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Hotel with tropical gardens and sunken bathtubs

The Oberoi Bali hotel is located in Bali, Indonesia. The hotel consists of several villas standing around a set of tropical gardens with inspiring views towards the ocean.

The hotel is famous for its luxurious surroundings and its pleasant atmosphere. All the villas are decorated with traditional Balinese art pieces which manage to create a harmonious atmosphere full of colour.

The Oberoi has several luxury villas as well as lanais constructed in the traditional Balinese style. The hotel’s territory occupies more than 15 acres of land, most of them covered by tropical gardens. Only a few minutes from the hotel is Seminyak Beach, and the villas have private swimming pools with enticing views towards the ocean.

Each one of the villas has a private territory with a swimming pool, as well as satellite television, DVD player, Internet access, safe, telephone, a bar and 24 hour rooms service. The master bedroom holds a kingsize bed. There is air conditioning throughout the villas. The large bathroom has thick, opaque glass walls and sunken bathtubs in the middle of the floor, as well as views towards the private gardens. The walls of each room are covered with teak wood panels.

There are several types of villas. The Luxury Lanais are villas with traditional, straw covered roofs. These four villas are built around a small pond ornamented with decorative stones. Guests can choose whether they want to sleep on a kingsize bed or if they would rather have two double beds. These rooms have a private terrace on one side, while the bathroom connects to the private, high walled garden where guests will find the sunken marble bathtub. The lanais are full of Balinese art.

The Luxury Villas have straw roofs too, as well as a spacious private territory which varies between 200 and 600 square metres, depending on the villa. Each one of the villas is decorated in its own floral theme. The name of each villa alludes to a different type of local flower, and the interior décor of the villas are a reflection of that flower. Original Balinese artworks hang in large frames around the walls and all the textiles bear a flowery print. The kingsize beds have intricately hand carved headboards with flower patterns. The floors are marble, while the walls are made of teak wood. Each room has an ample closet, two bureaus, and a separate shower. One of the private terraces holds the sunken bathtub, while the larger terrace has a pond and an al fresco dining area complete with tables and chairs. The large master bedroom also has access to a private balcony.

The Luxury Villas with a swimming pool are a set of nine villas with a private swimming pool each. These spacious villas have an artistic and luxurious décor and a large terrace.

The Royal Villa Hibiscusa are large mansion-like villas with a private swimming pool, two bathrooms, a separate kitchen and a spacious living room. These villas have a traditional Balinese design full of wooden sculptures and bright colours. Price depends on the type of villa and the season, and is usually starts at around 298€ per night.

One of the most famous places in this luxurious hotel is its very own Oberoi Spa. The spa is separated into several pavilions where guests will be able to enjoy a wide range of typical Balinese skin and body treatments. The spa has views towards a small pond with water lilies and other tropical plants. The spa offers several services, including relaxing massages, several saunas, a gym and tennis courts. There is also an open air swimming pool with views towards the sea.

This hotel has four restaurants. The Frangipani Café serves a wide range of light snacks made from fresh sea food and offers continental breakfast on the terrace. The Kura Kura is an informal restaurant with an extensive menu full of traditional Indonesian food. The Kuyu Bar is a relaxing cocktail bar with stunning ocean views. The Amphitheatre is a buffet where visitors will be able to enjoy a delicious meal accompanied by traditional Balinese dancing two or three times per week.

The hotel has a large conference room which can be rented out for events or celebrations. The conference room has 100 square metres available for meetings, and the seating arrangements can be arranged in several ways depending on the event, such as in theatre-like rows, around a round table or a spacious cocktail lounge. The maximum capacity is around 14 people for a meeting or 80 people for a lounge party. The conference room is equipped with fax machines, printers and audiovisual technologies.

Visitors and guests will be able to enjoy many activities near the hotel, such as water sports and excursions. Guests will have the opportunity to snorkel, dive, fish, surf or sail at the nearby beaches. The hotel can organize visits to nearby towns and villages.

Duck Hotel

The Peabody Hotel is located in Memphis, Tennessee, in the United States. The hotel is known for its historic heritage and luxurious décor, which are based on an unusual theme, the Peabody ducks.

The hotel gained international fame because of its Peabody Ducks, a tradition dated from 1933. The five Peabody ducks march from the Grand Lobby at 11 o’clock sharp every morning, and then march back up at 5 o’clock every afternoon. Many guests and visitors congregate to watch the five ducks march, and many others visit the hotel to catch a glimpse of the celebrity ducks bathing in the hotel’s fountain between 11 and 17 o’clock every day.

The March of the Ducks started off in 1933, when the hotel’s director and his friends decided to let three of the ducks they had previously used as bait bathe in the hotel’s large fountain. Since then, it has become somewhat of a tradition to let five ducks bathe in the fountain every day. The March of the Ducks became official in 1940 when the first Duckmaster decided to train the ducks to march from their room to the lobby every morning and back again every afternoon. The ducks enjoy excellent living conditions and have their own room, called the Duck Palace, which is located at the top floor of the hotel.

The hotel has several types of rooms. All rooms and suites are double rooms with a large bathroom. There are several standard double rooms, as well as several Junior Suites, Celebrity Suites, Romeo and Juliet Suites and a Presidential Suite. Each one of the rooms is decorated in a different style, although every room is ornamented by a picture or a statue of several ducks.

As one would imagine, the Romeo and Juliet Suites are the most romantic ones at the hotel. These spacious duplex suites have a winding staircase, a large living room, a bedroom with an intricate design, a modern bathroom and enjoyable views.

Some of the rooms are pet friendly rooms. The hotel allows guests to bring their pets as long as these have been vaccinated and the hotel staff has been assured that each guest will be responsible for their pet’s behaviour. Pets are not allowed in the lobby during the March of the Ducks.

There is a large business centre and several well equipped conference rooms that occupy one of the hotel floors. The hotel can help organize all sorts of conferences and events in the halls. The Skyway Ballroom is a large hall located on the top floor of the hotel which can be used for formal and informal celebrations. The Peabody Grand Ballroom and the Venetian Hall are known for their luxurious décor, while the other seven halls are very spacious and sport a classical design.

The hotel has several bars and restaurants which have won several prestigious awards throughout the years. The hotel has an interior swimming pool, an athletic club and even a luxurious spa. There are several boutiques near the lobby, many of which sell duck related merchandise. Guests will be able to buy T-shirts, mugs and many other souvenirs decorated with pictures of the Peabody Ducks.

Chez Philippe is the hotel’s most luxurious restaurant, specialized in traditional French food. The Capriccio Grill is one of the hotel’s best restaurants and is dedicated to the Italian cuisine. The Peabody Pastry Shop is a small shop where guests will be able to buy some of the most delicious desserts in the region, and the nearby café called The Peabody is full of nutritious snacks. The Corner Bar is a lively place where there is live music every Friday and Saturday night. The Afternoon Tea is a large tea room where guests will enjoy many varieties of teas accompanied by sandwiches and pastry. As one might assume, the only dish that the hotel does not serve is duck.

The Peabody Hotel is conveniently located in the centre of the city and is considered an historical landmark. Only a couple of blocks away guests will find places of interest such as Beale Street, the Fed Ex Forum and the celebrated Sun Studios. Guests are within walking distance of the Memphis Museum of Rock and Soul, the National Museum of Civil Rights, the Gibson Guitar Factory and many others.

The largest swimming pool and an antique elevator

The Biltmore Hotel is one of the oldest hotels in Miami, in the United States. The hotel is filled with luxurious decorations and its architectural design is full of elaborate façades, arcs and towers.

The hotel has 275 rooms, 130 of which are suites. All rooms are double rooms with a queensize or a kingsize bed, a large bathroom, a television set and Internet access. There are several different types of rooms, although all of them have amenities such as bed clothes made from Egyptian cotton, stone floors and huge bay windows. Guests can choose whether they want a queensize or kingsize bed. The suites have a large master bedroom with a bathroom and a separate living room with a sofa and a coffee table.

The Superior rooms have a large, comfortable living room with a luxurious décor. The Deluxe rooms are even more spacious, with either a queensize, kingsize or two twin beds. The Junior Suites are larger than standard rooms, and have a separate library as well as a working area. The Executive Suite is the largest suite at the hotel, with luxurious antique furniture in the living room and a modern working area.

The hotel has a large territory, complete with an 18 hole golf course, lavish gardens with walking paths, 10 tennis courts and a huge swimming pool. This swimming pool is what defines de hotel, since during the 1920’s a whole array of championships took place here. The swimming pool is decorated with tropical cascades and several private cabins are strewn around the solarium. The 2,000 square metre swimming pool is the largest in the country.

Those guests who come here specifically to relax will enjoy the hotel’s excellent gym facilities and its highly technological fitness centre. After a workout, guests are welcome for a massage at the luxurious spa. The hotel’s staff speak several languages, so guests will be able to communicate freely if they need anything. There is a souvenir shop on the ground floor.

The hotel has a classic décor, with hand painted frescoes on the ceilings, marble columns across the halls and travertine floors. All furniture is wooden and the large bay windows offer guests unparalleled views towards the gardens. One of the most historical parts of the hotel is its elevator, which has managed to maintain the exact same style it had the day the hotel opened its doors. Each time the elevator needs to be fixed, a special board of directors has to agree that it is indeed in need of repair, and nothing, not one element of the original decorations, can be changed.

The hotel offers a wide variety of dining options. There are four restaurants, including the Palme D’Or, the Cascade Poolside Bar and Grill, and the 19th Hole, a golf themed restaurant. The Cascade Poolside Bar and Grill is located near the swimming pool. Every Sunday the hotel offers a delicious brunch with champagne. Every afternoon, guests will be able to enjoy their tea at the Grand Lobby.

The hotel offers its guests a complete catering service for any meetings or conferences that take place at the Conference Centre of the Americas. More than 7,000 square metres are available for different conventions and events. There are several halls and conference rooms equipped with all the necessary technology.

The hotel is one a huge favourite for weddings and other large, festive, gatherings. With large gardens and a majestic architecture, the hotel is the ideal choice for those guests who want to celebrate any important event. The hotel can organize all kinds of events, including live concerts, cooking classes, golf and tennis tournaments and wine tastings.

Historically, this hotel has been considered one of the most iconic hotels in the city. Even during the jazz age many celebrities stayed at the hotel, including the Dukes of Windsor, Judy Garland and Bing Crosby, amongst others. Legend has it that even Al Capone himself stayed at the best suite at the hotel. Even today guests staying at this suite will be able to observe the bullet holes left by a failed attempt to assassinate Al Capone. Even former president Franklin D. Roosevelt spent some time here, moving most of his office and advisers to the hotel during his holidays. During and after the Second World War the hotel was transformed into a hospital.

The hotel is located in one of the city’s hottest spots. The hotel is only minutes away from the world famous South Beach, and only a couple of blocks away from the centre of Miami and the Coral Gables business centre. The hotel’s excellent location provides easy access to trendy bars, chic restaurants and glamorous boutiques. The posh Coral Gables district is full of luxurious shops and designer labels, art galleries and the most exclusive clubs. The Village of Merrick Park is another place full of many different shops and boutiques. Those who prefer to spend their breaks in the nature can visit the Fairchild Tropical Botanical Gardens, which were first opened in 1938 and house a large collection of tropical flowers and plants. The nearby Jungle Island is a bird sanctuary where guests will be able to observe many species of birds and other animals. Other nearby places include many landmarks, as well as the Miami Science Museum and the Wynwood district, a place full of art galleries and museums.

Luxury and peace in La Antigua

The Posada del Ángel Hotel is a boutique hotel located in La Antigua, in Guatemala. Each room at the hotel has its own theme, and the hotel itself has a traditional décor full of local artefacts and bright colours.

The hotel is located in a peaceful location, and is considered to be one of the best hotels in the region, given that it is mostly known by word of mouth. This hotel is usually full of such high guests such as various politicians, musicians or artists, since its comfortable location far away from the tourist traps offers a more traditional, peaceful stay in a luxurious entourage.

The hotel has 7 rooms and suites which vary in size and décor. All rooms are quite spacious, with a private bathroom and large windows with views towards the city, the gardens or the nearby natural attractions.

The Rose Suite is one of the most sophisticated suites at the hotel. This suite has polished wooden floors and antique ornaments decorating the walls. There is a chimney in the master bedroom and another one in the bathroom. The suite also has its own private terrace with views towards the volcanoes, and guests will be able to enjoy a breakfast with a view.

The Blue Room is a colonial room decorated in several shades of light blue. The furniture is upholstered in traditional local handwoven textiles which sport a typical Guatemalan pattern. This room can have either two twin beds or a kingsize bed. There is a chimney in the spacious master bedroom and the large bathroom is decorated in a rustic manner.

Another room is the Bird Room, which can be converted in either a twin room or a double room with a kingsize bed. This room faces the hotel’s gardens. There is a large chimney and the bathroom has a rustic design with beige and terracotta walls with matching classic ornaments.

The Yellow Room was designed in a bright fashion, with light furniture and views towards the swimming pool and the fountain. This room can be used as a twin or as a double room, and it has a chimney and a large bathroom.

The Green Room has views towards the swimming pool and has a large, double, four poster bed designed in an old fashioned manner. There are several wooden bed tables crafted from a single trunk, and the room has a natural feel about it.

The Mayan Room has a queensize bed with an interior design reminiscent of the Mayan Empire. The spacious room has polished wooden floors and rustic decorations with luxurious ornaments. Most of the antique furniture is upholstered in bright coloured textiles that were woven by hand.

The Marie Sue Suite is the most exotic suite at the hotel, with a queensize bed, a chimney and a separate living room with a sofa bed. The bathroom has warm wooden floors and is made from marble. There is a large whirlpool bathtub and a direct access towards the private patio.

All rooms are decorated with antique furniture, although the smaller decorative elements vary depending on each room’s theme. The bathrooms are quite large, with marble decorations and flowers. Only 600 thread count Egyptian cotton is used at the hotel, and all rooms have a relaxed atmosphere.

This hotel has a swimming pool where guests will be able to relax and sunbather during the warmer days. Near the swimming pool and solarium guests will find the large dining room and a common room where guests will be able to enjoy a delicious meal inspired by local traditions. The hotel has a separate, open air dining hall as well as a terrace on the roof.

This traditional yet luxurious hotel, full of hand carved furnishings and bright colours, is well known for is relaxing atmosphere. Most of the rooms at the hotel have excellent views towards the Water Volcano, a volcano standing right outside the city. The hotel has a centric location amidst historic buildings dating from the XVIIIth Century. Most of the nearby neighbourhoods remind one of 1773, and are full of large mansions and patios. Most buildings have a clear Arab or Baroque influence.

Physics Hotel

The Meridien Cambridge Hotel is a hotel devoted to science with a penchant for physics. This hotel is located in the city of Cambridge, Boston, Massachusetts, in the Unites States of America.

The Hotel has 210 rooms, all of them double rooms with a bathroom. There are several types of rooms and suites, and some of the rooms can be connected between them to form a family room. There are rooms and bathrooms adapted for people with any physical disabilities. The elevators have Braille buttons, as do most other signs. Guests with hearing problems can use the special telephone in their rooms that allows them to transform the caller’s voice into written messages, and a special light indicates if someone is knocking on the door. The receptionists at the lobby speak several languages and can help guests with any doubts.

The rooms and suites have a minimalist and contemporary chic style, with pale, earth coloured walls coupled with elaborate MIT works of art. Most of the rooms have walls painted in either gold, ochre or bronze tones with similar floors, and all the furnishings are extremely comfortable and ergonomic. The bathrooms are very spacious, with special pressure showers for relaxation purposes and giant mirrors with smaller make up and shaving mirrors attached to them. Guests can rent a baby’s cot for a small extra cost.

All rooms have air conditioning and climate control, close captioning on the large television sets and Internet access. Guests are provided with complementary national newspapers during weekdays, and a safe and a voice mail are available. All rooms have a sofa bed and a working area with a large desk and an ergonomic chair. There are double rooms with either one or two double beds, covered by quality bed linen with an elaborate print of several complex physics formulae. There are also coffee and tea making facilities for the use of guests.

One of the most important aspects of the hotel is its location, only a block away from the world famous MIT, as well as its passion for both modern art and science. All rooms have bedsheets with a variety of scientific formulae printed on them, as well as curious pieces of modern art and decorations representing several aspects of science.

The spacious suites are the most luxurious of all accommodations. All suites have a large master bedroom with a bathroom and a separate living room. Some of the suites have more living area and extra bathrooms, and are one of the best options for family groups travelling together. The master bedrooms have large windows, as well as a kingsize bed, quality furnishings and linens, a wide pillow menu and many slightly eccentric decorative cushions.

Guests will be able to enjoy panoramic views from almost anywhere in the hotel. Rooms either face the mountains, the coast and the sea, speckled with tiny islands. Some of the rooms have views towards the gardens in the courtyard.

The hotel has two restaurants. Sydney’s Lounge is well known for its wide range of cocktails, Martinis and other drinks. Sydney’s Grille is the main restaurant, with a somewhat eclectic décor and a menu full of healthy and delicious Mediterranean dishes. Sydney’s Private Dining Room is part of the main restaurant and can be rented out for events and celebrations of up to 20 people.

The hotel has an excellent room service, with in room dining options. For a small extra cost guests will be able to rent a small refrigerator directly in their rooms.

The hotel’s large gym is open during most of the day. It is well equipped with modern muscle training machines and guests will be able to practice aerobics, yoga or pilates.

On the ground floor stands the state of the art business centre, with fast Internet connection and computers, fax machines, printers and scanners. There is also a laundry service and guests will be able to rent cars or buy theatre tickets at the reception.

There are 8 conference rooms at the hotel. All conference rooms have plenty of natural light and are equipped with the latest audiovisual technological gadgets. Several of the rooms can be connected between them, allowing for both smaller meeting spaces and larger conferences with up to 250 guests. The hotel can organize events such as seminars, weddings and any other celebrations at the Roof Top Garden, a large venue on the rooftop of the hotel.

The hotel is located near University Park, near the prestigious MIT. Nearby, guests will find most of this city’s famous landmarks. Boston is considered to be the cultural capital of the States, and guests will be able to listen to the Symphonic Orchestra and visit almost a hundred museums.

Only a couple of minutes away from the hotel stand several of the city’s principal landmarks, such as the Museum of Fine Arts, the Boston Science Museum, the Museum of Bad Art, several universities including the MIT, Harvard or Boston University, and the New England Aquarium. Visitors will be able to enjoy watching a baseball game at Fenway Park or listening to some of the world’s best orchestras at the Boston Symphony Hall.

Hotel in a Tower in a Jungle

The Canopy Towers Hotel is located in a tall tower standing in the middle of a jungle in Panama. This wild hotel is located in what used to be an old observation tower belonging to the United States of America Army.

The hotel is located above Semaphore Hill in the Soberania National Park. From each room guests will be able to enjoy panoramic views towards the Panama Canal. The hotel’s excellent location allows guests, especially the bird watchers among them, to observe many different birds. Several species live in the area, from motmots to toucans.

The Canopy Tower Hotel has several double rooms with a private bathroom. Panoramic views towards the jungle open from each room, and each room faces one of the four cardinal points.

The hotel is divided into several different levels, and each level holds several types of rooms. All rooms are located several meters above the ground, right next to the jungle trees. From these tropical rooms guests will be able to observe the many species of birds nested in the trees, including some rare ones such as the Cotinga nattereri or the Vireolanius pulchellus.

The Individual rooms are located on the first floor of the hotel. These room share a bathroom. All five rooms have a large individual bed an enormous windows with views towards the tropical rainforest. These small rooms are equipped with an air fan and comfortable furniture, both of which ensure an enjoyable stay. Price varies according to the season, and sleeping in this room can cost between 82 and 118€ per night.

The Canopy rooms, situated on the second floor, are slightly larger rooms with two large beds and a private bathroom. These 19 square metre rooms can accommodate up to two people and also have a large overhead fan to fend off the tropical heat. There is a working area in each room, with a desk and a chair standing next to the large window. Price is between 114 and 170€ per night.

The Happy Eagle Suite is located on the first floor, and is one of the most spacious accommodations available at the hotel. This suite has two double beds which can form a queensize bed, a working area with a large desk and chair and the very necessary air fan. The room is filled with natural light since it has several large windows with jungle views. Price varies between 130 and 192€ per night.

The Blue Cotinga Suite is the most luxurious suite at the hotel. The 34 square metre suite is located 8.5 metres above ground. The suite has two large bay windows with views towards the jungle, which allows guests to observe several different and rare bird species that live in the area. The room has two large double beds which can be joined together to form a queensize bed. The large working area is equipped with a desk and a chair and an overhead fan, and the bathroom has its own window. One of the extra details in this rooms is the hammock that stands in one corner, which can be used as a day bed during a nap. The room also has private balcony with a swinging chair. From the balcony the most observant guests will be able to observe the wildlife around them, and may even get to meet one of the local monkeys. Price varies according to the season and is between 130 and 192€ per night.

The hotel is not only known for its high eco friendly rooms with jungle vistas, since it also has a large dining room with a view. Guests will be able to enjoy a large continental breakfast which includes fresh, natural juices and fresh fruit with pastries every morning. The large observation deck can be set for tea time and coffee breaks. During the afternoon the hotel’s lounge is open to guests, where they will be able to enjoy a traditional drink while savouring a delicious local supper.

The hotel, located in a four story high observation tower, has an easily recognizable structure since its uppermost part is covered by a giant geodesic dome. The ground floor has a small souvenir shop near the reception area, while the first and second floors hold the guest rooms. The third floor, right underneath the dome, holds the common areas such as the large dining room, a living room, a library and an Internet corner.

The observation deck is located some 15 metres above ground. From this place guests will be able to enjoy the 360º views towards the jungle in the Soberania National Park, most of Panama City, the famous Panama Canal and even catch a glimpse of the Pacific Ocean. The temperatures in this place are usually around one or two degrees lower that in the city.

The hotel offers its guests a wide range of services, and there are many books about birds and guides to the region that guests are welcome to use. Even those who are not as keen on bird watching will be able to enjoy observing butterflies or interacting with the local monkeys. Guests will be able to relax at the hotel or explore the nearby jungle.

This hotel is eco friendly and promotes eco tourism by organizing guided excursions around the national park. Groups of up to 8 people are welcome to enjoy bird watching tours. There are many activities to be enjoyed both at the hotel and in the region, such as guided hikes and day trips to the capital city. During the afternoons, after an action packed day, guests will be able to relax on the observation deck while reading a book.

Hotel in a lake manor

The Cowley Manor Hotel is located in the countryside, in the suburbs of Cheltenham, in Cotsfield, in the United Kingdom. The hotel stands in a large stately mansion known for its rustic splendour and décor.

A pleasant atmosphere reigns at this hotel, full of green gardens and a panoramic paysage. The interior décor of the hotel is quite chic and somewhat minimalist, with wooden floors covered by sumptuous carpets and spacious rooms.

The hotel has 30 diversely decorated rooms. All rooms are large double rooms with a double bed and a private bathroom. The rooms are equipped with details such as a land line telephone, a Loewe flat screen television with a DVD player stocked with different movies, several CDs, iPod docks and a minibar. There are other comfortable utilities such as large safes, refrigerators, extra telephones and modems. All the bathrooms have a separate bathtub and shower. Each one of the rooms has an individual décor, although while some of the rooms have large bathtubs for two people, those which don’t have a spacious terrace with panoramic views.

The hotel has several types of rooms. The Good rooms are the smallest ones, although they are still spacious enough for a comfortable and luxurious stay. They have pastel coloured walls complimented by hand crafted wooden furniture upholstered in dark colours. Price is around 286€ per night.

The Better rooms are located in the building which was previously used as the stables. These rooms are all duplexes, with two spacious floors holding a living room, complete with a sofa and a television set, and a separate working area on the ground floor. The master bedroom and bathroom are on the the top floor. The rooms face the exterior part of the hotel and have views towards the garden. These rooms cost around 338€ per night.

The Great rooms are very spacious, decorated with handcrafted furniture made of wood and luxurious carpets. The rooms are notable for their minimalist décor, the ample armchairs standing near a coffee table with views towards the lake. The price of these rooms is around 395€ per night.

The Exceptional rooms are located in either the main building or in what used to be the stables. Although both locations have similar rooms, some have a large terrace towards the well tended English garden, while other rooms have been remodelled into duplex rooms and yet others boast a larger, huge living room. What all rooms have in common is their luxurious décor, with ergonomic furniture of all shapes and colours standing next to works of art in these sunlit rooms. These rooms cost around 441€ per night.

The Best room is, without a doubt, the most luxurious accommodation available at the hotel. With a décor which reminds one of an ancient aristocratic mansion, guests enjoy the spacious rooms decorated with antique furniture, a four poster bed, a decorative chimney and a large bathroom with a bathtub for two people. This room has panoramic views towards the lakes and a terrace with hammocks. Price is around 544€ per night.

The hotel is located in the British countryside, and its huge territory even has four natural lakes. As it is now usual, the hotel also has a chic bar and a restaurant known for its delicious haute cuisine food. The restaurant also serves delicious English breakfasts, as well as lunches and dinners. There is a pool table in the classy, leather covered entertainment room, where guests can relax during the afternoons. A large terrace opens towards the lush green gardens.

The hotel has a private hall called the Dining Room, which can be rented out for big family events, private soirées or business meetings of up to 16 people. Another important hall is the Sitting Room, a more modern room with a large TV screen which can be used both for private events or for business meetings of up to 6 people. The old stables have been refurbished, and now house a large recreation room where parents can leave their kids for the day.

On the ground floor guests will be able to find a boutique store with clothes for men, women and children. This boutique also sells a wide range of spa products, ideal for relaxing nights in. The hotel’s vast grounds also hold a small XIIIth Century church, St. Mary’s Church, known for its exquisite antique façade. Guests will be able to visit the church at any time of day.

The hotel offers many complimentary and extra services. Guests will be able to rent cars, buy bus or train tickets, or purchase theatre tickets through reception. There is a parking service and a ramp for people with physical disabilities. The hotel has a large, modern and well equipped gym which guests are allowed to use free of charge. The hotel even has its own spa, with several inside and outside swimming pools, a sauna, a large steam room, another gym and many spa treatments.

The mansion has a large, well landscaped, 55 hectare territory. Guests will be able to enjoy long walks in the hotel gardens or else explore the region.

Oriental and African tropical hotel

The Singa Lodge Hotel is a boutique hotel in Port Elizabeth, in South Africa. The hotel has spacious rooms with an intricate décor inspired by traditionally oriental elements with an African touch, as well as lush gardens and panoramic views.

The hotel is located in Port Elizabeth, a cosmopolitan coastal town. Many visitors who stay at the hotel visit the city as part of long trip across the many routes that cross the country, especially the well known Garden Route. The hotel has received the title of being one of the most relaxing hotels in the region, known for its luxurious and cosmopolitan atmosphere.

The hotel’s building has a distinct oriental architecture with some African ornaments, characterized by large wooden doors and bold decorations. The lobby, the hallways and the rooms are all decorated with many different textures and colours, as well as eye catching mosaics. Each one of the 12 suites has its own décor and style. Nine of the suites are known as Luxury Suites, while the other three are considered to be Executive Suites.

Each one of the twelve suites has an individual interior design, complete with hand crafted oriental and African furniture. The rooms are full of different textiles such as organza and silk which create an interesting visual effect. There are many carved statues representing other ancient cultures, as well as decorative murals and mosaics.

The suites are separated from each other by a small tropical garden. Each room has a private bathroom with a separate shower and a large bathtub. The spacious, exquisitely adorned bedrooms have extra large kingsize beds with quality bedlinen and covers. Fluffy bathrobes and slippers welcome guests upon their arrival.

Apart from a luxurious décor, the rooms are equipped with the best technologies that are integrated into the theme of each room. There are large flat television screens with DVD players and iPod docks. The safe is large enough to fit in a standard laptop, and all rooms have fast WiFi connection.

Price varies depending on the type of room and season. The Luxury Suites cost between 124 and 131€ per person per night, while the Executive Suites cost between 155 and 388€ per night. Price includes a continental breakfast as well as complimentary tea and coffee which are available during the whole day. For an extra price the hotel can organize a shuttle service to and from the airport.

The hotel stands near the sea, in an area filled with many plants and trees. The hotel also has a large green garden with a fountain covered in mosaics in the centre. There is also a modern gym and a spa treatment room.

The hotel also offers its guests a delicious gourmet breakfast. The breakfast includes fresh fruit, several fresh, natural juices, excellent quality tea and coffee, as well as a wide selection of meat, cheeses and freshly baked pastries. The large breakfast room has wonderful views towards the gardens and the hotel swimming pool.

The hotel also has several lounges and terraces where to choose from. Guests will be able to relax in the many bars and lounges. There is a wide range of cocktails and gourmet snacks during the afternoon, and guests can relax while enjoying the views of the bay.

There is also a large private dining room which can be used for dinners or celebrations. Guests can enjoy their dinners at the dining room, in one of the terrace lounges or else directly in their suites.

The hotel has a reading room on the ground floor, filled with bookshelves and comfortable armchairs. Bearing the sophisticated atmosphere of this room in mind, guests will be able to savour the best malts and try the best cigars.

The hotel organizes conferences and other major events. Events are organized for groups of up to 25 people. The hotel has several conference rooms which can be reorganized depending on the type of event. The hotel offers different catering options depending on the type of event.

The hotel, comfortably located on the sea shore, organizes different trips and excursions around the region. Guests will be able to go on safaris and whale watching tours, or else practice other sports such as fishing, trekking, horse riding or golf. A few minutes from the hotel guests will find a casino where the less risk averse guests will be able to enjoy a game of poker. Another nearby attraction is the giant aquarium which houses hundreds of different species of fish and other underwater organisms. The city prides itself in the numerous art galleries full of both modern and traditional art pieces, as well as its multicoloured markets selling everything from local food to hand crafted souvenirs.

Hotel with ocean views and an aquarium

The Atlantic House Hotel is a small boutique hotel in Cape Town, in South Africa. This hotel has several types of rooms, all of them decorated in a simple yet luxurious manner, with a large heated swimming pool with underwater music on its territory and panoramic views.

The Atlantic House has a large garden with a wooden terrace. The hotel also has a heated swimming pool with underwater music where guests will be able to soak during the summer months. The interior design of the hotel is full of dark wooden furniture and leather armchairs, as well as silk curtains and lush carpets. The lighting at the hotel is quite dim, creating a peaceful, natural atmosphere.

The hotel has only five rooms. All rooms are very spacious double rooms, and the hotel can accommodate a maximum of 10 guests. The rooms have a large double bed as well as a comfortable bathroom. Guests have to be over 13 years old to stay at the hotel, and all room are non smoking rooms.

One of the rooms has inspiring mountain views, while the other four have panoramic views towards the sea. Three of the sea view rooms also have direct access to a large, wooden terrace which hangs over the gardens and the swimming pool. The mountain view room is more private, with a private garden and an outside shower. The hotel’s carefully landscaped garden, where guests can relax all year round, has views towards the Atlantic Ocean.

All rooms have a private bathroom with a separate bathtub and shower, as well as air conditioning, satellite television, a DVD player and Internet access. The interior design of the rooms is full of neutral, earth colours. The hotel also offers guests complimentary bathrobes, a wide selection of movies and a well stocked fridge.

Rooms can either have two large twin beds, a queensize bed or a kingsize bed, all of them covered with white linen. Guests will also be able to choose from a wide array of different hypoallergenic pillows. Each room is decorated with wooden and suede covered furniture. The walls are painted in neutral colours, with silk covered windows which create a relaxing atmosphere.

All rooms are well adapted for business travellers. These rooms are very large, with enough space for a separate working area. The working area has a desk and two chairs, and is equipped with fast Internet access and a landline telephone with voicemail.

This hotel is also known and liked for its many extras, such as the picnic baskets provided for each room, full of coffee, tea and a cookie tray. Guests will also find a tourist guide to Cape Town upon their arrival.

Price varies according to the season, but there is no difference in price between the different types of rooms. Minimum price is around 163€ per room per night, although prices may rise to 286€ per night during high season. Although check out is usually at 11a.m., depending on the day guests might be able to check out later, leaving their luggage at the luggage storage room and still being able to use the swimming pool, the lounge and the shower room.

The sunlit breakfast room has views towards the hotel’s swimming pool, and has a large aquarium full of multi coloured fishes who observe the early risers as they enjoy a delicious meal. Although no lunch or dinner is offered at the hotel, guests may order food via room service or else ask the hotel to provide a catering service in order to dine in the rooms, the deck or the breakfast room. A winding staircase leads guests from the breakfast room to the main floor, and while climbing the stairs guests will find a collection of old photographs covering the walls.

Near the lobby stand both the lounge and the bar, famous for their ocean views. The bar is well known for its extensive wine menu and its variety of different beers which guests will be able to savour every afternoon. The lounge is a spacious place ideal for relaxing, with large windows and a careful décor that create a pleasant atmosphere.

The hotel also offers a great variety of services at an extra cost, such as in room spa treatments and an airport transfer service. There is also laundry service and guests can use the hotel parking, and the hotel can organize day trips and excursions to the nearby landmarks.

The large exterior heated swimming pool has underwater loudspeakers which allows guests to relax while floating in the water, listening to music and enjoying the view of the Atlantic Ocean. Spa treatments are also offered in the swimming pool area.

Near the hotel stands Camps Bay, a seaside neighbourhood well known for its cosmopolitan atmosphere. There are many chic bars, haute cuisine restaurants and luxurious boutiques in the area, as well as a variety of trendy coffee shops and many white sand beaches.

Golden Apple in the centre of Moscow

The Golden Apple Hotel is a boutique hotel in the centre of Moscow, Russia. This hotel is the first boutique accommodation in this city and is known for its pleasant atmosphere and luxurious décor.

The hotel has a vanguard design complemented by a classic décor. The hotel is located in an historic building in the centre of Moscow, near several of the city’s most notorious landmarks.

The hotel has 92 rooms and each type of room varies in terms of size, décor and price. All rooms are double rooms and have a bathroom, a safe, climate control and a television. There are several landlines in each room and WiFi access throughout the hotel. There are different types of rooms, called the Superior Queen, Superior Twin, Deluxe Queen, Penthouse Suite and Loft Suite.

The Superior Queen and Superior Twin rooms have views either towards the street or the garden. The furniture, including the large queensize bed in the case of the Superior Queen and two large twin beds in the case of the Superior Twin, are made from natural materials such as dark oak and other good quality wood. The bathrooms are covered in marble and have heated floors. Both types of rooms have a coffee table and a working area with a desk and chair, as well as a large armchair positioned near the window where guests will be able to relax while enjoying the view.

The Deluxe Queen rooms are more spacious and have views towards the very centre of the city. These rooms have a large double queensize bed and luxurious furnishings and fittings. These rooms are decorated in monochrome colours, although several ornaments and décor elements such as lamps or cushions are brightly coloured, creating an effective contrast. The marble bathroom has a pebbled heated floor.

The hotel has two stylish Penthouse Suites. Each one of these spacious suites has a master bedroom with a large double bed and a private lounge, both separated from each other by a large oak panel. These suites not only have a spacious living room, but they also have a small kitchenette. The bathroom is made from marble and has heated stone floors, as well as a small traditional sauna. The bathroom has Philippe Starck amenities and and intricate décor. The room itself is decorated in royal dark colours and is furnished in a luxurious minimalistic style.

The Loft Suite is the largest and most coveted room at this hotel. This spacious suite, full of natural light, has a master bedroom with a large bed, a guest room with two twin beds and a living and dining area. The Loft also has a separate working area and its own kitchen, as well as a luxurious marble bathroom with a sauna and décor and amenities by Phillipe Starck. The interior design is very chic, with a gigantic plasma television screen and superb views towards the historic centre of Moscow. The suite has a minimalist décor and one of a kind furnishings with many technological gadgets.

The hotel has a fashionable bar and an haute cuisine restaurant, both of them famous for their wide variety of cocktails and spirits and a delicious international menu. The bar has many refreshments, snacks and a wide range of coffees and teas, as well as the above mentioned drinks. Guests will also be able to enjoy a savoury continental breakfast either in the large, sunlit breakfast room, or directly in their comfortable rooms.

The hotel also offers other services, such as air conditioning, larger elevators adapted for people with disabilities, ATMs and a concierge. Guests are also allowed to use the hotel’s parking. For an extra charge guests will be able to use the services of a butler. The hotel also has a business centre with printers, scanners and fax machines. There is a small spa with a jacuzzi and a sauna where guests will be able to relax.

The hotel has two 15 metre squared conference rooms, each one of them with a maximum capacity for 10 people. The modern conference rooms are equipped with the latest audiovisual technology, and have their own business centre with computers, modems, fax machines, photocopy machines and WiFi access. For an extra price the hotel can organize excursions and trips around the city, and can provide a team of translators.

The hotel is located in the very centre of Moscow, near the financial district and in the most culturally important neighbourhood of the capital. The centric hotel is only a few minutes away from a wide selection of fashionable bars, restaurants and luxurious boutiques. Less than a five minute walk away guests will find many cultural and historical landmarks, such as the Kremlin, the Red Square, the Bolshoi Theatre and many other monuments. Guests will also be able to enjoy walks near the river or else visit some of the city’s many museums.