Chumbe Island Coral Park Hotel, bungalows and coral reefs

The Chumbe Island Coral Park is located on the island of Chumbe, near the coast of Zanzibar, in Tanzania. This eco lodge has several ecological bungalows on an island that is a natural reserve.


This natural reserve has an eco lodge. There are seven bungalows on the island, each one of them built using ecological materials. There are rooms with twin beds and rooms with double beds located under palm thatched roofs. In each bathroom there is a bathtub and a shower. The living room is decorated with handmade furniture, African art and colour.

The terrace of each bungalow has hammocks and the bungalows have views towards the ocean. The bungalows are private and have their own garden near the coast. The rooms are decorated with furniture made from local materials.

Price is between 204 and 330€ per night. Price includes non alcoholic beverages, food, the fee for the natural park and guided tours around the island. Guests will be able to snorkel using the hotel’s equipment and there is a boat that connects the hotel to the mainland.

Each bungalow has a specially designed roof that collects rain water. There is a filtration system in the cisterns located under each bungalow, and waste water passes through another filter to avoid contaminating the island’s corral reefs. The bathrooms are self contained. Each bungalow has solar panels on the roof that provide the bungalows with light. There is organic soap in the bathrooms that was made by a cooperative of local women. Non organic waste is recycled on the nearby island of Unguja.


The hotel’s restaurant serves dishes made using local ingredients. Guests will be able to enjoy international and Swahili cuisine. There is mineral and purified water and a juice bar.

The eco lodge was built using ecological materials. The bungalows can collect their own rainwater and there are solar panels providing the hotel with photo voltaic energy used for heating. Water is filtered and the bathrooms are ecological.


The natural park located on the island supports eco tourism and there are several projects designed to protect the coral reefs. The hotel cooperates with local charities. The presence of many nocturnal creatures means that there are no street lights on the island. Guests will be able to use smaller, solar energy charged, portable lights located in their rooms if they want to enjoy a walk.


The hotel is located on Chombe Island, an uninhabited island near the coast of Zanzibar. The corral island is a natural reserve with ecological lodges.

The hotel offers several guided tours around the island during which guests will be able to see how local species are protected and see the Ader’s duiker, an endemic type of antelope. Part of the island is a protected nature reserve where coco tree crabs and more than 64 local birds live. Guests will be able to walk around the island and visit the historical ruins. The guides are local and the hotel has several projects that promote the significance of preserving the reserve amongst locals.

There is a coral reef sanctuary on the island. During the guided tours guests will be able to dive and see the local fish. The crest of the reef is between one and three meters deep, and those guests who enjoy snorkel will be able to explore the reef. Barracudas, dolphins and sting rays can be seen in this region. Hawksbill sea turtles and parrotfish can be seen near the reef. Lobsters can be seen in the coral reefs and there is a large potato grouper that lives in a cave.

During low tide small lagoons are formed near the coast and guests will be able to see crabs, ousters, star fish and small fish. Guests will be able to relax under the baobab.

Chumbe lighthouse, built by the sultan of Zanzibar, is located on the island. From the top of the lighthouse, which has 131 stairs, guests will be able to enjoy views towards the island and the sea between Tanzania and Zanzibar. The ancient lighthouse guard’s house is now a visitors center and guests will be able to visit the mosque, the only Indian style mosque on the island. The ruins have views towards the ocean.

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