Floating beds and deluxe design in the Quartier Latin

The Le Seven Hotel is located in the City of Lights, Paris, France. This hotel has a minimalist décor and the latest technologies, with beds and bathtubs that float in the air.

This hotel is part of the chain of hotels responsible for creating the emblematic The Five Hotel. This particular hotel has its own design. At a first glance, this hotel seems to be an upper scale boutique hotel with double rooms with large flat screens and large bathrooms. Behind the now common iPod docks there lies a minimalist, carefully thought of décor designed to ensure each guest’s tranquillity. There are several types of rooms, where each rooms has its own, slightly futuristic design.

The hotel envelopes one right from the reception area. A huge 3D screen filled with bubbles stands in the centre of the lobby, allowing visitors to have a glimpse and a virtual tour of the hotel. The personnel offers guests a guided tour around the hotel’s common areas and tells them the story of the creation of each room. Next to the lobby there is a large bar with a serious, modern looking design, with LED lights that change colours according to the time of day.

All the rooms have a Nespresso coffee making machine. There are several iPod docks for all kinds of Apple products. The large plasma television screen has several international channels and the remote control has four buttons that allow guests to choose the fragrance that they want their room to smell of. Each room and suite provides guests with bathrobes, a large safe and a separate, well lit working area with a desk and chair.

The 28 Levitation rooms look like standard rooms at a first glance. It only takes a few moments to realize that this is an illusion. The large double bed is actually a couple of inches above ground. The shower is illuminated in different colours, as is the modern bathroom. Price starts from 153€ per night.

The Absolute Levitation rooms are slightly more spacious double rooms which have a large floating bed right next to the glass, colour illuminated shower. Price usually starts from 185€ per night.

The Suspended Bath suite is one of the hotel’s most wanted suites. The double beds in the suite are covered in bright white linen and float several centimetres off the ground, while the large black bathtub floats in another corner of the room. This rooms is painted in dark colours and has a minimalist décor, veiling the suite in mystery. The floating bathtub for which the suite is named is made of black stone and can seemingly shine, depending on the light. Price is 233€ per night.

The Close to the Stars Suite and the Touching the Stars suite are located on the hotel’s top floor and have views towards the city. The ceiling in both rooms is covered in a dark cloth and filled with small lights representing the stars and forming constellations. Guests who stay in these two rooms will be able to enjoy views of the city centre and the sky of Paris, since one of the windows is in the ceiling. These suites cost 233€ per night.

The Black Diamond suite is decorated in black. The kingsize bed, the rest of the furniture, the curtains and the bed linen and even the mirrors are black and are decorated with thousands of crystals which reflect light and create a luminous sparking effect. The bathtub is made from black stone, with Swarovski crystals en each corner. The large shower has a hydromassage column and glass decorations on the ceiling. The black carpet covering the floor has golden accessories and optical fibres that can be lighted.

The Marie Antoinette suite has a boudoir and a deluxe décor, representing Marie Antoinette’s lifestyle had she lived at the start of the XXIst century. This large rooms has a psychedelic edge to it. A huge bed which looks like a throne stand in the centre of the room, which is filled with elaborate chandeliers. One of the room’s corners has been transformed into the living room with sofas. The bathroom is decorated with mirrors similar to those at the Versailles Palace, and both the shower and the bathtub are covered by pink optic fibre.

The Sublime suite is one of the hotel’s honeymoon suites. It is decorated in different shades of white and a large circular bed stands in the middle of the room. A thick carpet covers the room’s floor. The ceiling above the bed is decorated with tiny lights and futuristic lights that looks like stars. The suite has a lounge area with classical style furniture and a sofa. This suite’s bathroom has a futuristic design, with bright lights and a bathroom that looks like a cocoon.

The 007 suite is decorated in honour of the world’s most famous spy, Bond, James Bond. This suite has a retro touch mixed with some futuristic designs, just like Mr. Bond’s classical stance was always backed up by the latest technological inventions. Guests who stay in this room will be able to watch all the James Bond films on the giant television screen. This suite has a kingsize bed and a lounge area with a sofa and a coffee table. The bathroom has a shower which can be transformed into a Turkish bath.

The On/Off suite is the star suite at the hotel. At a first glance this suite has a simple, minimalistic décor. One needs only to turn on the lights in order for the room to transform itself. Once the light is on, the white walls suddenly become all shades of the rainbow and surreal designs appear along the suite.

The Alice suite allows guests to enter Wonderland. One of the walls is decorated with clocks of all shapes and sizes, including clocks where time goes backwards. Several different lamps hang from the ceiling. The walls are covered with plush imitations of Caroll Lewis’ characters. The bathroom has two toilets with a chess board between them. The lounge area of the suite has a bright red sofa and many plush toys, and the room can change its colour if one changes the light. All of these suites cost 505€ per night.

The Lovez- Vouz suite is the largest one at the hotel. The design features the importance of ecological tourism and all of the ornaments honour Mother Nature, such as stone and wood floors and wooden and leather furniture. The master bedroom has a large round bed and a television screen, and there is another screen in the living room. This suite has a fireplace. There are two bathrooms, one of them with a shower for two and the other with a bathtub covered in cow hide and direct access towards a private terrace with a Jacuzzi. Price is around 801€ per night.

The hotel is open all year round. The hotel is adapted for people with disabilities and the reception works 24 hours a day. Laptops can be rented for the length if the stay, and guests can use the fax and photocopy machines. The hotel offers laundry service and room service.

The hotel has a lounge and a restaurant on its ground floor. Guests will be able to enjoy delicious tapas and a wide selection of different wines.

This hotel is located in the 5th arrondissement in Paris. The hotel stands in the centre of the Quartier Latin, one of the city’s most cultural and historical neighbourhoods. Guests will be able to enjoy the local food at the many nearby cafés and restaurants. The area has many art galleries, and only a couple of minutes away guests with find an ancient amphitheatre, Les Arènes de Lutèce. Two of Paris’ best known places, the Jardines de Luxembourg and le Jardin des Plantes, are only a couple of minutes away. Other places such as Saint Germain, the Montparnasse Cemetery and the Notre Dame Cathedral are within walking distance.

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