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Singita Sweni Game Lodge, game, safari and wine

The Singita Sweni Lodge is a lodge located near the Kruger National Park, in South Africa. The lodge’s rooms are decorated with furniture made from local wood and wasted stone.


There are several lodges near this national park. The Sweni lodge has six suites and is located inside a glass cube on top of a platform. The lodge is decorated with traditional decorations and handmade furniture.

Each glass cabin is decorated with wooden furniture. The suites have a balcony and a terrace with an outside shower, and the bathroom with a bathtub is located inside the main room. All suites have a large double bed. The bathrooms, built with stone, have views towards the hotel gardens.

The furniture defines de theme of each room. Each suite has a large double bed made of wood and covered with mosquito netting, a bathroom with two stone sinks and a lounge area with sofas and regional paintings. The bed’s hangings are made from thick material, making each bed its own private tent.

The hotel has an active recycling program and only uses locally-sourced material. The ottomans, sofas and other furniture that can be found in the living rooms is covered by a material used in old Land Rovers. The beds are covered by covers that were woven by hand, and the floors are covered with cow skin. The Sweni Lodge is located on the banks of the river Sweni, and the decorations match the colour of the riverbanks, with armchairs the colour of carbon, moss and pistachio and dark wooden beams. The bath amenities and cleaning products are made from natural ingredients.

Price is around 2000€ per night. Price includes breakfast, lunch and dinner accompanied by liquors and wine.For this prices, guests will be able to enjoy Land Rover safaris, tours on mountain bicycles and guided walking tours. There is a complimentary transfer to and from the nearest airport.


The lodge has a dining hall and a lounge where guests will be able to enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner. The hotel’s cellar is located next to the lounge, close to the main kitchen. The bar area has a brick fireplace and is decorated with lamps in the shape of vines and decorated with bird nests made of glass.

The wine cellar has more than twenty thousand bottles of wine from vineyards from all over the country. Guests will be able taste a variety of local wines and guests will be able to choose the bottles they want to take home with them.

The hotel sells carved sculptures and paintings my local artists, wooden furniture and other decorations typical of this area. There is a jewellery store next to the lobby.

One of the buildings has a large spa where guests can enjoy a variety of spa treatments. The hotel offers body massages and exfoliation with local products. The nearby lodges located next to the national park have a gym. The lodge has a large swimming pool with views towards the river.


The lodge has Internet access. There are no conference rooms at this hotel, where events can be celebrated in the main common room equipped with a large flat screen and sofas.


The hotel is located on the territory of the Kruger National park. Guests will be able to enjoy safari tours around the park, which is close to the border with Mozambique. Bird-watching activities are organized by the hotel, and there is a large observation deck for guests who want o see local animals wandering around the park.

The hotel can organize many tours for guests. Guests who are into game hunting can take a private tour in a Land Rover, and there are night safaris around the park. Guided walking tours are organized around the national park. Mountain bikes and other biking gear is available for rent. There are star-gazing safaris for those who want to see the African skies.

Esbelli Evi, a cave hotel with fairy chimneys

The Esbelli Evi Hotel is located in the region of Cappadocia in Turkey. This hotel is the first boutique hotel built in the area, and its ecofriendly approach integrates the building with the natural landscape.

Building the hotel.

Part of this hotel was built taking in account the caves and other natural formations of the region. The doors and windows have been adapted to the rock formations, and the hotel’s natural staircase is the result of years of erosion. Like many of the local structures, the hotel was built with fairy chimneys which are considered one of the region’s top tourist attractions. The interior design of the hotel reflects the country’s cultural aspects, with thick red carpets covering the floor, Ottoman style furniture and lace curtains.


The hotel has ten suites. The rooms are all different because they were built following the outline of the rock’s natural structure. Each room has a double bed, a traditional regional décor and a bathroom.

All the rooms have a flat screen television set with hundreds of channels from all over the world, and are equipped with CD and DVD players, a radio, climate control and kitchenettes and fridges. Guests will be able to enjoy free WiFi and will have free access to laptops. Each room is provided with complimentary bottles of water, reading material and free coffee and tea. Price varies depending on the suite and the season, and the minimum price is of 80€ per room per night.

Some of the suites can be converted into connecting rooms to accommodate families travelling together. The connected suites can accommodate up to six people. These suites have a master bedroom with a bathroom and a living room with a kitchen and a terrace, while other suites can have two or three bedrooms with their corresponding bathrooms.

The Fantasy Cave suite is the largest suite at the hotel and has a master bedroom and a separate living room with a sofa bed inside one of the caves. There is a kitchen and a bathroom with a claw foot bathtub and separate shower. The suite has a private terrace and access to the common terrace.

The Family Cave Suite can accommodate up to four people. There are two bathrooms near the entrance, and down a flight of steps guests will find the master bedroom, an extra bedroom with gilded ceilings, a living room with a kitchen and a private terrace.

The Stonecutters suite is built to resemble a traditional Cappadocian villa. There is a master bedroom and a living room with a sofa bed, a bathroom with a separate bathtub and shower and a small garden with flowers. The suite has access towards a semiprivate terrace with views towards the region.

The Twin Arch is a suite with a large bedroom with a bathroom and a living room with a guest bathroom. There is a kitchen with a terrace and a private garden.

The Labyrinth suite is a stone suite. The master bedroom is a large cave with a bathroom adapted to the crevices in the rock. There is a guest bedroom with bathroom which is connected to the living room. The suite has several terraces.

The Winepress suite is located above the ancient wine press. The master bedroom has a kingsize bed, and the guest bedroom has a double bed directly above the wine press. The bathroom is connected to the kitchen and the living room, from where guests can access the semiprivate terrace.

The Volcano Stone Cave is a dark coloured suite since it is located near a layer of volcanic rock. Near the kitchen guests will find the bedroom with a domed ceiling, the living room and the bathroom. Behind one of the ancient doors there is a previously hidden tunnel. This tunnel is a XVIIth century, 16 kilometer long water tunnel inside the volcanic rock.

The Colorband Cave is a colourful suite. The volcanic rock in tis suite is filled with minerals which create several colourful hues reflected in the bathroom, the bedroom and the living room.

The Hillside Suite is located on one side of the hill where the hotel is located. This suite has a bedroom with a bathroom and a living room with a private terrace and a private entrance.

Breakfasts, halls and terraces.

Guests who stay at the hotel will have access to the hotel’s cafeteria. The hotel provides guests with complimentary continental breakfasts made from local products. Other common areas include a home cinema room, an event hall with a piano, a Turkish hall and several terraces with views towards the natural structures formed centuries ago.

A quintessentially British hotel in London

The Gore Hotel is located in London, Great Britain. This hotel is in one of the city’s most fashionable areas and dates from the XIXth century building which still conserves the classic Victorian décor and façade.

According to a legend, when a new law prohibited any hotels in the area, the family transformed their mansion into a large guest house. With some of the many rooms allotted for guests, the guest house managed to evade the no hotel law until it was no longer valid, and by this time the mansion was legally transformed into one of the city’s best hotels. Even nowadays the hotel is one of the favourite places to stay of many visitors and celebrities who seek some quiet time away from the hustle and bustle of everyday city life.

The hotel has 50 rooms which vary in size. The Double Queen Rooms are smaller rooms with a queensize bed, while the Tudor rooms are the most luxurious rooms at the hotel. There are several types of rooms at the hotel, such as Queen Double, Wonderful Double, Luxury Double, Deluxe and Tudor, all of them double rooms with a private bathroom and somewhat Victorian ornaments. All rooms have several characteristics in common, such as television sets and carved furniture coupled with an antique décor. The bed linen, towels and bathrobes belong to the Frette brand.

The Wonderful rooms and Queen rooms are standard double rooms. They are decorated with large gilded mirrors, sparkling chandeliers and antique style furniture. Price is around 180€ per room per night.

The Luxury Doubles are more spacious rooms which have a similar decoration to the standard rooms. These rooms hold huge oak beds and are equipped with more amenities than the standard rooms, which means that price per room is higher, at 219€ per night.

The Deluxe rooms are large rooms with plenty of living space. Each one of these rooms has a different theme and decorations, and a room costs around 270€ per night.

The Lady Blessington room is decorated according to the taste of this lady who stayed at the hotel during the Victorian era and organized many intellectual soirées for famous writers, such as Charles Dickens or Hans Christian Andersen. The room has an enormous bed with a mirror on the headboard, and it’s adjoining black marble bathroom has a separate shower and bathtub.

Miss Ada’s room used to be the room of one of the first owners of the hotel. This comfortable room is best known for its bathroom, a mahogany covered room with a throne in the middle. The master bedroom is decorated in what is traditionally seen as a Victorian style.

Miss Fanny’s room is the room that used to belong to Miss Ada’s sister. The main bedroom is full of brightly coloured curtains, carpets and upholstery coupled with antique portraits, while the bathroom is decorated in a Victorian style with mahogany panels and a throne.

The Judy Garland room is one of the most luxurious rooms at this hotel. The bedroom holds a large, carved, wooden bed covered in golden paint, and the decorations in this spacious room have a touch reminiscent of a Wizard of Oz scene. The bathroom walls are covered in hand painted tiles.

The Dame Nellie room is a grand room decorated with gilded furniture, intricate ornaments and heavy velvet curtains. This room is named in honour of a XIXth century artist, and because of the hotel’s proximity to the Royal Albert Hall, over the years it has become one of the favourite rooms for musicians and other artists to stay in. The bathroom has a huge marble bathtub flanked by statues of Venus and Adonis. Price is around 430€ per night.

The Tudor room is an enormous room fashioned in the same way the grand mansions were decorated during the reign of the Tudors. This room has high ceilings, elaborate chandeliers and a huge stone chimney. There is antique furniture stationed around the room under huge portraits. The adjoining bathroom has a separate copper shower and a large clawfoot bathtub.

The hotel has its own bar, Bar 190, and a small bistro, Bistro 190. Both serve a mix of typical dishes from several European countries and have a Gothic interior. Private areas can be reserved for private events and special occasions.

There are three air conditioned meeting rooms at the hotel. These spacious rooms have XXIst century technological gadgets discreetly integrated in the XIXth century décor. The Tapestry room is a large meeting room with two chimneys and gilded portraits hanging both in the lounge and in the library. The Mulberry room is the most formal hall, with wooden panels and decorative chandeliers. The Green room is a traditional conference room with a capacity of up two 18 people, a fireplace and a small library.

Right above the hotel’s impressive staircase guests will find a small balcony which has been remodelled into a business centre. Guests will be able to use the computers, fax machines and printers.

The hotel is located between Kensington and Knightsbridge. Guests will be able to stroll in Hyde Park or visit some of the nearby museums, such as the National History Museum. The hotel is only a few minutes away from Harrods and the Royal Albert Hall.

Colour hotel

The Color Hotel is located near the Garda Lake, in the city of Bardolino in Italy. In this hotel each space has its own colour and theme, and most windows have views towards the glistening waters of the lake.

The main theme of this jovial hotel are colours, and each room and suite is decorated in a different hue. The common areas have been designed according to the principles of chromotherapy. According to this, blue hues help one sleep, yellow makes people happier and green is ideal for relax.

The hotel has 91 rooms, each one of them painted in a different colour scheme. Price varies depending on the type of room and the season, and usually oscillates between 180 and 400€ per night. All rooms are double rooms with double beds and special orthopaedic mattresses, a modern bathroom and Italian furniture. Amongst other details, rooms have a television set, a safe, a minibar, local bathroom amenities and terry bathrobes for guests.

The Iride rooms are the smallest rooms at the hotel and have standard basic amenities, and are most popular with young people. The Pastello rooms are slightly larger rooms decorated in smooth, pastel colours.

The Acquerello rooms are big rooms full of large, brightly coloured decorations and boast a balcony. The Arcobaleno rooms are painted in flashy colours and have a large, colourful living room with a private balcony.

The Junior Suites are spacious rooms, each one decorated in a different colour. There is a living room with a balcony, a master bedroom with a kingsize bed and original artwork covering the walls. Several slightly different varieties of these suites exist, such as the Mosaic suites or the Spa suites, all of them following a set theme.

The Armonia Suites are larger suites full of art pieces. Each suite has a different colour and plenty of natural light in the living room and terrace. The master bedroom can either have a kingsize bed or two queensize beds. The bathroom holds a large jacuzzi and provides bathrobes for guests. The Perla Suites are a larger version of the Armonia suites, with two bedrooms and two bathrooms. These suites have views towards the pool known as the Laguna, the hotel’s largest swimming pool.

The Samsara suites are the most notable suites at the hotel, with an exquisite decoration with varying colours, shapes and even fragrances. The suites have strangely shaped furniture and bright bursts of colour all around the rooms. The master bedroom has a round bed and there is a round jacuzzi in the bathroom, which has views towards the swimming pool and the gardens. There is a separate living room with a guest bathroom.

This colourful hotel has an equally colourful restaurant, the Colour, where guests will be able to taste authentic Italian food accompanied by Bardolino wine. The restaurant has a different location depending on the time of day, allowing guests to enjoy a taste of Italy in the luxurious Aranciaia hall, on one of the terraces or in the barbecue area. Near the restaurant guests will be able to relax in the lounge decorated with hammocks.

The hotel’s spacious gardens are full of fountains and sculptures. There is a separate Zen garden and a relaxing lounge. The hotel has three swimming pools with lounge chairs for the guests and an indoor swimming pool.

Located on the banks of Lake Garda, in an area filled with trees and open spaces, this hotel is only 5 minutes away from the historical centre of the city. Near the hotel stands Mount Baldo, and guests will be able to hik in the Lessini mountains. Guests can enjoy a sunny afternoon by the lake or rent a boat that will take them across the lake. The hotel provides guests with umbrellas on rainy days, and limousines and bicycles are available for rent.

Canadian hotel with puzzle rooms and sweet suites

The Gladstone Hotel is located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and has been recently renovated. The hotel’s rooms have been redesigned in a unique style, and several common rooms offering different entertainment options have been set up.

The hotel has several types of rooms, although it is quite difficult to find two rooms which look the same. All rooms are double rooms with a private bathroom, but they vary in terms of size, technology and decorations. There are flat screen television sets in the rooms, as well as a landline telephone, a safe, Internet, hypoallergenic pillows and quality bed linen. The rooms have high ceilings and polished wooden floors, as well as multifunctional windows.

The hotel has more than 30 rooms and is located in an historic building that dates from the Victorian era, and has recently been transformed from an old house into a art hotel. Each room was designed by a different group of visual artists, graphic artists, interior designers and architects. Each one of the unique rooms reflects the different points of view that different people have of Toronto, Canada’s most multicultural city.

The 27 Classic rooms vary both in design and in size. All rooms have a small bathroom with a shower. Price per room is usually around 129.6€ per night. One of the most notable rooms is the Offside room, with brick walls and wooden beams on the ceiling and white furniture and decorations.  The Puzzle room is larger, and is decorated as though it is an enormous, incomplete puzzle game, with decorations that include pictures and photographs of some of the most visited places and landmarks in Toronto.

The six Gimme More rooms are more spacious rooms. There is a bathtub in each bathroom as well as a kitchenette near the entrance. Price is usually around 153.1€ per night. Of these rooms, the Canadian room is the jewel, with a lot of space, wooden furniture and decorations, paintings and photographs representing the spirit of this country and its many forests and natural paysages. The Big Wood room is a modern study full of colour, wooden furnishings, a queensize bed and a jovial décor representing youthfulness and independence.

There are two large suites at the hotel, the Sweet Suites. Each suites has its own style, although both have a master bedroom with a bathroom, a living room and a kitchen. Price of the Best Suite is 294.55€ per night, while the Tower Suite costs around 373.10€ per night. The Best Suite is painted in pastel colours and has a simple, homey design. This suite has an enormous bathtub for two people and views towards the South and West of the city. The Tower Suites is more impressive, with its two floors and views towards the city’s four cardinal points. On the first floor guests will find a bathroom, the kitchen, the living room and a separate dining room with arched windows. On the second floor, shaped like the top of a tower, stands the large master bedroom with another bathroom, and from there guests will enjoy 360 degree views of the city.

The hotel has two bars, the Gladstone Bar and the Melody Bar, both of which can be rented out for the celebration of large events. Both bars open six days a week, and each night different activities are organized. The Gladstone Café serves delicious traditional meals made from organic, fair trade, local agricultural ingredients. The Melody Bar is a place where both guests and locals will be able to enjoy delicious cocktails while listening to live music or a DJ, and karaoke nights are organized several times a week.

The lobby and the reception area have photocopying machines and faxes for the guests to use, and cars or limousines can be rented at the front desk. The hotel can organize business meetings in it conference halls. Some guest rooms are available for short term rent and a catering service is provided.

The first two floors of the hotel have several meeting rooms and conference halls. The total capacity of all the halls is 500 people. The different meeting rooms can be rented to guests who want to celebrate their meetings, seminars or other events and celebrations at the hotel. Several of the larger halls are rented out regularly to large companies hosting private events or art galleries, which means that guests will be able to enjoy an art exhibition during their stay.

W in Hollywood, whatever you want, whenever you want

The W chain of hotels is one of the most luxurious hotel chains in the world, located in the most important cities in North America and Europe. All the hotels boast a luxurious fusion between innovation and design. The W Hotel Hollywood is one of these unique and stylish hotels.

The hotel is located in the centre of the internationally renown Empire of Cinema, Hollywood, and is in sync with the never relenting rhythm of the city. With its grand restaurant, spacious rooms with modern furniture and stylish designs, the hotel is considered to be one of the best in the city.

The hotel has several types of rooms, all of them very spacious with a double bed, a marble bathroom with an in room spa, and modern decorations. The rooms boast large flat screen television sets, Internet access and all kinds of amenities that will make the stay at the hotel a comfortable and memorable one.

The hotel has 305 rooms and suites, and each type of rooms has a different décor. All bathrooms have a wide selection of spa amenities and products, while rooms have the best technology available as well as the traditional Munchie Box, a large box full of all kinds of snacks. Rooms have views towards Los Angeles, and the luxurious details are enough to make one feel as a real star.

The hotel is one of the most ecologically friendly hotels in the city. All the technological gadgets have been designed to create a green environment, with larger windows allowing for more natural sunlight, special coated windows allowing the room to lose less heat and low energy light bulbs.

All the rooms have a large collection of movies available, as well as iPod docks, hypoallergenic pillows, a smaller make up and shaving mirror in the bathroom, plug adapters, alarm clock with radio, tea and coffee machines, free mineral water, a mini bar, extra beds, a safe, a working desk, a full length mirror and a bed for pets. The hotel also provides guests with warm bathrobes during the length of their stay and umbrellas in case of rain.

The Wonderful Rooms are known for their vistas, as well as for their retro décor, with vinyl sofas near the enormous windows. Each room has a flat screen television screen as well as a dozen of other technological gadgets in every corner of the room. Each room has a modern, comfortable lounge area with ottomans.

Spectacular rooms have views towards the world famous Hollywood sign standing on the Hollywood hills. These rooms have large windows with window seats where guests can relax while enjoying the views. These rooms have a lounge near the master bedroom, as well as a separate working area full of modern technologies.

The Fabulous Rooms are more spacious rooms with a modern design and views towards the most famous Los Angeles neighbourhood. These rooms have a sitting room area with a small sofa near the windows, as well as a separate working area with a brilliant white desk and a media library with many books, musical genres and movies to choose from.

The Marvellous suites have a large master bedroom, a sitting area with a sofa shaped like a semicircle, and a futuristic décor.  Each suite has all the latest technological details as well as the traditional W double bed with many cushions piled on top of it. The bathroom of each suite has an enormous bathtub, while the separate sitting area has its own bar.

The Corner Cool Suites are luxurious suites with a gigantic master bedroom located on the corners of the building. The suites have views towards the Hollywood sign on one side and the city of Los Angeles on the other side. The living room has a large sofa shaped like a semicircle, a flat screen television set with home cinema and other technologies, and there is a separate spacious working area with a telephone and a small business centre. These suites are decorated in pure white and furbished with contrasting dark wooden furniture.

The Fantastic Suites are the most technologically advanced rooms at the hotel, with a panel that controls the lights, climate and the windows. They are decorated as though they are a supehero’s lair, with a large bed on a dais in the master bedroom, two bathrooms, one of which has a bathtub for two, and a private terrace. The sitting room has a large television screen, several iPods and iPod docks, CD and DVD machines, a large media library and a small conference room with a table for up to eight people with all the necessary audiovisual equipment.

The Wow Suites can be considered the hotel’s visiting card, and are renown for their Oscar worthy décor. These suites have a private terrace with a decorative chimney in the patio, a large dining table for ten people and views towards the City of Angels. In the master bedroom guests will find a large double bed on a dais, while in the bathroom they will find a Jacuzzi with a mini spa. These suites have disabled access. There is an extra guests bathroom. The sophisticated living room boasts a giant sofa with several armchairs, and has a classical luxurious décor, with pearl grey walls and hardwood floors. The room has a panel which controls the intensity of the lights, a flat screen television set and thick carpets. Guests who stay at these suites will be able to use their own private kitchen, and those who travel on business will be able to use the large separate working area which has a hand carved working desk and all kinds of technological devices. Guests will be able to hire kitchen staff, and the suite has two separate entrances for this purpose, one for the staff and one for the guests.

The Extreme Wow Suites look like small scale palaces. These suites have enormous suites which occupy a whole wall from the floor to the ceiling and have views towards Hollywood. These suites have a spacious master bedroom with a bed upon a dais, plush sofas below the windows, quality bed linen and a large marble bathroom with a Jacuzzi and a whirlpool bath for two. The bathroom is decorated in white and black tones and has two separate sinks and a separate shower for two. Next to it stands a smaller bathroom for guests. The suite has a living room, in the centre of which stands a large, dark sofa, and one of the corners has been converted into a private lounge room decorated with cushions thrown around a large carpet. There is a large table with faux snake leather ottoman chairs around it. These suites boast top notch technologies ranging from the huge plasma television screens to panel controlled blinds, shutters and lights. The suites also have a private kitchenette with a fridge full of gourmet food and an adjoining dining room with a capacity for up to seven people decorated in sombre tones reminiscent of Hollywood’s Golden Age.

One of the hotel’s most notable features is their Whatever/Whenever service. This service allows guests to get whatever they want, whenever they want by pressing the Whatever/Whenever button on their phones. The service works 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and some of the most extravagant wants include chocolate baths at 2am and jet service for a daytrip.

This hotel has a well known chic restaurant which specializes in haute cuisine, the Delphine, as well as a stylish VIP terrace called Drai’s Hollywood. The Living Room is a large hall where guests can enjoy a meal in a more informal setting.

In a place where glamour and beauty are taken to the next level, it doesn’t come as a surprise that the hotel has a large, luxurious spa, the Bliss Spa, full of saunas, jacuzzis and massage rooms. Guests will be pampered with relaxing dull body massages, aromatherapy and chocotherapy, as well as with different skin treatments.

Renaissance and the Mona Lisa

The Monna Lisa Hotel is a boutique hotel located in a historical XVIIth century castle in Florence, in Italy. The hotel has a large territory and several flower gardens near the renaissance style building.

The hotel is located in a large building, parts of which date from the XIIIth century, back when it was a convent. At the start of the XVIth century, the powerful Neri family bought the house, and many of the paintings which still cover the hotel’s walls belonged to members of the family. The hotel looks like a small palace of the Renaissance era, with XVIth century cotto floors and wooden ceilings. Some of the furniture dates back to the XVIth century. Some of the most well known art works are the portrait of San Filipo Neri, which hangs behind the bar, and the statues made by Giovanni Dupré, both of them prominent family members.

This renaissance themed hotel has 45 double rooms with their own bathrooms. Some rooms have views towards the gardens and a private balcony. There are several different types of rooms and while some of the rooms are located in the main building, other rooms are located in the annex standing next to the gardens. The decoration of each room reminds one of an antique, renaissance era dwelling.

The hotel has several individual rooms, double rooms with a double bed, twin rooms, and even larger triple rooms for families or groups. These four types of rooms can be either standard rooms with less space and the basic amenities, or superior rooms, with more space, a jacuzzi in the bathroom and garden views. Some rooms can be interconnected, allowing guests to create quadruple rooms.

There are several suites and junior suites which have a spacious bedroom and a lounge area. The Junior Suites have a sofa bed in the living room, allowing an extra person to sleep in the suite. The Suites have a master bedroom and a bathroom in one area and an extra bedroom with a guest bathroom near the living room. Some of the rooms are adapted for people with disabilities. All rooms have an antique design, as well as modern elements such as safes, telephones and televisions. Each room has newspapers delivered every morning and an honour bar.

Price varies according to the type of room and the season. Average price per individual room is around 90€ per night, while the average price for a double room is slightly higher, at around 129€ per night. The superior rooms are more expensive, with prices starting at 159€ per night, and the triple rooms can cost a minimum of 199€ per room per night.

One of the hotel’s most notable features is its collection of different kinds of Mona Lisa paintings. Some of the best works include a Mona Lisa painted as Frank Zappa, and other humorous pieces such as a Mona Lisa before and after coming to the United States and undergoing cosmetic surgery.

The hotel has its own bar right net to the breakfast hall, which boasts views towards the gardens. Even though the hotel does not have its own restaurant, guests will be able to enjoy a delicious continental breakfast, which is already included in the room rate, or a selection of sandwiches in the afternoon. The hotel has a large conference room. Next to the meetings hall stand the gym and the computer room with access to the Internet.

The hotel has a large territory full of green gardens and is comfortably located in the very heart of Florence. Only a few minutes away from the hotel guests will be able to visit the city’s most famous landmark, the Duomo. Nearby stands the famous Michelangelo Square, with views towards the river. Guests will be able to get a taste of the real Italian cuisine in one of the many restaurants crowding the main streets in the centre of the city. Other major historical and cultural landmarks include the Ponte Vecchio and the famous Uffizi Galleries. For those with time to spare, a day trip to the picturesque village of Fiesole is a must, for this place is renown for its traditional cuisine and its panoramic views towards the city of Florence.

A mansion with velvet swings and rose gardens

The Hundred House Hotel is located in Norton, in the United Kingdom. All the rooms at this hotel have a completely different design. The hotel organizes many events, including conferences, weddings or other celebrations, in its several restaurants and halls.

The hotel used to be a Hundred House, the administrative body of the local Hundred, the name given to a subdivision of a county, that was the headquarters in charge of the law and order. Most of the building dates back from the XIV century, and the annex, which used to be a barn, dates from the XVII century.

Each one of the ten rooms available at this hotel is a double room with a private bathroom and a unique décor. The rooms have canopy beds, and in one corner guests will find a velvet swing hanging from the ceiling. All rooms come with a television set, a landline telephone, Internet access, an alarm clock, an ironing board, climate control and coffee and tea making machines.

The superior rooms are slightly larger and have a distinctive décor reminiscent of an aristocratic mansion centuries ago. These rooms are furnished with hand carved wooden antiques and decorated with taste.

The rooms have canopy beds and special bedlinen with the faint smell of lavender, as well as antique furniture spread around the room. Several bouquets of aromatic herbs plucked from the garden hang from the beams. Each room is painted in a different colour, and all the curtains have a different pattern printed on them.

An individual room costs around 66€ per night, while a double standard room costs 90€ per room per night, and the more spacious superior rooms cost 114€ per night. The family room has a double bed and two individual beds, and is priced at 132€ per night, accommodating up to four people. The Honeymoon suite has a similar price, 132€ per night. There are special offers for those guests who stay at the hotel on a Sunday night.

One of the hotel’s main attractions are its gardens, which boast a collection of more than 100 types of herbs. These aromatic herbs are then used as ingredients for delicious meals at the hotel’s restaurant.

The hotel’s restaurant can cater for all kinds of large events and offers a great variety of menus. Almost all dishes are local dishes, and most of them include herbs and other species grown directly in the hotel’s several gardens.

The Tithe Barn is the old barn structure, dating from the XVII Century. The barn has been recently remodelled and converted into a modern business centre. On the outside, the annex still looks like an old barn, while on the inside it is a large conference hall with air conditioning and plenty of audiovisual equipment for all kinds of meetings. The tables and chairs can be moved around, allowing for each client to choose the most comfortable seating arrangement for their meeting, and the hotel can provide a catering service.

The Sylvia Phillips gardens belong to the hotel. For several decades, both her family and the hotel staff have looked after the gardens, redecorating them in a new fashion every season, creating a different nucleus full of multicoloured plants and rocks. These gardens have many smaller flower gardens where guests will find roses, herbal plants and trees. Several decorative pagodas are strewn around the hotel’s territory, near the small water garden with its own waterfall and aquatic plants. A special area has been designated for picnics.

The hotel organizes several cooking courses. Guests will be able to enjoy cooking lessons that will allow them to learn how to prepare regional dishes that they will then be able to take home.

The hotel can organize all kinds of events, from informal birthday parties to more formal banquets. The hotel’s famed chefs and kitchen service provide catering for all types of dinners, and can prepare everything from a succulent open air barbecue to local dishes made from organic ingredients for a white tie event. There are seven different types of menus which vary depending on the event. The hotel provides guests and visitors with a wide range of teas and coffees accompanied by hand made chocolate and trays of cheese and fruit.

The hotel is located in a region full of small historical towns such as Ironbridge, Bridgnorth and Telford. The hotel can organize tours for guests who would like to visit the neighbouring villages and their many cultural landmarks, including Ironbridge’s Gorge Museum and the Severn Valley Railway in Shropshire. Within a distance of several kilometres from the hotel guests will find places such as the XIIIth century Stokesay castle and Much Wenlock, a small town known for it’s central market which dates from the XVth century. Guests will be able to see the unique coral formation of Wenlock Edge, visit the Ole Colehurst Manor that was built in 1580, or take long walks in Weston Park or the old town of Wroxeter.

Eclectic hotel of the Victorian era

The Great John Street Hotel is located in Manchester, one of the biggest cities in the United Kingdom. The hotel is located in an historical building which used to belong to a Victorian school.

The hotel is located in the centre of the city, right next to several important streets full of shops, bars, restaurants and trendy cafés. Like most of the neighbouring buildings, the hotel is considered to be an historical building from the Victorian era.

The hotel has several types of rooms and suites. All rooms have an individual style, although all rooms are double rooms with a bathroom and views towards the busy city streets.

The hotel has thirty double rooms and large suites. There are five different types of rooms, all of them with a modern bathroom and bedrooms which incorporate the old school design into its contemporary chic décor. None of the rooms look like any other one at the hotel, since each space has a different theme, a different décor, different ornaments and a colour scheme which varies according to the type of room, as well as rooms decorated as though they were from a different era.

There are six Baby Grand rooms. These rooms are located on the two lowest floors of the hotel.  These rooms still have the original structure they had back in the day when they were classrooms, with wooden beams across the walls and ceiling. The rooms are more luxurious now, with floors covered in thick carpets and windows with colourful curtains, as well as large queensize double beds. Each room has a spacious bathroom with hardwood floors, as well as a separate shower and bathtub.

The eight Boudoir Grand rooms are spacious duplexes. On the ground floor guests will find the master bedroom, a large room with hardwood floors and thick, colourful carpets. On the top floor stands the bathroom, decorated with wooden floors, a separate shower cabin and a large bathtub for two people.

There are ten Classical Grand Junior Suites. The suites have a large master bedroom with an adjoining bathroom and a lounge, all of them decorated with colourful curtains. Four of the suites have bathrooms decorated in a classical Victorian style with roll top, claw foot bathtubs directly in the dormitories. The other six suites are duplex suites, with the master bedroom and bathroom on one floor and a spacious living room with a working area and a chimney on the other floor.

The four Eclectic Grand suites are duplexes and are considered the largest rooms at the hotel. The rooms look more like airy lofts, with huge windows that fill the room with plenty of natural light. The beds in these rooms are hand carved, and the floors are hardwood. On the top floor there is a bathroom with two cast iron bathtubs, two sinks and a large shower cabin that can be used as a steam room.

The two Opus Grand Suites are the most luxurious rooms at the hotel, with decorations such as crystal chandeliers, bright upholstery and big windows that fill the space with natural light and have views towards Coronation Street. On the ground floor there is a lounge area with two sofas, a table and a flat screen television. The bathroom has wooden floors, two separate sinks, a shower that can be used as a steam room and direct access to the master bedroom. On the top floor there is a guest bedroom with a kingsize bed, a flat screen television, a separate working area and an egg shaped bathtub.

Price varies according to the type of room and the season, and the minimum price is 109€ per night. Price includes a delicious English breakfast and extra services such as a bottle of fresh milk brought to  the room door every morning.

The Oyster Bar stands right next to the hotel, and is considered to be one of the most popular bars in the neighbouring area. There are many lounges on nearby streets. The hotel can organize celebrations and events in its several conference halls and its terrace.

Several conference halls can be rented out for business meetings or family events. The Roof Garden is a rooftop terrace with views towards Coronation Street and Castlefield. There is a Jacuzzi and a lounge with a private bar. The terrace holds a conference room with air conditioning and a porch area. This spacious terrace can be rented for product launching ceremonies or more formal events such as weddings.

The Headmaster’s Office is another conference room, with a capacity between 24 and 50 people and decorated in dark colours with solemn furniture. The Boys’ Classroom is a more informal room with a maximum capacity between 14 and 25 people. The Girls’ Classroom is decorated in light, pastel colours and has the same capacity as the latter.

The Roof Top Lounge is the most luxurious conference room. With luxurious classical decorations, the conference room can be used both for important business meetings and cocktail parties, as well as other celebrations. It has a maximum capacity for 40 people when arranged for a conference or a dinner, although a maximum of 140 people can fit in this room for a cocktail party.

Island hotel with style and rooms shrouded in mystery

Burgh Island Hotel is located on Burgh Island, a small island off the coast of the United Kingdom. The hotel has a classical décor with a touch of aristocratic luxury and views towards the coast.

The island has an area of only 10 acres and is located very close to the coast. For many years, the island only had a small population of fishermen and XIVth Century pirates. At the turn of the century, in the 1900’s, the island became a favourite haunt for the aristocracy of the time.

Nowadays this grand Art Deco hotel built in 1929 organizes all sorts of events, such as weddings, conferences or any other kind of celebrations. The hotel has managed to keep its large classical ballroom where real ball still take place, just as it used to be at the turn of the last century.

The island itself is near to the coast and has direct access to the coast only when the tide is low. Guests will be able to get to the island not only by traditional methods of transportation, such as train, car or ferry, but they will also be able to do so by helicopter.

The hotel’s territory has vistas towards the sea coast, a relaxing views guests will be able to enjoy while having a cup of tea. There is a helicopter landing spot on the territory, as well as tennis and croquet courts and a small natural lagoon known as the Mermaid Pool.

All the rooms at this hotel are double rooms with a bathroom. Several of the rooms don’t have a room number, and are instead called by the name of a celebrity who had previously stayed at the hotel and who somehow contributed to the region’s development. Each room has a different size, and no room is decorated in the same colour scheme or has a similar décor. Despite this, all rooms have a double bed with Beltramé bedlinen and marble bathrooms with huge towels and locally made bath amenities. The walls are covered in antique photographs depicting the region. Most rooms have a turn of the century décor with elements such as old fashioned radios, light coloured wooden furniture and a complimentary tray of delicious chocolates.

The Garden Suite is one of the best known rooms at the hotel. This spacious suite has large windows facing the garden as well as sea views which can be enjoyed from what is reputably the largest bed in the region. The marble bathroom is decorated in black and white tones, while the interior décor is full of pastel colours.

The Beach House, built in 1930, stands directly on the beach. Many writers have expressed their liking of this particular accommodation, especially Agatha Christie, who wrote two of her most famous novels, Evil Under The Sun and Then There Were None, in this room. The rooms at the beach house have been recently renovated, and now boast a modern décor. The main room has a private terrace where guests will be able to enjoy dinner al fresco while listening to the songs of many birds who tend to frequent this place.

The large Mermaid bedroom has an enormous double bed with views towards the Mermaid Natural Rock Pool, a small lagoon filled with warm water standing on hotel grounds. One particular guest took such a liking to this room that she lived there for more than 20 years. The room is decorated in a palette of blues with curved wooden furniture.

Other rooms notable for their stylish turn of the century décor and history are those rooms named after a celebrity. Some of the most visited rooms are those belonging to the famous racing motorist and motoring journalist Malcolm Campbell, the aviator Amy Johnson, the millionaire and tycoon W. O. Bentley or the noted vaudeville star Josephine Baker.

The price per rooms changes once every year. Price depends on the type of room, although all prices include a hearty breakfast and dinner as well as all taxes. The smallest room is the Miss Dorothy Button room, full of jovial oriental decorations, which costs around 345€ per night, while the largest rooms at the hotel, such as the Garden Suite and Beach House, can cost up to around 739€ per night.

The island is known for its quiet and peaceful location, ideal for celebrating all kinds of important events. Celebrations such as weddings or large business conferences may take place in one of the hotel’s many halls or the restaurant. The hotel is also an ecologically friendly place, where almost anything is used so as not to damage the island’s ecosystem.

The hotel has a bar called the Peacock Bar, a place reminiscent of the Golden Age of Jazz music. Next to it there is a large ballroom. The nearby Pilchard Inn is a well known local bar. The hotel also has its own restaurant where guests will be able to enjoy a different menu everyday. Most of the ingredients used are from local farms and organic producers.