PJ’s Underground B&B, a hotel in the depths of old opal mines

PJ’s Underground B&B is a rather original bed and breakfast. This Australian hotel, located in White Cliffs, is quite unusual in its own way, since it can be barely seen on solid ground. The reason for this is the rather curious fact that this hotel is located under the earth, very close to what used to be old opal mines.

Price per individual room is around 60€ per night, up to 76€ for a double room and 200€ for the cottage which can accommodate up to four people. The cottage can also be used as a double room suite, and comes with a fully equipped kitchen, a washing machine and a dishwasher.

The temperature under the earth is constant, so the rooms enjoy the quite acceptable 22ºC. The hotel is right under the earth, surrounded by 64 million year old rocks, and the walls of this hotel are the white rocks themselves. A tour of the ancient opal mines is included in the price.

The hotel, or rather bed and breakfast, also offers excellent breakfasts to all of its guests. The most famous dish is a fruit jam made from the fruit that grows on the trees in the hotel’s own gardens.

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