful to nature. The structure of each wagon is made of different types of wood, while the innovative insulating material is made of thick sheep’s wool. All the windows at each wagon are double glazed, and the lamps are low consumer lamps. Most of the electricity used at this hotel comes from the solar panels installed on its territory.

Each wagon has a large double bed, a study sized kitchen with all the necessary equipment, and temperature regulators such as heat pump or air conditioning. Furthermore, each room has its own bathroom with a computer controlled shower. In order to be able to organize and enjoy cozy dinners, the large dining table can be adjusted at different heights, becoming a small coffee table or a large dining table. If guests want to relax, they can watch the flat screen TV or choose between a wide range of DVDs and CDs. Guests are also invited to enjoy free international press, fast Internet connection and telephone coverage.

Outside each wagon guests can find an outside private bathtub. Near the bathtub guests can also enjoy the barbecue facilities, although it is recommended to reserve it in advance. Guests staying at this hotel will also be able to enjoy the laundry service.

Wagon Stays offers its guests a wide range of complimentary tea and coffee throughout the day. Guests are also invited to try the continental breakfast served at this hotel as well as a delicious organic and ecological dinner.

The Wagon Stays Hotel is located in the middle of the countryside, in Cashmere Road, near the city of Christchurch. The atmosphere created by the excellent old design in each wagon reminds guests of what the first settlers must have felt upon arrival. The views from the hotel are truly beautiful, with a panorama full of clear country lanes, vast fields and the nearby mountains.

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