Island hotel with style and rooms shrouded in mystery

Burgh Island Hotel is located on Burgh Island, a small island off the coast of the United Kingdom. The hotel has a classical décor with a touch of aristocratic luxury and views towards the coast.

The island has an area of only 10 acres and is located very close to the coast. For many years, the island only had a small population of fishermen and XIVth Century pirates. At the turn of the century, in the 1900’s, the island became a favourite haunt for the aristocracy of the time.

Nowadays this grand Art Deco hotel built in 1929 organizes all sorts of events, such as weddings, conferences or any other kind of celebrations. The hotel has managed to keep its large classical ballroom where real ball still take place, just as it used to be at the turn of the last century.

The island itself is near to the coast and has direct access to the coast only when the tide is low. Guests will be able to get to the island not only by traditional methods of transportation, such as train, car or ferry, but they will also be able to do so by helicopter.

The hotel’s territory has vistas towards the sea coast, a relaxing views guests will be able to enjoy while having a cup of tea. There is a helicopter landing spot on the territory, as well as tennis and croquet courts and a small natural lagoon known as the Mermaid Pool.

All the rooms at this hotel are double rooms with a bathroom. Several of the rooms don’t have a room number, and are instead called by the name of a celebrity who had previously stayed at the hotel and who somehow contributed to the region’s development. Each room has a different size, and no room is decorated in the same colour scheme or has a similar décor. Despite this, all rooms have a double bed with Beltramé bedlinen and marble bathrooms with huge towels and locally made bath amenities. The walls are covered in antique photographs depicting the region. Most rooms have a turn of the century décor with elements such as old fashioned radios, light coloured wooden furniture and a complimentary tray of delicious chocolates.

The Garden Suite is one of the best known rooms at the hotel. This spacious suite has large windows facing the garden as well as sea views which can be enjoyed from what is reputably the largest bed in the region. The marble bathroom is decorated in black and white tones, while the interior décor is full of pastel colours.

The Beach House, built in 1930, stands directly on the beach. Many writers have expressed their liking of this particular accommodation, especially Agatha Christie, who wrote two of her most famous novels, Evil Under The Sun and Then There Were None, in this room. The rooms at the beach house have been recently renovated, and now boast a modern décor. The main room has a private terrace where guests will be able to enjoy dinner al fresco while listening to the songs of many birds who tend to frequent this place.

The large Mermaid bedroom has an enormous double bed with views towards the Mermaid Natural Rock Pool, a small lagoon filled with warm water standing on hotel grounds. One particular guest took such a liking to this room that she lived there for more than 20 years. The room is decorated in a palette of blues with curved wooden furniture.

Other rooms notable for their stylish turn of the century décor and history are those rooms named after a celebrity. Some of the most visited rooms are those belonging to the famous racing motorist and motoring journalist Malcolm Campbell, the aviator Amy Johnson, the millionaire and tycoon W. O. Bentley or the noted vaudeville star Josephine Baker.

The price per rooms changes once every year. Price depends on the type of room, although all prices include a hearty breakfast and dinner as well as all taxes. The smallest room is the Miss Dorothy Button room, full of jovial oriental decorations, which costs around 345€ per night, while the largest rooms at the hotel, such as the Garden Suite and Beach House, can cost up to around 739€ per night.

The island is known for its quiet and peaceful location, ideal for celebrating all kinds of important events. Celebrations such as weddings or large business conferences may take place in one of the hotel’s many halls or the restaurant. The hotel is also an ecologically friendly place, where almost anything is used so as not to damage the island’s ecosystem.

The hotel has a bar called the Peacock Bar, a place reminiscent of the Golden Age of Jazz music. Next to it there is a large ballroom. The nearby Pilchard Inn is a well known local bar. The hotel also has its own restaurant where guests will be able to enjoy a different menu everyday. Most of the ingredients used are from local farms and organic producers.

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