Hotel in an Imperial Boat

The Imperial Boat House Hotel is a curious hotel in Thailand, where some rooms are located in remodelled ancient imperial boats. The hotel is known for its relaxing atmosphere, comfortable surroundings and luxurious accommodations near the beach.

The Imperial Boat House is located near Choeng Mon beach, in the North Eastern coast of the Koh Samui region. The hotel itself has 34 old teak boats which used to transport rice and which have now been remodelled to be used as ample guest rooms with rooms and suites. There is also a beautiful main building which has eight wings and houses more guest rooms and suites.

This hotel has several types of rooms, such as the Premier Rooms, the Poolside Terrace Rooms or the Honeymoon Suite and Boat Suite. All rooms are double rooms with either a double bed or two twin beds and have a private bathroom. Amenities include coffee and tea making machines, amongst other details.

Price per room varies according to the type of room and the season. The Premier and Poolside Terrace rooms can cost between 70€ per night during low season and 156€ per night during high season. The luxurious and romantic Honeymoon Suite costs between 86.50 and 191.20€ per night. The incredible Boat Suites are the most expensive rooms at the hotel, costing between 110.40 and 249.50€ per night. Price includes a delicious breakfast valued at around 13€, and guests can pay an extra 24.50€ for an extra bed. For 5.50€ guests can be picked up from and taken to the airport.

The Premier Rooms are the smallest rooms at the hotel, with 39 square metres of space. These double rooms have their own 13 square metre balcony. The Premier Rooms also have coffee and tea making machines and views towards the lush gardens of the hotel.

The Poolside Terrace Rooms can either be double rooms or twin rooms. There are eight double rooms and five twin rooms in this category, and all are 38 square metre rooms with an 18 square metre terrace. Each room has a large bathroom and excellent amenities. Each terrace has its own outside rain shower and from there guests can directly access the hotel’s swimming pool.

The Honeymoon Suites are large, 44 square metre rooms with a large luxurious bathroom which has a separate bathtub and shower. There are eight Honeymoon Suites, so it is highly recommended to book in advance. These rooms are undoubtedly the most romantic suites at the hotel, and have a large double bed, a spacious private terrace and impressive views towards the lush gardens.

The Boat Suites are the epitome of originality and design. These suites are the best suites at the hotel, since each luxurious suite is located in a different traditional rice boat. These 91 square metre suites have a traditionally decorated master bedroom, a spacious grand living room, a dining room and a bathroom with windows on the roof. These incredible suites also have an open air private deck where guest can enjoy the sun and the views or enjoy a delicious traditional dinner.

The Imperial Boat House has two large swimming pools, one of which is shaped like a boat and the other one is located in the lush garden. The Pool Bar can be found near the boat shaped swimming pool, the ideal place for refreshments during day time or a cocktail after dusk. Guests will also be able to enjoy amazing sea views from the first swimming pool and Pool Bar.

Like many other hotels, this hotels also has its own gym. The hotel is also well known for its luxurious spa, the Imperial Spa. The Imperial Spa is a tropical spa, considered to be one of the best ones in the region. Guests will be able to enjoy a wide range of massages, skin treatments and body pampering treatments using only natural products. Both more modern spa amenities and the more traditional ones are available at this hotel.

The hotel has several bars and restaurants. The previously mentioned Pool Bar has views towards one of the swimming pools and the sea. The Manao Bar is an open air bar near the lobby. The Boat Café Restaurant is one of the most popular restaurants, and is famous for its eclectic mix of traditional Thai food and and international menus. The Sala Thai is an open air restaurant. Captain’s Choice is one of the most exclusive restaurants and specializes in all kinds of sea food, creating unique menus with ingredients both from the Northern Italian sea food and the Royal Thai cuisine. Guests can choose between savouring the most famous dishes from the Thai cuisine or else trying new flavours from all over the world. All restaurants have live music and excellent views towards the beach.

The hotel also has several meeting rooms and conference halls. The hotel may organize events such as large celebrations and seminars, and the catering service will provide different menus for each type of event. There are three conference rooms at the hotel, and all three are well equipped with the latest audiovisual technology. The smallest conference room has a capacity for 20 guests, while the largest hall can be used for meetings of around 250 people.

The island has many beaches and bays, and is full of coconut trees and mountains. The hotel is located in one of the quietest regions of the island, where nature prevails. Guests are offered the opportunity to visit the famous Hin Lat and Na Muang waterfalls, as well as the curious natural formations of the Lamai Bay. Near the hotel guests will also be able to find a large statue of Buddha, while in the Na Thon region visitors will be able to eat at the best restaurants, shop at the best boutique stores or generally enjoy the marvellous views of the island.

An Arab Palace in Copenhagen

The Hotel Nimb is located in Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark. This grand hotel looks more like an ancient Arab castle than a simple luxurious hotel, and is well known for its exquisite decorations and its façade full of lights, which can be easily distinguished amongst other buildings of the city.

The main building of this hotel looks like a large, stately palace with a luminescent white façade, and dates from the year 1909. The architectural design of the hotel is reminiscent of the ancient and grand Arab palaces, and is notorious for its façade, covered with white Venetian marble. The hotel is located near the Tivoli gardens and only has 13 rooms and suites.

The hotel boasts a unique design, and all rooms follow a similar ancient theme, with designer furniture worthy of past Kings and walls decorated with bright colours and shapes. All rooms are very spacious, and each one of them has a large double bed and a bathroom, as well as a chimney and precious antique ornaments. The hotel has several rooms and suites, and each one of them has its own unique touch. The rooms are a haven for the tech savvy, full of Bang & Olufsen latest technologies.

There are several different types of double rooms, ranging from standard Double, Double Deluxe and Double Deluxe Plus rooms. All these rooms have a queensize bed, antique furniture with the latest technologies incorporated and lush curtains. The smallest room has 24 square metres of space and street views. The Double Deluxe room has 33 square metres of available space, a large four poster bed and beautiful views. The largest Double Deluxe Plus room is 40 metres square, has a Jacuzzi and impressive views towards the Tivoli gardens. The beds are covered with embroidered covers bearing intricate designs.

The Junior Suite is a spacious suite with an enormous four poster bed, excellent audiovisual technologies integrated into the ancient styled furniture, and a relaxing Jacuzzi in the large bathroom. This 50 square metre suite is decorated in golden and royal blue colours, with classical decorations and breathtaking views towards the Tivoli Gardens.

The main, 60 square metre Suite, is the grandest room at the hotel. Decorated with dark wooden furniture covered in supple leather, it has a sombre and classy style, as well as a seemingly endless choice of new technologies and comfortable surroundings.

The hotel also has its own restaurant with a Michelin star and an excellent wine cellar with a collection of more than 1,300 wines. Guests will be able to savour a wide variety of excellent dishes. The Nimb Hotel has two other exclusive restaurants, the Nimb Restaurant and the Herman Restaurant. The former specializes in haute cuisine and is famous for its original presentation of said dishes, while the latter is famous for its dedication to the traditional Danish cuisine.

The hotel also has a large bar located in what used to be the palace ballroom. This room has a unique atmosphere due to numerous chandeliers, oil paintings and gilded ornaments that decorate the rooms. The ancient ballroom also has a large piano near the welcoming chimney.

The hotel is located near the historical port, in a classy neighbourhood with cobbled streets and small boutiques. Near the hotel, guests will be able to enjoy long walks in the beautiful Tivoli Gardens, or else visit the Amalienborg, the Museum of National Art or the Centre of Danish Design. There are also many monuments and landmarks only a few minutes away from the Nimb, such as the Danish Opera, the Danish Centre of Architecture, the Tours Channel and Christiania.

Hotel with Egyptian, Arab and Parisian Suites

Aphrodite’s Hotel is located in Lake District, Windermere, in the United Kingdom. This boutique hotel has a collection of rooms which vary in style and decorations. The hotel also has its own restaurant that serves delicious organic meals with ecological ingredients.

Aphrodite’s Hotel is located in one of the most exclusive areas of Lake District. The curious boutique hotel has a wide range of different rooms, and price varies according to the type of room and the season. The minimum price for one of the suites can be around 80€ per person per night, and it includes a delicious breakfast.

All suites have a bedroom and a private bathroom and have classic, yet somewhat more elaborate, decorations. Each one of the suites has its own theme, so the décor in each room is unique and follows a different line of thought.

Some of the best suites include the Cleopatra, The Parisian, The Flintstones, Tarzan and Jane and the Aphrodite suites. Other surprising rooms are the Austin Powers 1960’s rooms or the Arab suite. All suites have a queen or kingsize bed, spacious bathrooms with hydromassage tubs and spa treatments, small exterior patios and beautiful rustic chimneys. All rooms have several television sets, while some rooms also have television sets in the bathroom, as well as DVD players and Internet access.

The Cleopatra Suite is one of the most exclusive suites at the hotel. Located on the ground floor, it has Egyptian style furniture and ornaments worthy of Pharaohs. The suite has an enormous canopy bed with golden and deep blue bedsheets, as well as a large hydromassage bathtub. Guests will be able to use the exclusive Molton Brown bath amenities. The small exterior patio has a jacuzzi. Inside the room, guests will find coffee and tea making machines, several Egyptian statues and decorations belonging to the ancient era when Cleopatra ruled over Egypt.

The Victorian Suite is located on the ground floor, and has oak floors. The four poster kingsize bed has golden decorations in the typical Victorian fashion. The large bathtub is designed as the ancient bathtubs of previous centuries, with a slightly curved top part. The Victorian era decorations in this room create a truly Royal environment and atmosphere, as does the carved wooden furniture. The room is a real luxurious experience, with a majestic stone chimney covering one wall and thick carpets on the floor.

Aphrodite’s Cabin is in the garden, and is a large, white cabin with Edwardian furniture and decorations. The suite has golden decorations coupled together with marble ornaments, as well as a large marble bathtub, a lounge area with a chimney and classical style furniture.

The Western American Cabin is a cabin with a Wild Wild West feel. The cabin has both Native American decorations and decorations from the typical wild west movies. The furniture is made of wood and covered in leather, and there is a large chimney full of chopped wood. The cabin also has its own patio with a hammock.

The Tarzan and Jane room is a spacious duplex suite decorated like a jungle. The large bed is on the ground floor, and is covered by fake furs with different animal prints. The walls of this two storey room are covered in wood and both floors are joined by a wooden staircase where each step looks like a log. The lounge of this suite is on the second floor and is decorated like a wooden cabin in the middle of the jungle, and has a small living room, a bathroom, a chimney and even its own sauna.

The Egyptian Suite is full of columns that look like Egyptian obelisks. The bed is adorned with golden ornaments and the large armchair looks like an ancient chariot. The suite has decorations that fit the main Ancient Egyptian theme of this room. There are several statues and the bathroom has a decorated bathtub.

The Arab Suite is full of different colours and textures, with luxurious carpets covering the floors and walls. This suite has decorations that remind one of the Middle East, such as golden and dark blue beautiful curtains and cushions covering every surface.

Other themed rooms include the Italian Suite, decorated like a Mediterranean Villa, the Toscana room, full of murals of vines, and the Tudor Suite, with ochre coloured medieval furniture. The Parisian Suite is a classical, classy suite, while the Paris Chic Suite has a hand carved bed and white and black decorations.

The Austin Powers Suite is built in a purely 1960’s kitsch style. This suite has a circular bed and is painted in acid colours with differently shaped armchairs. The Omani Bedouin Suite is a truly luxurious suite with a canopy hanging from the ceiling and a classical gilded décor.

Some other curious suites include The Flintstones Suite, built as a cave with furniture that looks like it’s made of stone covered in fake animal fur. The Robin Hood Suite looks like a forest, full of brown and green colours. The impressive Snow Queen room is painted in cold colours, with walls that look like ice, large furniture, a sleigh shaped bed and decorations that look like giant snowflakes.

Hotel Aphrodite’s is located in an ideal place. Guests will be able to enjoy long walks near the lakes, or visit the small, charming streets full of local shops in Bowness and Windermere.

This ecological hotel is environmentally friendly. Most of the electricity used at the hotel comes from renewable hotel sources, and the boiler is carbon neutral. All the food served is organic and ecological food which comes from local fair trade farms. The hotel also uses low consuming light bulbs and any materials used are also environmentally friendly.

This hotel is a well known hotel which has been frequently visited by local celebrities. It is best known for its themed suites and its large swimming pool. The vast territory belonging to the hotel is full of beautiful, well kept gardens, and has several fountains with lights and music.

Hotel with oriental suites, private spas and a fusion of cultures

The Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Hong Kong is one of the many luxurious hotels belonging to the Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group. This hotel is not only famous for its wide choice of suites, but is also notable for it’s latest technologies and a special technical butler service available for the less tech savvy clients.

This enormous hotel is located in the very centre of Hong Kong and has a total of 501 spacious rooms and recently refurbished suites. All rooms are double rooms with their own bathrooms, with a classical style and decorations that vary depending on the type of room. All rooms are full of technological devices, such as flat screen television sets both in the bed rooms and bathrooms, Internet access, wireless keyboards, and a universal remote control. Visitors will also be able to charge their iPods in the iPod docks and control the lights in the room thanks to the intelligent light system. The windows are very large, and occupy one wall from the floor to the ceiling, offering impressive views towards the ever moving city and the quiet beauty of the Victoria Harbour.

The hotel has several types of rooms. The Studio rooms are the standard double rooms, followed by its upgrade, the Superior and Deluxe Rooms and the impressive Premier and Harbour Rooms, renown for their views.

The Studio Rooms are 32 metres square and face the metropolitan, cosmopolitan, bustling, Hong Kong streets. These rooms have queensize beds and stone and marble bathrooms with shower cabins. These rooms have an oriental décor, with stereotypically Asian decorations, cognac coloured armchairs and silk drapery.

The Superior and Deluxe rooms are very spacious and have an area of 35 square metres. They can either have a kingsize bed or two double beds. Superior rooms have views towards the quiet area of Ice House Street. They have a lot of space and are decorated with innovative ergonomic furniture. Deluxe rooms face the rather chic Chater Road area. The walls in these rooms are covered with panelled wood, giving the room a very natural feel. The Deluxe City View rooms have the same characteristics as the latter rooms, but from their giant windows they instead have views towards the impressive skyscrapers.

Both the Premier and Harbour rooms are 40 metres squared and are known for their luxurious décor. Premier rooms have views towards the Statue Square and the city skyline, peppered with giant skyscrapers. These rooms can either have one kingsize bed or two double beds, as well as a sofa bed or a Chinese couch. Harbour rooms also have binoculars available for those guests who want to observe the magnificent harbour spreading beneath their feet.

The suites at this hotel are an example of the most exquisite design, where even the furniture has more to it than it may seem at first glance. The hotel has 68 different suites where each one of them has its own unique design.

The Studio Suites, with 44 square metres of space, have a classical style with an immaculate finish. The walls are covered in Chinese elm wood, with silk drapery and carpets, as well as stone and marble bathrooms.

The Superior Suites are slightly larger, and are full of small technological details such as iPod docks or loudspeakers which are built into the furniture. There are television sets in the bedroom, the bathroom and the living room.

The Deluxe Suites, with 65 square metres of available space, are decorated in light, pastel colours and wood, with fur covered furniture. The Oriental Suites are even larger, and are located on the corners of the building. They are full of natural light, have jade ornaments and their personal walk in wardrobe. The Deluxe Oriental suites are a good choice for families, since they have an extra bedroom.

Despite the luxury and comfort that emanates from all these suites, the best ones are nevertheless the Howarth, Meiji and Lichfield Suites. Each one of these 80 metre square suites has its own art collection and real antique furniture.

The Howarth Suite has a classical British style, with a royal blue colour scheme and velvet covers. The furniture also has a classical style, and is made of the best wood. The Meiji Suite has a distinctive Japanese touch, with beautifully lacquered black furniture and a minimalist design. The Lichfield Suite bears the name of the legendary Lord Patrick Lichfield, and the suite resembles the photographer’s eclectic style.

Two of the largest suites are 93 metre square rooms. The Macau and Tamar suites are located on the top floors of the hotel and have wonderful panoramic views towards the city. The Macau Suite has a colonial rule era atmosphere, with a curious mixture that highlights its oriental roots and today’s modern life. The Tamar Suite is named in honour of the British Marine, and follows a marine theme which reminds one of a private yacht.

The king of all suites at this hotel are the 292 square metre Mandarin Suites. These rooms have views towards both the harbour and the city. Each presidential suite has double height ceilings, a master bedroom, a living room, a walk-in closet and a glass wall with mesmerising views towards the bay. This suite is decorated with hand made and hand crafted wooden furniture and decorations. Inside the bathroom guests will be able to find a personal spa and a large bath, ideal for a relaxing afternoon. It even has its own small gallery full of ancient objects from the oriental countries.

Another curious aspect of this hotel is the fact that it has 24 hour personalised butler service. Not only will the butler organize an excursion around the city or a shopping trip, but they will also help guests with all the technological material in their rooms. All butlers are tech savvy and will be able to help with the universal remote control and the light controls at any time of the day.

The hotel also has its own spa, with a vast range of both traditional and modern medicine treatments. The spa has been ranked as a five star retreat by Forbes, and is one of the few spas to get that award. There is also a gym, a Kinesis hall and a swimming pool for the more active guests.

The gourmets will be able to enjoy a delicious meal in one of the hotel’s ten restaurants. Some of these serve traditional Asian cuisine in a new format, while others mix several international dishes creating new flavours.

The Beatles’ Hotel

A Hard Day’s Night Hotel is a curious hotel in Liverpool, in the United Kingdom. Everything in this hotel is dedicated to the legendary The Beatles. Each room has many decorations of the Beatles, and is decorated with pictures and lyrics of many of their songs.

This hotel has a total of 110 rooms, each one of them designed in its own, individual style that somehow manages to adapt to the classical building. All rooms are double rooms with a private bathroom, plasma television sets, Internet connection and a wide range of different movies. The most interesting aspect of these rooms are the decorations, since each room has its own small collection of art work depicting The Beatles.

The A Hard Day’s Night hotel opened its doors in February 2008, and is located in a Grade II listed building dating back to 1884 in the city centre. This five star hotel is close to several pubs, restaurants and the famous Cavern Club.

Among the 100 diversely decorated rooms the most prominent rooms are the Two of Us honeymoon suite, the Zygman Suite and the Hard Days Night Suite. These three suites are spacious and comfortable, with colourful decorations and beautiful views.

There are many other luxurious rooms in this hotel, each one of them with its own design. The Luxury rooms are decorated with contemporary style ornaments and have comfortable armchairs, as well as luxurious bathrooms with monsoon showers. There are several types of Luxury rooms, some with a double bed and others with two twin beds.

The Deluxe rooms are decorated in a more classical style, matching the style of the building itself. These rooms are furnished with a variety of classical style furniture. Some of these rooms are located on the top floor of the hotel, and from these rooms guests will be able to enjoy views of the city that spreads out beneath their feet.

The John Lennon Suite is one of the most famous and the most coveted rooms at the hotel. Everything in this room is white. Pristine white walls and floors, blanched ceilings and a majestic immaculately white piano reveal the true, pacifist spirit of John Lennon. This room also has marvellous views towards the city centre and many decorations that create a truly Lennonesque atmosphere.

The McCartney Suite is another iconic room, with a luxurious and elegant design. The walls are decorated with unique art pieces, and most paintings are dedicated to Sir Paul or to The Beatles.

Price per night depends on the type of room and the season. The minimum price is around 33€ per night, although the average price is around 100€ per night. The Luxury and Deluxe rooms can cost more than 190€ a night. Guests can also enjoy a variety of services at an extra cost, such as a champagne bottle upon the guests’ arrival, a delicious breakfast costing 10€ per person or diverse, three hour long excursions and trips by taxi around the most iconic places in Liverpool.

A Hard Days Night has a 24 hour reception, a currency exchange office and a gift shop. This curious hotel also has handicapped access and provides extra beds or cots. All rooms have an ironing board available as well as a welcome selection of teas and coffees.

The hotel also offers special deals and packages. Each deal is named after a Beatles song. The deals usually include one or two nights at the hotel, a trip on the Magical Mystery Tour Bus and visits to the most famous places of the city.

This hotel also has its own restaurant, the Blakes, where guests will be able to enjoy the most traditional British meals. The Lounge Bar is a chic bar famous for its cocktails, tea and coffee, which are available all day long. Another famous bar is the Four bar, one of the most popular places in Liverpool. The hotel also happens to have its own art gallery where visitors can buy any of the works of art hanging around the hotel. The hotel also organizes events such as weddings.

May Fair Hotel, London’s luxury and original décor

London’s May Fair Hotel, in the United Kingdom, is part of the world famous Radisson group. This hotel is well known for its excellent service, its originality and its luxurious and bright décor with rooms full of classical furniture.

This hotel is located in the very centre of London, near a wide variety of museums, restaurants and other interesting locations. During Christmas time, a double room can cost around 223€ per night. This price includes an excellent service as well as a full English breakfast and complimentary tea. Prices can vary according to the type of room and the season.

This hotel was inaugurated in the year 1927, during the reign of His Majesty George V. This hotel is a truly luxurious place, with a classical yet modern style. The hotel has 406 double rooms, some of which are suites. All rooms have an unusual elegant style, with pieces of classical furniture dating from different centuries, bright colours and very original decorations.

All rooms are very spacious, with plasma television sets, iPod docks and fast WiFi access. All rooms have a truly glamorous bathroom covered with Sicilian marble. All the technological equipment in these rooms are from the prestigious firm Bang&Olufsen.

This hotel has several types of rooms. The Superior Rooms are comfortable double rooms with details and decorations such as rich, dark coloured textiles and furniture carved with a distinctive Catalan design. The large double beds have excellent quality mattresses and advanced digital systems. These rooms are ideal for business travellers due to the high speed Internet access, telephone and business centre installed in these rooms. The business centre has a multi use printer and several different types of adaptable sockets, as well as a large wooden desk.

The Deluxe Rooms have similar characteristics, although the bed is a large kingsize bed and the bathroom also has two technologically enhanced showers. Some of these rooms also have a walk in wardrobe, private terraces or TV sets in the bathroom.

The Studio Rooms have an area of 45 square metres and are full of Bang&Olufsen technology. These rooms have a small entrance halls and are considered to be some of the most popular rooms in London. All the furniture decorating these rooms is made from the best wood, and the overall decorations give the Studio Rooms a modern and chic look.

This hotel also has several family rooms. All family rooms have two queen sized beds, and are spacious enough for a family of four. These rooms have 40 square metres luxuriously decorated with pictures, and hand crafted furniture. Some rooms also have a giant walk in wardrobe, a charming terrace or a television set right in the bathroom.

The hotel also has several rooms adapted for handicapped people with all of the necessary adaptations merging with a luxurious décor. There are also a set of special, hypo allergenic rooms. These rooms must be booked in advance. The ‘non-allergic’  rooms have walls, floors and ceilings coated in a special substance that repels most of the dust and other allergens. The bed, the carpets and all the other furniture and decorations are all made of special, hypoallergenic materials and still maintain their classic design. Even the bedsheets are washed with a special detergent, and the rooms are cleaned with ecological, non allergenic substances.

The hotel is also famous for its twelve incredible suites. Each one of these suites has its own theme and unique decorations. The Azure Suite is covered in light blue colours and has large and comfortable blue sofas. The Penthouse is one of the most majestic suites, with exquisite decorations and impressive views. The Sciaparelli Suite represents the iconic glamour of the great stars. Meanwhile, the Bamboo, Pewter and Ermine suites are duplex suites with a large ground and first floor as well as natural decorations and magnificent views.

The hotel also has its own spa, a luxurious restaurant, a bar and several halls for events that can be used as conference rooms. The hotel’s restaurant, the Amba, has several of the world’s best chefs in charge of preparing delicious meals for all guests. The menu changes according to the season, and each time there are new, fresh courses to be tasted and savoured. The restaurant also has an elegant design with leather covered walls.

The Mayfair Bar is considered to be one of the most chic bars in London. It is famous for its innovative cocktails, some of which are truly intriguing while others combine a classic and avant garde taste.

Guests will be able to enjoy the services of several butlers during 24 hours a day. The butlers help guests with their shopping, are in charge of ticket reservations and can book theatre and opera shows as well as plane or train tickets. The butlers can also rent cars or limousines for guests.

The May Fair Hotel also has its own casino with luxurious and opulent decorations. The Palm Beach Casino is located where the old ballroom used to be. Guests will have to follow a strict dress code, since no informal clothes are allowed. Guests can enjoy playing the roulette or the occasional game of blackjack or poker. The VIP guests can enjoy a private room for playing cards.

The hotel also organizes several series of events throughout the year. The Crystal Room is the main event hall at the May Fair Hotel, so guests more often than not will be able to enjoy conferences, balls or art galleries. The Crystal Room is not only famous for its many events, but is also known for its Baccarat chandelier that presides over the room. The lacquered walls and bronze coloured furniture make this place the ideal location to host an important dinner or gala event, and it can accommodate up to 280 people. This room also has several television screens, and events such as several award ceremonies and important conferences and summits have taken place here.

The Danziger Suite is another room that can be divided in two halves to be used as a conference room. 130 people can fit there at any given time, and this room also has the latest technological and audiovisual material available. This room has a rather curious design, a subtle mélange of classic and turn of the Century Hollywood styles.

The hotel is only five minutes away from the best shops at Bond Street. Five minutes in the other direction guests will be able to find the world famous Fotnum&Mason shop, a shop specialized in original and elegant gifts for all occasions. This shop was founded in 1707, and is considered to be the most ‘Christmassy’ shop in London. Nearby, guests will also be able to find a very well known bookstore, the Royal Academy&Hatchards books store. Ten minutes away from the hotel guests will be able to walk along the emblematic Regent and Oxford Streets. Only a few minutes away visitors will find the best bars and theatres in Soho and Covent Garden.

12 floors, 12 designs, 12 styles

The Puerta de América Hotel is located near the centre of Madrid, in Spain. The hotel was designed by numerous architects, designers and artists. The hotel’s façade is painted in a variety of bright colours with words in many languages written across the balconies. The fusion of a classy decoration and an unexpected mixture of colours and languages creates a most interesting effect.

This five star hotel is a fusion of several different art and design currents. The merger of several very diverse atmospheres, designs, materials and colours creates a rather comfortable unique space.

The hotel has twelve floors, each floor designed by a different team of designers and architects. Designers from more than nineteen different studios have worked on this project, and some of the most famous names include Teresa Sapey, Victorio&Lucchino, Norman Foster, Kathryn Findlay and Arata Isozaki, amongst many others.

There are several different types of rooms. There are several double rooms, deluxe rooms, junior, senior and executive suites, as well as two luxurious presidential suites. Price per night varies depending on the type of room and the season. A standard double room costs around 100€ a night, while most of the deluxe rooms cost between 200 and 350€ a night. The cost of staying in one of the exclusive suites varies between 800 and 3424€ per night.

The hotel has 315 double rooms, as well as 30 rooms adapted for people with reduced mobility, and 12 suites. All the rooms have a comfortable double bed, their own private bathroom and magnificent views towards the city. The style of each room varies greatly and follows the design set by the decoration of each floor. Most rooms are full of bright colours, with a minimalist touch and curved furniture.

Each one of the double or deluxe rooms has a safe, a television set, Internet access, a mini bar and a stereo set. The floor designed by Ron Arad has rooms with round double beds, while the one designed by Richard Gluckman has a variety of minimalist designs in light colours. The floor designed by Arata Isozaki is full of oriental décor belonging to a traditional Japanese interior, with dark lacquered colours in the rooms and light wooden decorations in the bathrooms.

The executive suites were designed by Jean Nouvel. Each suite has an area of 60 squared metres full of all kinds of luxuries. Each suite has its own hall, a master bedroom, a living room, a complete bathroom and a large walk in wardrobe. Enormous windows decorate the walls, and a multi use remote control controls the intensity of the lights and the window shutters. This remote control also controls the wooden panels that can be moved according to the guests’ desires, allowing each guest to design and divide their room the way they want to see it.

The two exclusive presidential suites are 140 squared metres each, and have two dormitories, two bathrooms, a hall, two walk in wardrobes, a living room and a dining room. One of the bedrooms has large, curved windows that stretch out from the floor to the ceiling, allowing guests to enjoy enviable views of the city. Guests can choose whether they want to stay at the black or the white suite.

The Puerta de America has several restaurants as well as a bar in the attic. The restaurants, found on the ground and top floors of the hotel, have magnificent views towards the vast city. The attic of this hotel is the ideal relaxation zone, with a funky bar which offers its guests a large variety of cocktails, and floors made of glass supported by great metal pylons which allow visitors to watch the bustling city right below their feet. In the attic guests will also be able to find the curious swimming pool decorated with black tiles.

This hotel also has a lobby where events can be organized. The 950 metre squared lobby has five different halls. This floor was designed by John Pawson. Several halls can be used for each event, and all halls have the best technological and audiovisual material and very high ceilings.

On the other floors of the hotel guests can also organize a variety of events, reunions, business meetings and celebrations. The fifth floor has 11 conference rooms designed by Victorio&Lucchino. Two of these rooms, V&L Black and V&L Silver, have a more elegant, dark design, making them the ideal locations for a party or a festival. The Parking Space floor was designed by Teresa Spacey, and is the most used location where numerous runway  and fashion shows have taken place. If visitors want to organize a conference or an event in a more stylish, avant-garde room with breathtaking views towards the city and the mountains, they can rent the hall on the thirteenth floor, which was also designed by Jean Nouvel.

Hotel in a Cave

Kokopelli’s Cave is a bed and breakfast located in New Mexico, Unites States. The hotel is a luxurious cave, and the ideal holiday destination for those who enjoy hiking.

Originally, the cave was built as an office for a geologist, but later on it was transformed into an unusual hotel. The cave has an area of 150 squared metres, and is spacious enough to accommodate several guests.

Since the hotel is located in a slightly remote location, the hotel managers have decided to build a small house which can be easily found. Guests arrive at the small house, and a guide then guides them towards the cave entrance. The entrance to the cave can be found inside a cliff, 21 metres under sea level. The hotel is 85 metres above the La Plata River, and it has been carved directly inside the rock.

The Kokopelli’s Bead & Breakfast has only one guest room, and is a favorite amongst those passionate about hiking and trekking. This place is a relaxing place ideal for traveller’s who want to spend some quality time away from large cities and the crowds. Price per night is around 160€ for one or two guests, and rises to 186€ for three or four guests. This hotel has a fridge and a pantry for the guests to use, and are always full of food. The decoration of this cave is modern, with a thick carpet, southern style furniture, hot and cold water, a bathroom with a shower and a bathtub as well as a well equipped kitchen.

This curious hotel can be found north of Farmington, near the Mesa Verde National Monument. From both the cave and the cliffs, guests will be able to enjoy truly remarkable views towards Four Corners. Four corners is a national landmark where four states, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona and Utah, meet. There are also several mountain ranges nearby, such as Chuska and La Plata mountains, and several Native Indian reservations full of traditional and fascinating cultures.

A Hotel full of Luxury and Taste in Hong Kong

The Harbour Grand Plaza Hong Kong is one of the most grand and famous hotels in the city. This well known hotel is known to be one of the most luxurious hotels in the city with a great variety of diversely themed rooms.

This hotel has numerous rooms, all of them centered around a different theme. Rooms vary in size and price. One common trait between all the rooms is the unique combination of traditional oriental decor and more modern Western technologies.

The hotel is located in the center in the island. Near the hotel, guests will be able to stroll around the shops and boutiques that dominate the main streets, as well as the many museums, theatres and business centers in the city. The luxurious five star hotel is situated near the train station, an ideal location for those who want to explore the island.

The Harbour Grand has 828 rooms, and from each rooms guests will be able to enjoy marvelous views towards different parts of the city. There are several types of rooms, such as superior rooms, deluxe rooms or executive rooms. All rooms have either a kingsize bed or two individual beds, with a private bathroom, several telephones, Internet connection, a minibar, iPod docks and other technological gadgets. Guests can choose their favourite pillow from a large pillow menu. Price per night starts at around 110€ per night.

The Superior Harbour View rooms are decorated in earthy colours with oriental furniture adapted into a slightly more modern style. Those guests who choose to stay at this room will be able to enjoy wonderful views towards the Victoria Harbour. The Deluxe Harbour View rooms have a more traditional and sophisticated design. The bathroom is decorated with 3D mosaics. Other rooms, such as the Grand Deluxe Harbour, have breathtaking views towards the Kowloon Peninsula, as well as the Central and the Wanchai district. These rooms are slightly more spacious and are a combination of traditional Asian design with a slightly more modern touch.

The Premier Harbour View Room also has lovely views towards the Victoria Harbour, the Kowloon peninsula and Central district. These rooms are decorated in a curious shade of metallic blue, and have ebony furniture and lavish bathroom decorations. Several of these rooms also have their own private terrace overlooking the harbour. The terrace, or patio, has a private jacuzzi where one can relax while watching the bustle of life taking place at the Victoria Harbour. These rooms also have all kinds of technological gadgets.

The hotel has seven floors with 202 rooms spread between them dedicated to the Harbour Club. These rooms are ideal for the tech savvy businessmen, since apart from many technological innovations, these rooms also offer guests a personalized 24 hour service. All rooms belonging to the Harbour Club are designed as executive rooms, ideal for those who travel due to work and business. Each rooms has a printer with scanner, and even the bathrooms have a flat screen television. Those guests staying at the Harbour Club rooms are welcome to the Harbour Club Lounge, an ideal place where to spend a relaxed evening above the harbour. Guests will also be able to enjoy the tea and coffee served between meals, as well as cocktails served after dinner and 24 hour butler service. Price per Harbour Club room starts at around 162€ per night.

The Harbour Grand also has 122 luxurious suites decorated with comfortable ergonomic furniture and luxurious ornaments, as well as a large pantry for those guests who stay for long periods of time. All the Premier Harbour View suites have views towards the peninsula and the Central district. Most of these suites have their own pantry, and all are decorated with a curious design which is a fusion between the traditional oriental style with lacquered, elegant furniture and the more modern western style.

The Executive Harbour View suites are a group of suites located in the corners of the building. These suites thus allow their guests to enjoy magnificent views from two different points. Each suite has its own working area with two metre long tables. These suites also have a pantry, ideal for long term guests.

The most impressive room at this hotel is, without a doubt, the Presidential Suite. This suite has wonderful 180º views of the Victoria Harbour and the Kowloon peninsula. The suite has a large living room, an ornamented dining room, a small yet well equipped kitchenette and a master bedroom with a giant, luxurious bathroom. The price of each suite is around 1,690€ per night.

The hotel has its own spa, a gym that offers guests a large variety of sport activities as well as one of the largest swimming pools in Hong Kong. From the swimming pool guests will also be able to enjoy views of the harbour. The swimming pool also has a small terrace, where guests can relax and observe the giant city spreading out beneath them.

This hotel also has its own restaurant and café, the Harbour Grand Café. The hotel’s restaurant is called Le 188º, and is located on the 41st floor. The views are truly spectacular, and the menu is also full of surprises. The Harbour Grand Café also offers a delicious à la carte menu, with main courses made with lobster or fresh sea food.

Aviator Hotel

The Aviator Hotel, with a curious curved design, is located in Hampshire, in the United Kingdom. This hotel is fully dedicated to the industry of airplanes, and is decorated with all kinds of airplane memorabilia such as posters of famous aircraft, pictures, cushions embroidered with images of different planes and many other details.

The Aviator Hotel is a propeller shaped hotel situated in the Farmborough airfield in Hampshire. The hotel has beautifully decorated guest rooms full of airplane models and details and luxuries, as well as its own European cuisine restaurant, called La Braserrie, a very well known bar called the Sky Bar and even a small deli, full of food.

This curious hotel has 138 Aviator rooms, 12 Aviator Plus suites and 19 Sky Studios. All rooms follow the aviation theme, with intricate paintings and beautiful black and white photographs of air planes. Even the cushions are decorated with embroidered images of old propellers. Each room has a double bed and a private bathroom. Price per night is about 130€ for an Aviator room, but it rises depending on the type of room and season.

The Aviator rooms are double rooms, with a shower and a kingsize bed. Guests who stay at this room are provided with a bathrobe and slippers with the hotel’s logo on them, as well as WiFi Internet connection and a large selection of teas and coffees.

Aviator Plus rooms are truly luxurious rooms, with a kingsize bed, Egyptian linen bedsheets and Ren bath amenities. All guests who stay at the Aviator Plus suites will also get comfortable slippers and bathrobes. The room has a lot of space, as well as a walk in wardrobe. These suites also have a minibar, WiFi connection, and a bathroom with a relaxing, latest technology shower. Guest will also be able to enjoy a wide selection of coffees and teas in their hotel room.

The most interesting aspect of this hotel is the several activities offered by the Aviator hotel. All programmes include a continental breakfast as well as the possibility of a late check out.

The Loop the Loop programme offers guests the opportunity to fly a small airplane, and experience the  take off and landing from the pilot’s point of view. The price for this programme is around 385€, including a one hour lesson, a night at the Luxurious Aviator Air room and a meal at the Brasserie.

Other programmes, such as the Girls Night In, is the ideal plan for guests travelling with friends. Price is around 110€ per person, breakfast included. It includes one night for four people at two Aviator Plus rooms, some drinks at the bar, a bottle of champagne in the room and a large collection of movies.

A more romantic plan is the Night to Remember, which includes a night at the Luxurious Aviator Room, decorated with romantic candles, a drink at the bar, half a bottle of a delicious champagne waiting in the room, as well as a truly magnificent dinner for two at the restaurant. The price is around 300€ and includes a full breakfast the next day.

Families can also enjoy an excellent visit and participate in the Legoland programme. The price for a family of four is around 520€, and includes a night at two double rooms, a dinner at the restaurant, drinks and soft drinks at the bar, a delicious breakfast and a day trip to Legoland.

The hotel also organizes events such as conferences, celebrations, weddings, private parties, Christmas parties and other important events.  The hotel also has a well equipped gym and an exclusive wine cellar. All conference rooms have the latest technologies. The hotel is only 40 minutes away from London, and is the ideal hotel where guests will be able to enjoy their special day.