Hotel in a Cave

Kokopelli’s Cave is a bed and breakfast located in New Mexico, Unites States. The hotel is a luxurious cave, and the ideal holiday destination for those who enjoy hiking.

Originally, the cave was built as an office for a geologist, but later on it was transformed into an unusual hotel. The cave has an area of 150 squared metres, and is spacious enough to accommodate several guests.

Since the hotel is located in a slightly remote location, the hotel managers have decided to build a small house which can be easily found. Guests arrive at the small house, and a guide then guides them towards the cave entrance. The entrance to the cave can be found inside a cliff, 21 metres under sea level. The hotel is 85 metres above the La Plata River, and it has been carved directly inside the rock.

The Kokopelli’s Bead & Breakfast has only one guest room, and is a favorite amongst those passionate about hiking and trekking. This place is a relaxing place ideal for traveller’s who want to spend some quality time away from large cities and the crowds. Price per night is around 160€ for one or two guests, and rises to 186€ for three or four guests. This hotel has a fridge and a pantry for the guests to use, and are always full of food. The decoration of this cave is modern, with a thick carpet, southern style furniture, hot and cold water, a bathroom with a shower and a bathtub as well as a well equipped kitchen.

This curious hotel can be found north of Farmington, near the Mesa Verde National Monument. From both the cave and the cliffs, guests will be able to enjoy truly remarkable views towards Four Corners. Four corners is a national landmark where four states, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona and Utah, meet. There are also several mountain ranges nearby, such as Chuska and La Plata mountains, and several Native Indian reservations full of traditional and fascinating cultures.

Hotel in an internationally themed tram

The Controversy Tram Hotel is an original and fun hotel near Amsterdam, the Netherlands. This hotel is made up of several old tramway cars that used to travel along the streets of Amsterdam and some German cities.
The hotel was the idea of Frank and Irma Appel. Both managed to renovate and refurbish the old tramway cars, which are now comfortable guestrooms. This hotel has a total of five rooms, each one of them with a double bed, a bathroom, and a cupboard for food and drink. This bed and breakfast is ideal for those who would like to visit the region and stay in an unusual place.

The bed and breakfast is located on the territory of the Appel’s home, called the “Controversy”. The owners of the hotel live in a house where a classical London double decker bus dominates the living room. The kitchen and the dining area are located in an old french truck. Even the decorations hanging around their house are true to the car and coach theme of the hotel.

Guests can also find an old Mig airplane on the territory of this incredible hotel, and they are allowed to climb into the cabin and enjoy the marvelous and panoramic views of nearby Hoogwuod. This hotel is only one hour from Amsterdam, so guests are encouraged to take a day trip to the city before returning to the peace and quiet of the area.

This hotel has five double rooms. Each room has its own bathroom and is decorated in a different theme. The Italian Room and the French Room are rooms for smokers, while the English Room and the American Room are designed for non smokers. One of the rooms is found in the “family tramway”, a large tramway car divided into two separate rooms, ideal for families with children.

These types of rooms cost 60 € the first night, 50 € the second night, and 40 € per night from the third night onwards. Discounts are available for families or for long term residents. Depending on the type of room one stays at, guests will receive an accordingly themed continental breakfast.

The fifth room is in a separate car. This room is 21 meters long and 2.6 meters wide, and its theme is Mexico. This room has its own Jacuzzi shaped like a traditional mariachi hat. This room can accommodate up to four people, and it has its own living room and a double bed shaped like a ship. Guests who stay at this room can enjoy a three in one TV set with a DVD player and a stereo system, and will have a large collection of 1970’s and 1980’s music. This room, or rather a suite, costs 210 € a night, though there are often discounts, since four people can stay in this room for 250€ a night, breakfast and all taxes included.

At this hotel guests can also find a small UFO stacked with more than 200 movies available to guests. The hotel also organizes sightseeing excursions and trips to the nearby area.

Train carriages in Alaska

The Aurora Express Hotel is a hotel made up of several train carriages which used to travel along the railroads of Alaska, near the Tanana River. Those who stay at this hotel can experience an enjoyable stay in the nicely decorated comfortable rooms while observing the beauty of the Alaskan nature.

This curious hotel has several train carriages where the rooms can be found. The carriages have been reformed and refurbished after the company that bought them brought them to a new location in Alaska. Each train carriage hosts several  double rooms, each one of them with a double bed, heating system, their own ensuite bathroom and artistic decorations. The large windows allow the guests to enjoy a truly breathtaking view of the peaceful, snow covered scenery.

This hotel costs less than 100€ a night, a reasonable price for such a charming place with beautiful surroundings. All carriages are well equipped with all the necessary commodities for an enjoyable stay, and up to four people can sleep in each room.

The interior decorations of the rooms follow several themes, some of them dedicated to Alaska, with posters and pictures of different regions at different times decorating the walls. This bed and breakfast also offers a wide range of activities for those guests who would like to explore the region. Furthermore, guests have the opportunity to try the local cuisine for breakfast.

There are several wagons with different themes. The National Domain train carriage has four suites and follows a Victorian style. The National Emblem carriage has bigger rooms and more space, and is ideal for families. The Golden Nellie is the largest and definitely most luxurious train car and is ideal for couples. The Arlene wagon dates from the Second World War and has only two rooms. There are several train cars more, each one of them with a unique theme, such as the Can Can theme. The last wagon is the Diner Car, a truly luxurious bar for 24 guests where one can enjoy all the local meals for lunch or dinner.

Silvermine hotel

The Sala Silvermine Hotel is a curious bed and breakfast in Sala, Västmanland, in Sweden. This small hotel has only one suite, 150 metres under the ground.

This hotel used to be an old silvermine, situated 120 kilometres away from Stockholm. In the past, this mine used to produce more than 3 tonnes of silver per year, but after it was abandoned the site was reconstructed and became a luxurious hotel. Since the suite is 150 metres under the ground, the temperature in there is always around 2ºC. However, the temperature in the room is around 18ºC, and in order to not feel the cold, extra thick covers are provided.

This luxurious suite is a fusion of both the traditional and the modern styles. This impressive suite costs around 250€ per night. Every morning, a hotel employee brings down a traditional breakfast to their guests.

Inside the ancient cave near the suite, one can explore the many hidden tunnels and passageways under the ground. Hotel guides offer interesting tours around the underground hotel, and one has the opportunity to learn about the history of the mines and their refurbishment into an unusual hotel.

The more traditional wing of the hotel can be found above ground, called the Gruvfrun bed and breakfast. The interesting part of this is that the new rooms are located in the old dining room used by the silverminers. The other part of the hotel has 15 double rooms, each one of them decorated in the different styles from the 1920’s to the 1950’s.

The superior part of the silvermine hotel also has a large hall for celebrations such a music festivals, weddings and all types of parties. One can also enjoy a birdwatching safari near the surrounding region, as well as relaxing themselves in the quiet atmosphere of the hotel.

Hotel in a lighthouse

This curious hotel is a lighthouse in Yachats, Oregon, in the United States. The Heceta Head Lighthouse is considered to be one of the most beautiful lighthouses in the world. The total height of the lighthouse reaches 62 metres.

The lighthouse was built around 1894, and is considered an historical site in the region. The hotel is found in the small house right next to the lighthouse, and was previously the house of the lighthouse watcher.

The hotel, or rather, bed and breakfast, also offers gourmet breakfasts with more than seven dishes to taste. The average price per night is between 115 and 150 € per night.

If one decides to visit the top part of the lighthouse, they will be able to enjoy the incredible view of the Pacific Ocean. This place, far away from all the noise, is gently surrounded by the fresh sea breeze. This is a truly magical place, perfect to relax. It is also quite popular as an ideal place to celebrate ones wedding. One also has the opportunity to go to the nearby beach and to relive their dreams in one of the most pacific places on Earth.

PJ’s Underground B&B, a hotel in the depths of old opal mines

PJ’s Underground B&B is a rather original bed and breakfast. This Australian hotel, located in White Cliffs, is quite unusual in its own way, since it can be barely seen on solid ground. The reason for this is the rather curious fact that this hotel is located under the earth, very close to what used to be old opal mines.

Price per individual room is around 60€ per night, up to 76€ for a double room and 200€ for the cottage which can accommodate up to four people. The cottage can also be used as a double room suite, and comes with a fully equipped kitchen, a washing machine and a dishwasher.

The temperature under the earth is constant, so the rooms enjoy the quite acceptable 22ºC. The hotel is right under the earth, surrounded by 64 million year old rocks, and the walls of this hotel are the white rocks themselves. A tour of the ancient opal mines is included in the price.

The hotel, or rather bed and breakfast, also offers excellent breakfasts to all of its guests. The most famous dish is a fruit jam made from the fruit that grows on the trees in the hotel’s own gardens.