From Middle Earth to New Zealand

Anyone who has read the Lord of the Rings books or seen the films knows that hobbits dislike living in tall buildings, and that they prefer to live in wide spaced holes in the earth. Bearing that in mind, the owners of Woodlyn Park in Waitomo, New Zealand, have decided to create a rather ingenious motel, designed especially for those who would like to live the peaceful live of a hobbit.

This motel has various hobbit holes, each one with its own kitchen and bathroom. The hobbit holes can fit in up to six people. Both the doors and the windows are round, and the rooms are decorated in soft pastel colors, furnished with comfortable sofas and armchairs. All of this creates a rather pleasant, relaxing atmosphere.

Prices for two people are around 140 € per night, charging 12€ for an extra person. The hobbit holes are constructed right inside the hills, and one has the feeling that they really are in the real Hobbyton or in the Shire.

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