Samuama Park Hotel, a tree house in the Amazon

The Samúama Park Hotel is located in Brazil. This hotel consists of a giant tree house and several wooden cabins, and attracts those guests who want to enjoy an ecological holiday.


All the cabins have a private porch and terrace where guests can enjoy the views. Each cabin is designed in an Amazonic style, using wooden decorations and furniture. The stairs are made from several species of trees, and for each tree used for building the hotel, another tree has been planted in the jungle.

The tree house was built using twenty species of trees and is located between a 28 meter high and a 35 meter high tree. The tree house has four suites. Each suite has a bedroom with a bathroom, a living room and a terrace with chairs.

Each cabin has eighteen apartments. The apartments located in the yellow building are named after local rocks, and those located in the blue building are named after minerals typical of the region. Each apartment is equipped with a bedroom, a bathroom, a terrace, air conditioning, telephone and cable television.


The hotel’s territory is filled with plants and there is a pond in the center, a short distance away from the hotel’s restaurant where guests can enjoy local food. There is a terrace next to the swimming pool.


In a separate building guests will find the cafeteria and the convention center for conferences and events. The convention center has a maximum capacity for a hundred people and is equipped with audio equipment. Part of the roof has a large diamond shaped window which allows natural light. The roof in the convention center is wave shaped which allows improved acoustics.

Two times a year, on the 21st of March and on the 23rd of September, the hotel organizes its grand event. During these two days the sun rises right above the central diamond shaped pane in the roof, filling the rooms with light and light patterns. The hotel is only a couple of kilometers above the Equator.


The hotel is named after the Samauma tribe that used to live near the coast of Marajo bay. The tree house was the hotel’s first building, and four years later the small cabins were built.


The hotel is located near the Caripi beach. The hotel was built with ecological building materials trying to minimize the risk of polluting the Amazon.

The hotel is located on the territory of a private nature reserve, the only reserve of this type in the state of Pará. This is considered to be a guarantee of the hotel’s compromise to look after the animals and plants of the region.

The hotel organizes excursions to the nearby beaches and ecological tours to the jungle. The guides are all locals and during the tours guests can listen to stories about the use of each plant, the habits of local animals, the origins of the names of landmarks and the geography of the Amazon.

Verana Hotel, ecological cabins with views towards the bay

The Verana Hotel is located in the Bay of Flags in Mexico. The hotel has several private cabins from where guests can enjoy views and celebrate events.


There are several types of accommodation options at the hotel, which has nine cabins, ranging from small colourful traditional houses to larger bungalows. The minimum stay at the hotel is for five nights, and price varies between 172 and 330€ per night.

All the cabins were built with local and ecological materials. Each cabin has a different style, with large spaces and hand crafted wooden furniture. Each cabin has a private bathroom, a master bedroom with two beds that can form a kingsize bed and a terrace with hammocks. The beds have mosquito nets and there is an area for practicing yoga. The cabins have views towards either the sea or the mountains.

The Tea House is the largest cabin and has a private swimming pool. The Jungle Suite cabin has two bedrooms, one of them queensize and the other kingsize, a large bathroom with a bathtub and a spacious living room. The Bungalow V House is a cabin with a master bedroom with a kingsize bed and two extra bedrooms with queensize beds.

The Bungalow cabin has two bedrooms, the Casa Piedra cabin has a bedroom with a kingsize bed and the Pool House has two kingsize bedrooms. The smaller Studio cabin has a kingsize bedroom, Casa Amor is a one bedroom cabin and the Palapa cabin is a duplex.

Gardens and Pool.

On the hotel’s territory guests will find a large swimming pool that integrates with the landscape. The hotel’s gardens have several types of trees and views towards the sea.


The hotel’s restaurant offers three daily meals made from local ingredients. The ingredients used are fresh and are brought from Puerto Vallarta each morning. Guests will be able to taste Mexican dishes and international cuisine. The hotel can prepare picnic baskets for guests who want to spend a day exploring the region.

The hotel has a bar with a terrace where guests can enjoy cocktails and wine while watching the sunset. There is a wide range of tequilas.


The hotel can cater and organize all kinds of events. There are special prices for groups who want to celebrate an event at the hotel, and a group of at least 16 guests can spend a maximum of five nights at the hotel for around 87€ per person per night.


The hotel’s spa offers guests a wide range of massages, facial treatments and relaxation therapies, and guests can spend the day in the jacuzzi and in the Japanese baths. Revitalizing fruit cocktails are served at the spa.


The hotel is open from November until June. The hotel is located in Atop Yelapa, near Puerto Vallarta, and has views towards the mountains and the Sierra Oriental Valley. A water taxi can pick guests up in Puerto Vallarta and take them to the hotel, and mules can transport the luggage from the harbour to the hotel.

The hotel organized several activities for guests. Guests can spend a day at the beach, which is only a couple of minutes away from the hotel. Guests can practice several water sports, such as kayak, deep sea fishing, trekking and snorkel, and spend a day practicing yoga and enjoying day trips to nearby towns. The hotel can organize guided trips around the jungle and the waterfalls, and to places where guests can observe birds and whales. Guests can enjoy short trips to the nearby islands.

Esbelli Evi, a cave hotel with fairy chimneys

The Esbelli Evi Hotel is located in the region of Cappadocia in Turkey. This hotel is the first boutique hotel built in the area, and its ecofriendly approach integrates the building with the natural landscape.

Building the hotel.

Part of this hotel was built taking in account the caves and other natural formations of the region. The doors and windows have been adapted to the rock formations, and the hotel’s natural staircase is the result of years of erosion. Like many of the local structures, the hotel was built with fairy chimneys which are considered one of the region’s top tourist attractions. The interior design of the hotel reflects the country’s cultural aspects, with thick red carpets covering the floor, Ottoman style furniture and lace curtains.


The hotel has ten suites. The rooms are all different because they were built following the outline of the rock’s natural structure. Each room has a double bed, a traditional regional décor and a bathroom.

All the rooms have a flat screen television set with hundreds of channels from all over the world, and are equipped with CD and DVD players, a radio, climate control and kitchenettes and fridges. Guests will be able to enjoy free WiFi and will have free access to laptops. Each room is provided with complimentary bottles of water, reading material and free coffee and tea. Price varies depending on the suite and the season, and the minimum price is of 80€ per room per night.

Some of the suites can be converted into connecting rooms to accommodate families travelling together. The connected suites can accommodate up to six people. These suites have a master bedroom with a bathroom and a living room with a kitchen and a terrace, while other suites can have two or three bedrooms with their corresponding bathrooms.

The Fantasy Cave suite is the largest suite at the hotel and has a master bedroom and a separate living room with a sofa bed inside one of the caves. There is a kitchen and a bathroom with a claw foot bathtub and separate shower. The suite has a private terrace and access to the common terrace.

The Family Cave Suite can accommodate up to four people. There are two bathrooms near the entrance, and down a flight of steps guests will find the master bedroom, an extra bedroom with gilded ceilings, a living room with a kitchen and a private terrace.

The Stonecutters suite is built to resemble a traditional Cappadocian villa. There is a master bedroom and a living room with a sofa bed, a bathroom with a separate bathtub and shower and a small garden with flowers. The suite has access towards a semiprivate terrace with views towards the region.

The Twin Arch is a suite with a large bedroom with a bathroom and a living room with a guest bathroom. There is a kitchen with a terrace and a private garden.

The Labyrinth suite is a stone suite. The master bedroom is a large cave with a bathroom adapted to the crevices in the rock. There is a guest bedroom with bathroom which is connected to the living room. The suite has several terraces.

The Winepress suite is located above the ancient wine press. The master bedroom has a kingsize bed, and the guest bedroom has a double bed directly above the wine press. The bathroom is connected to the kitchen and the living room, from where guests can access the semiprivate terrace.

The Volcano Stone Cave is a dark coloured suite since it is located near a layer of volcanic rock. Near the kitchen guests will find the bedroom with a domed ceiling, the living room and the bathroom. Behind one of the ancient doors there is a previously hidden tunnel. This tunnel is a XVIIth century, 16 kilometer long water tunnel inside the volcanic rock.

The Colorband Cave is a colourful suite. The volcanic rock in tis suite is filled with minerals which create several colourful hues reflected in the bathroom, the bedroom and the living room.

The Hillside Suite is located on one side of the hill where the hotel is located. This suite has a bedroom with a bathroom and a living room with a private terrace and a private entrance.

Breakfasts, halls and terraces.

Guests who stay at the hotel will have access to the hotel’s cafeteria. The hotel provides guests with complimentary continental breakfasts made from local products. Other common areas include a home cinema room, an event hall with a piano, a Turkish hall and several terraces with views towards the natural structures formed centuries ago.

Glymur Hotel, fjords and Northern Lights

The Glymur Hotel is located in Hvalfjodur, in Iceland. This Nordic hotel stands on a hill and has views towards the fjords and is a place where guests can enjoy the Aurora Borealis.

Rooms and prices.

The hotel has 23 colourful rooms and two suites, all of them decorated with works of contemporary art from all over the world. The rooms are duplexes, with the double bedroom and the bathroom located on the top floor and the living room on the ground floor. The living room has a leather sofa and a television set. All bathrooms have heated floors. The rooms can have views either towards the fjords or the mountains.

The suites are larger than the double rooms and are decorated with bright designs and leather sofas made by hand. The bathroom at each suite has a hydromassage bathtub. The bedroom has a large double bed with a control pad where guests can choose whether they want a massage. All rooms and suites have bathrobes, flat screen television screens, coffee machines, bathroom amenities and a minibar.

There are several villas next to the hotel that can accommodate families and groups traveling together. The villas are more spacious and have several bedrooms and bathrooms, a dining and living room and a kitchen. All rooms are decorated in bright colours with matching furnishings. There is a jacuzzi for several people on the terrace and a garden with a barbecue area.

An individual room costs 149€ per night and a double room with a double bed or two individual beds has a price of 199€ per night. The Guðríðarstofa suite costs 249€ per night and the Hallgrímsstofa suite costs 299€ per night. An extra bed costs 39€ per night. The small villas have a price of 300€ per night and the large villas have a price of 400€ a night. Prices include breakfast and access to the jacuzzis.

Restaurant and future spa.

At the hotel’s restaurant guests will be able to try typical regional dishes, such as Arctic trout or reindeer meat. There are several dégustation menus that allow guests the opportunity to savour some of the traditional foods from different parts of the country. The hotel’s café serves delicious waffles and pancakes with cranberry jam and cranberry sauce. A spa is due to open soon.

The Aurora.

Many of the guests who stay at this hotel do so for one main reason, to be able to witness the Aurora Borealis, the Northern Lights. The hotel is located above the Hvalfjordur hill and has views towards the natural fjords.

On the other side of the fjord guests will find one of Europe’s most visited waterfalls, the Glymur waterfall. Near the waterfall is the Blue Lagoon, a geothermal lagoon where visitors can bathe while enjoying the views towards the glaciers. The capital of the country, Reykjavik, is only 45 minutes away by car. In the nearby town of Alafoss guests will find many markets that sell traditional artifacts, local works of art and typical gastronomical delicacies of the country.

Tree houses, a UFO and a mirror cube

The Treehotel is located in Harads, a small town in Sweden. As one can expect from its name, this hotel is formed by several tree houses, although all of these come with a twist.

About the hotel.

Before arrival guests will have to check in at the nearby guest house, Brittas Guesthouse, in Britta. This is the place where breakfast, lunch and dinner are served, and guests will be able to enjoy the sauna and the spa. Britta’s restaurant is known for its local traditional food, typical of Northern Sweden. The Treehotel is located five minutes away.

The Treehouses.

The Treehotel is formed by six tree houses, and each tree house has at least one double room with a bathroom. Each tree house has its own theme and an individual décor.

The rooms are located between four and six metres above ground. Each cabin has between 15 and 30 square metres of space. In order to get to their rooms, guests will have to go up either a ramp, a staircase or a metal stair. Price is about 190€ per night for one person and can reach 488€ per night for a double room with extra beds.

Some rooms have two twin beds, while the larger tree houses, those considered as family tree houses, have three or four beds. Each cabin has a small living room. The bathrooms are ecological. The tree houses have large windows that allow in a lot of natural light.

The Bird’s Nest tree house is a contrast between its exterior and its interior design. The exterior resembles a giant bird’s nest. The tree house has circular windows between the branches. The inside of the tree house is modern and spacious, with a double bed and two twin beds with amenities.


To get to the Blue Cone room guests will have to go up a hill and climb an especially designed slope.  This tree house has a more traditional design and is made of wood, with windows styled as plastic domes. This tree house has two floors and can accommodate up to four people.


The Cabin is one of the highest cabins, with views towards the valley of the river Lule. This cabin, with curved edges, looks like a capsule and has a double bed and a terrace.


The Mirrorcube cabin is a large aluminium carcass covered by mirrors. The effect is not what one might expect, since the cabin reflects the trees around it, masking it. The mirrors are covered by an infra-red layer in order to stop animals and birds bumping into it. The large windows have views towards the valley. The inside of the cube has a double bed, a separate bathroom, a living room and a small terrace on the roof.


The cabin known as the UFO is a large flying saucer that seems to have just crashed from outer space and into the trees below. The entrance has a circular door and the interior is modern. This tree house has two floors and can accommodate up to four people.


The A Room With A View cabin has some of the best views towards the forest and towards the town of Harads. This cabin has a large bedroom, a bathroom and a dining and living room elevated at different levels. There is a terrace decorated with several pine trees on the rooftop. The interior of the tree house is covered by wooden panels which create a natural look.


The hotel is open all year round. Each cabin has heated floors, and the heating is turned on during the winter months. The energy used at the hotel comes from alternative ecological resources.


The hotel has its own sauna with a maximum capacity for twelve people. The saunas are typical in this region, and guests will be able to enjoy this traditional activity while they relax in the heat of the sauna and the coolness of the water. Visiting a sauna is a must after a long day skiing.


Guests will be able to enjoy a wide range of activities during the summer and winter months. During the summer months guests will be able to kayak, explore the region by bicycle, trek along the trails and participate in organized nature walks. During the winter months guests can take long walks in the mountains, fish in the frozen lake, practice skijoring, go mushing and ride in a real sled. Guests can go horse riding all year round. Visitors can visit the nearby town of Harads, which is located a short walk away. Those who want to learn more about the Sami culture can visit the Gorgim lake.


The hotel is located in a small town only sixty kilometres from the Arctic Circle. The closest airport is in the nearby city of Lulea. This place is known for its nature, with views towards the lakes and forests. In this town located in the valley of the Lule river guests can visit several restaurants, shops, a swimming pool and an historic church.

Anchorage Historic Hotel, ghosts and the Aurora

Anchorage Historic Hotel was one of the first hotel built in Anchorage, Alaska, in the United States. The hotel is located in an historic building and it is said that several ghosts live at this hotel.

The rooms and prices.

The rooms has 26 double rooms and suites decorated in pastel colours. All rooms are double with a bathroom and all of them are no smoking rooms. Two of the rooms have access for people with mobility difficulties. All rooms have large television screens, Internet access and an alarm clock.  There is a spacious working area with a desk and chair, a safe and free newspapers. The bathroom amenities are Aroma Botanicals. There is a coffee machine and a wide selection of teas and coffees, and a microwave is available on request. Guests can use the iron and the ironing board. The hotel can arrange long term stays.

The standard rooms have a classic décor, with a bathroom and either a queensize bed or two twin beds. The price is usually 78€ per night.

The Junior Suites are large suites with the same amenities as the standard rooms. The suites can have either a kingsize bed or two queensize ones. There is a living room with a bar and a sofa which can be converted into a queensize bed. Price is around 135€ per night.

The ghosts.

It is said the spirits live in this hotel. The second floor is visited by a young woman who roams the hallways. One of the hotel’s celebrity ghosts is Black Jack, named John J. Sturges, who was the town’s first chief police officer. The ghost returns to the hotel every 20th of February at 21.15 since 1921, the day he was killed. The rooms 215 and 217 are haunted rooms where guests usually feel the presence of a ghost. Some of the bathroom curtains in several rooms tend to move of their own accord, and some tap open and close without anyone touching them. The ghost of a bride-to-be committed suicide the night before her wedding, and now her spirit walks down the hallways. Another guest who passed away haunts the stairs, going up and down. At the reception desk guests will find a book where they can write down and ghost sightings.

The building.

The hotel was founded in 1916. During many years, it was the city’s only hotel, and at the start of the century it was used as a place for cotillions, charity fund raisers and other social events such as dinners with silver cutlery, china crockery and sparkling white tablecloths. The hotel is located in the centre of the city, and the recently reconstructed building is considered to be a National Historic Landmark.

Breakfast, dining and conferences.

Guests will be able to enjoy a delicious continental breakfast. Breakfast includes several type of cereal, fresh fruit, Belgian waffles, freshly squeezed juices and a wide selection of tea and coffee.

Near the hotel guests will find Rumrunner’s Old Towne Bar and Grill. This bar and restaurant specializes in gourmet grill and during the weekends gusts dine while listening to live music.

There is a concierge available 24 hours a day. The hotel has its own souvenir shop and a small tourism office which provides information about the town to visitors. At the souvenir shop guests will be able to buy copies of traditional local artefacts and other objects related with the history of the region. There are photocopying machines, faxes and a laundromat available.

The hotel organizes conferences and banquets. There is enough space for 150 guests, and several different conference rooms are available for all kinds of events. All the meeting room are equipped with audiovisual technology and a catering service can be provided on request.

Location and Excursions.

The city of Anchorage is a lively city with natural views. Less than five minutes away from the hotel guests will find the William A. Egan Convention Centre, a space for conferences, conventions and events. Near the hotel there are several historical landmarks and museums. Sydney Laurence, a known painter, used to live at this hotel.

During the summer months the hotel organizes excursions and ecological tours. Guests will be able to enjoy many activities, including fishing, bird watching and hiking the Alaskan trails. Visitors can haunt, explore the trekking routes and kayak, and gold classes under the midnight stuff can be organized. There are 26 glaciers nearby. During the winter months, guests will be able to participate in many sports activities, ranging from mushing to hockey and ice skating. Many visitors come to the hotel to enjoy the Aurora Borealis.

Baumhaus hotel, sleep in tree houses that belonged to trolls

The Kulturinsel Einsiedel Hotel, known as the Baumhaus hotel, is located in Gorlitz, in Germany, near the frontier with Poland. The hotel has eight rooms, and each room is a different tree house.


The eight tree houses are connected by a network of wooden platforms that join in the centre to create a large wooden circle that serves as the hotel’s common area. Each tree house is located ten metres above the ground and is made from wood, cement and metal.

Each one of the tree houses has its own history and each holds a collection of strange objects, ranging from buttons to spoons. The locals say that the ghosts from the Turi Sede island still live in the tree houses, and that it was their spirits that created this place.

Tree houses and prices.

Each one of the eight tree houses has at least one bedroom with a double bed, a lounge and a bathroom. The minibar is stocked with several types of local beer. The tree houses have cascading open air showers. Three of the tree houses are larger, with a spacious bathroom and living quarters that can accommodate up to six people. Some tree houses have a terrace, and all of them have views towards the Neisse river.

The Bodelmutzens Geisterhaus is a mystic tree and guest house. It is said that one of the tree ghosts, or tree spirits, lives in that house. There are many clocks and alarm clocks dating from different decades decorating the walls, and the bathroom is covered in mirrors. The cabin can accommodate up to four people and costs around 203.50€ per night.

The Modelpfutzens Wipfelgipfel tree house is the highest of them all and is inhabited by another wood spirit. This tree house has two double rooms decorated with photographs and post cards of mountain peaks and the mountaineers who climbed them. The tree house has a balcony and costs 213.50€ per night.

Fionas Luftschloss is a tree house straight out of a fairy tale. It is decorated with floral prints and a large painting representing Fiona’s floating castle. The tree house has one bedroom decorated with paintings, elf statues and many different buttons. The tree house has a wooden stove and a balcony with views towards the Neisse Valley, and costs around 213.50€ per night.

Baba Doros Kräuterkate is Baba Doro’s own tree house, decorated in shades of green. The tree house has two double rooms decorated with many spoons of all kinds. The cabin has heating, a terrace and a small staircase that leads to an upper balcony that towers over the grounds, and the price is 213.50€ per night.

Judkas Trollfamilienhaus is a tree house where the three Trondheim trolls Judka, Thor Alfson and Olves live. The interior of this spacious two storey tree house is covered by animal skins and thick carpets. There are two double rooms, both of them decorated with ancient keys. The tree house has heating and a terrace, and costs 243.5€ per night.

Bergamos Gäste Nest is King Bergamo’s own tree house. The rooms have a kingly interior design and many small treasure chests decorate the walls, and the minibar is filled with delicious snacks. The cabin has three double rooms with a double bed each, and all rooms are decorated with small, albeit fake, jewels. There are several pillars covered with mirrors, and the floor is covered with mosaic tiles and thick carpets. The bathroom is large, and there is even a pantry. Price is 305.50€ per night.

Thor Alfons Astpalast is one of the larger tree houses, with three double beds, a large complete bathroom and a pantry. The walls are painted in various shades of greens and blues, and many old coins decorate the rooms. The rooms are styled as if they were captain’s cabins. Price is 305.50€ per night.

Olves Baumburg tree house belongs to Olve the Troll. The tree house has a maximum capacity of six people, and has three double rooms, a large bathroom and a pantry. The tree house is designed as a traditional Scandinavian fishing cabin, with large fishing nets decorating the walls. There are many different types of forks hanging from the walls. Price is 305.50€ per night.

Excursions and locations.

The hotel, designed in a Baumhaus style which literally means tree house, is built atop a mountain and its layout reminds one of a small village. Next to the hotel is a theme park where guests will be able to enjoy many roller coaster rides for free. The theme park has many roller coasters, labyrinths and funfair rides.

The hotel is located in the easternmost part of the country, making the guests of the hotel the first people in all Germany to see the sunrise. The frontier with Poland is located only 2.5 kilometres away from the hotel. There is a bird sanctuary near the hotel. Guests will be able to make day trips to the Sagar Museum or participate in the Folklorum Festival, a folk festival. In the woods and lakes next to the hotel guests will be able to practice many outdoor activities.

Antik Zeytin, a rustic hotel and organic olive oil

Antik Zeytin Hotel is an ecological and rustic hotel located in Bodrum, in Turkey. The hotel is a complex made up of several  traditional stone huts.

Rooms and prices.

The Antik Zeytin offers guests a relaxing retreat in one of its 11 rooms, or rather huts. Each room is located in a spacious traditional Anatolian hut, and is equipped with a double bed and bathroom with a large shower. The huts are made from rock and have vaulted ceilings, walls decorated with frescoes and hand crafted wooden furniture. There is air conditioning in all rooms, and all huts have a fireplace and a terrace. The rooms have satellite television, a safe and a minibar filled with herbal teas and coffee. All the bathroom amenities, including the towels, are ecologically friendly products, as are all the cleaning products. Price varies depending on the season, and is usually between 75 and 150€ per night.

The main theme of the hotel is focused on the importance of nature and tradition. The production of olive oil has been one of the region’s main occupations for a long time, and guests who stay at the hotel will have the opportunity to make their own certified organic olive oil using traditional methods such as granite stones. The importance of olive oil is highlighted in the hotel’s name, which means olive oil in Turkish. The hotel sells its own locally produced ecological and organic olive oil.


The hotel is far from the large cities, a place where guests can relax and rediscover nature. Several traditional activities are offered, such as baking bread in the large stone ovens dating from the Anatolian era and picking herbs and cooking spices in the nearby Karadag hills. The hotel organizes pottery lessons and offers classes on how to blow glass.

The hotel has its own sailing boat that was built by hand, allowing guests to explore the region by sea. The boat has a spacious deck where guests can sunbathe. Inside the boat itself there is a cabin with two double beds and a bathroom, as well as a kitchen area and a living room.


There is a restaurant which specializes in Mediterranean cuisine. All the ingredients used are organic and come from organic farms, although some are grown directly on hotel grounds.

Hotel grounds.

The hotel has a large garden where guests will find a swimming pool built as if it were a part of the landscape, with views towards the Aegean Sea, the woods and the mountains. In the centre of the pool there is a small island with an ancient olive tree.


The nearby city of Bodrum is an historic town. The tomb of Mausolus, or the Mausoleum at Halicarnassus, is one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World and used to be in this area. One of the city’s highlights is the Archaeological Museum which is partly underwater.  The streets of this city are full of traditional markets selling jewellery, sandals typical of the region and many varieties of olive oil.

Royalty and fjords

Hotel Union Øye is a hotel located in Norway. The hotel was built at the end of the XIXth century and for more than a hundred years it has been a favoured retreat of the Royal families.

This aristocratic hotel has views towards the nearby fjords and the local Norwegian forests. The building itself, a large mansion, dates from 1891.

The hotel was founded in 1891 in order to accommodate the European royals at the time. Some of the hotel’s past guests and visitors have included Queen Wilhelmina of Holland, Emperor William II of Germany and many other historical characters. The hotel was renovated in 1989 and still has a Royal décor full of crystal chandeliers, gilded decorations, and plush carpets.

Rooms and prices.

The hotel has 27 rooms. All rooms are spacious double rooms, with a double four poster bed and a modern bathroom, and a large window with views towards the gardens. Each one of these rooms has an individual décor.

The rooms at his hotel don’t have a telephone or a television, since it was designed for guests to relax and savour how life was in the past. Each room is decorated in a different shade, reflecting the tastes of those celebrities of the nineteen hundreds who stayed at his hotel. Price is between 200 and 550€ per night. This price includes twenty four service should the guests need or want anything.

Each room is called in honour of a known guest who stayed there during the last decades. One of the rooms is called Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, and is decorated like a traditional London house and has several smoking pipes as decoration, while another room is known as the Karen Blixen room.

Kaiser Wilhelm II room is one of the largest and the best decorated at the hotel, named after the German Kaiser who made his way into this hotel and into history books. The bathtub in the bathroom is the same bathtub that the Kaiser brought with him on a ship.

One of the most booked rooms is the Blue Room. Many guests and hotel workers have claimed throughout the years that the ghost of a woman named Linda still lives there. According to the story, one of Kaiser Wilhelm’s officials fell in love with a local girl who lived in the valley. The lovers could not be together, and when the young woman died, her ghost stayed in room number 7, the Blue Room. Guests who stay in this room are given a bowl of garlic by the hotel staff. If guests place the bowl of garlic inside the room, the ghost will not visit them, but if they leave the bowl outside the room, Linda might come and visit.

The hotel is known as the Fjord Palace. The architectural style of the building reminds visitors of a traditional Swiss house, although the views from the windows could not be more Norwegian. All the rooms at the hotel have views towards the mountains and the fjords.

The contemporary guest book holds the signatures of many European royals, while the old guest book boasts signatures by authors such as Henrik Ibsen and Arthur Conan Doyle, and other historical figures such as kings and politicians. Each afternoon the hotel owner asks guests to join him in the living room, decorated with a large chimney, and tells stories about visitors such as Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany, the mountain climber Willem Cecil Slingsby or the Out of Africa author Karen Blixen, and many others who have stayed at this hotel throughout the years.


The hotel’s restaurant does not sway far from the hotel’s theme and is specialized in Norwegian food. The menus are full of delicatessen brought from all over the globe. The restaurant offers many wine choices.

Conference halls.

The hotel has a large conference hall which can be arranged according to the needs of the guests. The 190 square metre hall has 2.90 metre ceilings and is equipped with a projector.

Location and nearby tours.

The hotel is located next to the town of Hjørundfjord, near the Sunmmøre mountains and the Norangdal valley. Guests can practice all kinds of sports, including trekking. The hotel has its own harbour for small boats. The hotel staff can organize excursions to the top of Mount Slogen. Guests can ski during most of the year at Stryn, a place where skiers can glide down the slopes of the glaciers during the year. Nearby guests will find Runde island, a bird sanctuary.

Boats can be rented to those guests who want to fish, and if they catch anything the fish can be stored at the hotel. Guests can rent canoes and bicycles if they want to explore the region by water or land. Day cruises can be organized to Ålesund. Night tours called Chasing the Werewolves take place at night. During the day there are barbecues and authentic gobelin picnics. Carriages and horse drawn carts can be used for special occasions, and helicopters tours can be organized.

Bed and breakfast at a themed lighthouse

The Belle Tout Hotel is located in what used to be a lighthouse in Beachy Head, Eastbourne, in the United Kingdom. The inside of the lighthouse has been remodelled and is now a modern bed and breakfast known for its views and continental breakfasts.

The Lighthouse was built in 1832, and in almost two hundred years of existence it has managed to serve as a lighthouse, a tea shop, and was transformed into a private residence. Although it was partially destroyed during the Second World War, erosion did even more damage, and as a result the lighthouse was moved 27 metres farther away from the coast and renovated into a bed and breakfast.

The hotels has six double rooms, each one of them with its own bathroom. All rooms have a television and coffee and tea making machines. The rooms are on the small side, since there is limited space at this old lighthouse. The rooms are comfortably furnished and have a simple yet timeless décor. All rooms have a bathroom with a stone shower, and one of the rooms has both a shower and a bathtub.

The hotel has several themed rooms. Captain’s Cabin has been recently refurbished, and no longer has a bunk bed, which has been replaced by a large double bed. The room is decorated like a naval captain’s cabin, and has brick walls and a fireplace. Another themed room is known as Old England, decorated as a room dating from Industrial Revolution England, with iron beds, wooden furniture and colourful lamps. The New England room has a more modern touch to it, with pastel coloured furniture and comfortable couches standing next to the large windows with views towards the sea. Keeper’s Loft is a small room at the top of the hotel, furnished with a double bed and with a large window with views towards the coast. The Shiraz is an exotic room with red decorations and carved furniture. The Beach Hut rooms looks like a beach bungalow, painted in light blue with sea themed décor. Price per room starts at around 180€ per night.

The hotel has a lounge and a dining room. On the hotel’s top floor guests will find the Lantern Room, sometimes called the Lamp Room, a small chamber where the light of the lighthouse could be found. This room is decorated in blue colours and has a special telescope in order to be able to see the approaching boats. The lower floor of this room has been converted into a spa with a massage room.

What now is the massage room used to be the lighthouse keeper’s private dwelling. The ceiling is open, which allowed the lighthouse keeper to see whether the light was on without having to go upstairs every time. Nowadays reiki treatments and reflexology massages are offered.

The bed and breakfast offers continental breakfasts in the breakfast room, where guests will be able to enjoy the sea views. Guests can choose between a wide selection of cereal, several different types of bread, fresh croissants and real English breakfasts.

The lighthouse has 360º views towards the Channel. The lighthouse is located right next to the famous Seven Sisters cliffs. This lighthouse has been featured in many documentaries and several BBC series have been recorded there. The Living Daylights, 007 James Bond film, was filmed at the lighthouse.