Bed and breakfast at a themed lighthouse

The Belle Tout Hotel is located in what used to be a lighthouse in Beachy Head, Eastbourne, in the United Kingdom. The inside of the lighthouse has been remodelled and is now a modern bed and breakfast known for its views and continental breakfasts.

The Lighthouse was built in 1832, and in almost two hundred years of existence it has managed to serve as a lighthouse, a tea shop, and was transformed into a private residence. Although it was partially destroyed during the Second World War, erosion did even more damage, and as a result the lighthouse was moved 27 metres farther away from the coast and renovated into a bed and breakfast.

The hotels has six double rooms, each one of them with its own bathroom. All rooms have a television and coffee and tea making machines. The rooms are on the small side, since there is limited space at this old lighthouse. The rooms are comfortably furnished and have a simple yet timeless décor. All rooms have a bathroom with a stone shower, and one of the rooms has both a shower and a bathtub.

The hotel has several themed rooms. Captain’s Cabin has been recently refurbished, and no longer has a bunk bed, which has been replaced by a large double bed. The room is decorated like a naval captain’s cabin, and has brick walls and a fireplace. Another themed room is known as Old England, decorated as a room dating from Industrial Revolution England, with iron beds, wooden furniture and colourful lamps. The New England room has a more modern touch to it, with pastel coloured furniture and comfortable couches standing next to the large windows with views towards the sea. Keeper’s Loft is a small room at the top of the hotel, furnished with a double bed and with a large window with views towards the coast. The Shiraz is an exotic room with red decorations and carved furniture. The Beach Hut rooms looks like a beach bungalow, painted in light blue with sea themed décor. Price per room starts at around 180€ per night.

The hotel has a lounge and a dining room. On the hotel’s top floor guests will find the Lantern Room, sometimes called the Lamp Room, a small chamber where the light of the lighthouse could be found. This room is decorated in blue colours and has a special telescope in order to be able to see the approaching boats. The lower floor of this room has been converted into a spa with a massage room.

What now is the massage room used to be the lighthouse keeper’s private dwelling. The ceiling is open, which allowed the lighthouse keeper to see whether the light was on without having to go upstairs every time. Nowadays reiki treatments and reflexology massages are offered.

The bed and breakfast offers continental breakfasts in the breakfast room, where guests will be able to enjoy the sea views. Guests can choose between a wide selection of cereal, several different types of bread, fresh croissants and real English breakfasts.

The lighthouse has 360º views towards the Channel. The lighthouse is located right next to the famous Seven Sisters cliffs. This lighthouse has been featured in many documentaries and several BBC series have been recorded there. The Living Daylights, 007 James Bond film, was filmed at the lighthouse.

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