Wanderlust Hotel, colourful lofts and neon signs

Hotel Wanderlust is located in Singapore. The boutique hotel has four floors and each floor was designed by a team, where each floor has its own theme.


This small hotel has four floors. Each floor was decorated by a team of local designers and all the rooms on one floor follow a set theme.

The hotel has 29 rooms. The rooms are double rooms with a bathroom and are decorated following a theme. There are iPod docks in the rooms.

The lobby area and the ground floor are decorated following an Industrial Glam theme. The first floor has a hall decorated with rainbows, neon lights and a terrace with a mosaic jacuzzi. The second floor has a black and white design, a black hallway and white rooms decorated with murals and origami. The third floor has rooms decorated with small monsters.

There are several types of rooms. The ten Pantone rooms are capsule rooms decorated in several colours. Each room is decorated with a neon sign with the title of a song about the colour of each room. The purple room has Jimi Hendrix’s Purple Haze neon sign. Price is from 123.30€ per night.

The Pantone Deluxe room is decorated in shades of yellow and above the bed there is a Yellow Submarine neon sign. There is a vintage iron bathtub in the bathroom and price is around 130€ per night.

The eight Mono rooms have origami and pop decorations. The Mono Deluxe room has a large glass bathtub and a price of around 148€ per night.

The Whimsical rooms are nine loft rooms. Each room has a theme and there is an ASCH room, a Bling room, a Space room, a Tree room and a Typewriter room. Each room has a bathroom with a bathtub and shower and price is around 173€ per night.


Cocotte is the hotel’s restaurant, decorated in an industrial style. The restaurant is known for its French dishes made from local ingredients. The restaurant has wood tables and colourful chairs.

The tables are long shared tables and most dishes served at the restaurant can be shared. Guests will be able to enjoy traditional French dishes.

Each room has a guide about the region and the activities offered near the hotel. The guide mentions the services that the hotel offers to its guests. The guide has a map that shows guests the location of the hotel, which monuments are nearby and where the closest transport link is. The guide has a metro map and recommendations of bars, restaurants and shops.


The hotel is located in the Little India neighbourhood of Singapore. The building used to be a school. Guests will be able to explore Little India and enjoy its ethnic restaurants.

The hotel offers tours around the city. Guests will be able to explore the city and its main monuments and museums by bus. The Duck Tours are another way of visiting the city, its bay and its coast in an amphibian vehicle. There is a large Ferris wheel a short distance away from the hotel. This Ferris wheel, the Singapore Flyer, is known for its views towards the city and the sea.

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