Huntington Surf Inn, ecology, murals and surf

The Huntington Surf Inn is located on Huntington Beach, in California, in the United States. This surfer hotel has rooms decorated in a Southern California style.


The hotel has several types of double rooms with their own bathrooms. The rooms are decorated in a traditional Southern California style, filled with colours and flowers.

The hotel has nine rooms. Each room has a theme, and there are decorations in the shape of surfboards. The rooms have Internet access, a fridge and a flat screen television set. Guests will be able to enjoy views towards the ocean. Price is around 171€ per night.

Room 1 has a large kingsize bed. This rooms has a surf theme, decorated with surfer murals and surfboards, and has views towards the pier and the Pacific Ocean.

Room 2 is a red room that has two queensize beds, a chandelier and black and white furniture. This room has views towards the pier.

Several rooms were decorated and designed by Antonio Ballatore. Room 3 was designed by Antonio Ballatore for Nike, and another room is dedicated to Jimi Hendrix. This room has two queensize beds and a fridge. There is a mural of Jimi Hendrix and a mural with several beaches.

Room 4 has two queensize beds. The wrought iron beds are covered with a bright red duvet, and the room itself has yellow decorations.

Room 5 has a large kingsize bed. The furniture in this room was built using recycled wood from the city’s destroyed buildings. The room is decorated with several surfboards and waves, dedicated to Surf City, the surfing town the hotel is located in.

Room 6 has two iron queensize beds and paintings of local flowers. Room 7 is a blue room with two queensize beds and a large carpet.

Room 8 is an oasis of blues and reds with a large kingsize beds. This room has its own fridge and a lounge area with several colourful murals.

Room 9 has a kingsize bed. This ecological room is dedicated to the state of California. The furniture is made from recycled wood and the other decorations are made of reused materials. The large windows have views towards the ocean.


A short distance away from the hotel guests will find several bars and restaurants. Each room has a fridge where guests will be able to store their food.

The hotel has a terrace with lounge chairs and views towards the ocean. Guests who choose to relax on the terrace will be able to enjoy views towards the beach filled with surfers and the harbour.

This hotel is one of the most visited hotels in the region by surfers. During surf championships the hotel is filled with surfers, and surf conferences are organized at the hotel.


The hotel is located near Huntington beach, one of the state’s most visited beaches by surfers. Guests will be able to take long walks by the beach and enjoy views towards the Pacific Ocean. There are many places where guests can rent surfboards. The US Open of Surfing is organized nearby.

The hotel is located near the pier. A short distance away lies the Main Street, filled with bars, restaurants and shops. There are several beaches near the hotel. Guests will be able to enjoy many water sports.

Palms Hotel, a Barbie suite and suite with a basketball court

The Palms Hotel is located in Las Vegas, in the state of Nevada, in the United States. The hotel has a casino, rooms with views towards The Strip and themed suites.


The hotel’s 599 rooms are located in tow towers. There are standard and deluxe rooms, and each room is a double room with its own bathroom. There are standard, deluxe and themed suites.

Each room has a safe, a minibar, Internet access and a television set. Some rooms have views towards the Las Vegas Strip, filled with neon lights and casinos.

The Deluxe rooms are double rooms with a bathroom. The Superior rooms are located in the Fantasy Tower and have large bathroom with a jacuzzi.

The Junior Suites are suites with a kingsize bed and views towards Palms Tower. In each suite there is a living room area with a sofa.

The Palms Tower Grand Suites have several bedrooms, bathrooms and television sets in the rooms. Each suite has a bar, two bathrooms, a closet and a living room.

The Salon Suite is located in the Fantasy Tower. This suite has a designer lightning system, a bedroom with a living room, and several television screen. The bathroom has a jacuzzi.

In both of the hotel’s towers there are Penthouse suites. These suites have docks for iPods, flat screen television sets, a bar and a bathroom with a jacuzzi. Each suite has a large double room, a closet and a living room.

The Fantasy Penthouses are located on the top floors of the towers. These suites have a double room, a bathroom with a jacuzzi, a living room with a bar and several television sets.

The Bungalows are located next to the hotel’s swimming pool. Each bungalow has several rooms and bathrooms with jacuzzi, television sets, a bar, a living room and private balconies with lanais.

There are Sky Villas with one floor and Sky Villas with two floors. Each Sky Villa has a terrace with a jacuzzi and views towards the Strip. The master bedroom has a round bed and a fireplace, and there is a gym, a living and dining room and a sauna. The villas that have two floors are larger and have three bedrooms with balconies, a cinema and an elevator.

The Barbie Suite is a dollhouse. The suite is a copy of the Barbie house, with a mirror with more than 65 Barbie dolls, pink furniture and chairs in the shape of a dress. The bathroom has a jacuzzi for several guests.

The Celebrity Suite is a large suite with a bedroom, a bathroom with a jacuzzi, a closet and a living room with a bar. This suite was designed for celebrities and has two fireplaces.

The Penthouse Crib Suite is the hip hot suite. There is an aquarium with saltwater fish, a DJ’s cabin, an hydraulic bed and a pool table.

The Director Suite is a Hollywood suite. The bathroom has a jacuzzi with views, and the living room has its own bar and several large television screens.

The Erotic Suite has a rotating bed and mirrors on the ceiling. In the bathroom there is a shower with a stripper pole in the center.

The G Suite and the hotel’s Ghostbar are decorated in neutral colours and leather sofas. The suite has its own bar in the living room next to the pool table.

The Hardwood Suite is a duplex. There is a bedroom with beds that are larger that standard beds, an interior basketball court and a scoreboard.

The Hugh Hefner Sky Villa is a mansion located on several floors. The balcony has a large jacuzzi. There is a poker table, a multimedia room with flat screen television sets, a gym, a sauna and a spa.

There are several types of suites and penthouses at he hotel. There are one bedroom and two bedroom suites, a studio suite and five penthouse suites. These rooms have a kitchen, several bathroom, a living rooms, marble and wood floors and high ceilings.


The hotel has several dining options. At the N9ne Steakhouse guests will be able to enjoy caviar, champagne cocktails, fresh seafood and steaks.

The Nove Italiano is an Italian restaurant known for the bistecca alla fiorentina, seafood and fresh pasta. The restaurant is decorated with Swarowski chandeliers.

Simon lounge and restaurant specializes in organic food and ecologiacl produce, and has views towards the Spring Mountains. Alize is a restaurant known for its wine menu. The Little Buddha is an Asian restaurant with a sushi bar decorated with Buddha statues.

The hotel has two swimming pools, one of them located on the hotel’s sixth floor. Each pool has several bars that serve cocktails. The Entry Bar has an oasis theme, the Glass Bar has a glass ceiling and the Waterfall Bar is located behind a waterfall.


Guests will be able to enjoy the hotel’s casino and play cards. There are several spas that offer massages and treatments, hammams and saunas.

The hotel’s themed suites can be used for conferences and events. The Sky Villas can accommodate up to 250 people for a private celebration.

The hotel can organize events in its own recording studio and on the hotel’s stage, which can accommodate concerts. There is a ballroom, a Playboy room and several conference halls.


The hotel is located in the center of Las Vegas, near some of the city’s most visited casinos. Guests will be able to explore the casinos located on the Strip.

Hotel Daddy Longe Legs, art, culture and retro in Cape Town

Daddy Long Legs Hotel is located in Cape Town, in South Africa. The hotel is decorated with local art and each room was designed by a team of designers.


The hotel has thirteen standard rooms, and there are several apartments and suites. Each room has a double bed, a bathroom and decorations. Each room is decorated with art that follows the room’s theme.

Room 1’s theme is the afrojazz band Freshlyground, which has a CD player with several CD’s above the double bed and a bathroom with Afro wigs in the mirrors. Room 2 is a room for travelling dogs, with a sculpture of a dog in the blue walls and paintings of travelling dogs.

Room 3 is decorated with maps, and there is a large pink pin that shows where Cape Town is on each map. Room 4 donates part of the room’s price to the Red Cross, and has ER décor, red walls and nurse uniforms framed in X rays.

Room 501 was created by a group of Levi’s designers, and has a changing room with jeans and denim decorations. Rooms 6 is a Japanese love hotel, with black walls decorated with small white flowers and a pink wardrobe.

Room 7 is a white room with 3D decorations that pop up from the walls, and there is a notebook where guests can paint their graffiti. Room 8 is located in the attic and has ancient paintings, a library, mauve paintings and retro furniture.

Room 9 was designed by the brand Mentos, and has furniture made from more than 2500 Mentos packets and a lightning system that allows guests to change the colour of their rooms. Room 10 has paintings of the semi desert region of Karoo, and has views towards Mount Table.

Room 11 is covered in more than 3000 black and white shots of local people that form a large face on the wall. Room 12 is covered with shots of sunsets and mirrors that reflect the round bed. Room 13 is a retro recording studio with five microphones connected to a karaoke television set.

Each room was designed by local artists. The rooms represent several aspects of South Africa’s culture from several perspectives. The rooms do not have television sets, allowing guests to enjoy the art in each room. The hotel’s suites and apartments have television sets.

The suites are large rooms. Each suite has a master bedroom with a bathroom and a living room with a television set. The suites have washing machines.

The five apartments have wooden floors, brick walls and high ceilings. The apartments are decorated with African furniture. Each apartment can accommodate up to four people. There are one bedroom apartments and two bedroom apartments, and each one has a separate living room connected to a kitchen and a lounge. The bathrooms have showers. These apartments have views towards Long street.

Prices for rooms, apartments and suites vary. Price starts from 127€ per night, and can reach around 137€ per night. During certain local festivities a room can cost around 157€ per night. During tourist events prices can reach 197€ per night.


The hotel is located in a Victorian building. There is a lounge bar where guests will be able to watch football matches. The bar lounge has a balcony with views towards the city and serves cocktails.

The R Caffe is a coffee shop located next to the hotel, where guests will be able to enjoy breakfast. The hotel is a short distance away from several ethnic restaurants.


The Convention Center is located near the hotel. Guests will be able to celebrate conferences and other large events at this convention center.

Guests can rent cars if they want to explore the city. The hotel offers trips to Cape Town Peninsula and to the vineyards, and activities ranging from diving to mountain climbing can be organized.


The hotel is located on Long Street, one of the city’s main streets, filled with restaurants and shops. Art exhibitions and concerts are organized in the hotel’s lounge.

The hotel’s Travel Centre is located near the reception desk and guests will be able to buy show tickets and organize tours around the city. The staff can organize trips to nearby cities.

This designer hotel is located in the center of Cape Town, in a street near art galleries and ethnic restaurants. Guests will be able to walk around the city center. Close to the city there are several beaches. The hotel has a pick up service to and from the airport.

Gadds Hotel, damask and velvet rooms with views of Durham

The Gadds Hotel is located in the centre of Durham, in the United Kingdom. The hotel has designer rooms covered in velvet with large bathrooms.


There are eleven double rooms at the hotel. Each room has a double bed, a bathroom with a claw foot bathtub and is decorated according to a colour.

The Edwardian Express room is an antique, first class train carriage of an Edwardian train. The the foot of the double bed there is a large leather chest. Price is around 110€ per night.

The Cruise is a captain’s cabin on a large cruise ship. The walls are curved, and the bathroom has a circular window. There is a bed, a fireplace and a large desk. Price is 110€ per night.

The Bijoux Loft is located in the attic and has views towards the Cathedral and the castle. The bathroom has heated floors and a shower. There are iPod docks, tea and coffee machines and a flat screen television set, and the room is covered in velvet decorations. Price is from 110€ per night.

The Indigo room is decorated in shades of blue. The bathroom has heated floors and a large cascade shower. Price is around 160€ per night.

The Ruby room is decorated in dark red and black, and has a kingsize wooden bed near a Victorian fireplace and coffee and tea machines. The bathroom has a separate bathtub and shower. Price is from 160€ per night.

The Amethyst room is decorated in purple damask and has kingsize bed, docks for iPods and a flat screen television set. There is a bathtub in the bathroom, a separate shower and heated floors. This room costs 160€ per night.

La Rouge is a room with red furniture and a kingsize bed. The bathroom is separated from the bedroom by a glass wall covered with a crimson curtain, and there are heated floors. The price is 160€ per night.

The Penthouse is a large suite located on the hotel’s top floor and has views towards the castle, the Cathedral and the river. There are iPods docks, tea and coffee machines and antique furniture. There is a bathtub with views towards the river in the room, and the bathroom has heated floors. The penthouse has a price of 190€ per night.

The Garden Lodge is a room located in the garden, and has a master bedroom decorated in velvet, a private garden with a bathtub and tea and coffee machines in the lounge area. Price is around 233€ per night.

The Garden is a room decorated in a country style, with a green carpet, floor to ceiling windows and views towards the Wear river. This room has a bathroom with a bathtub and a sauna. Price is around 233€ per night.

The Première room ha its own red carpet and is dedicated to cinema. There is a large television screen where guests will be able to watch movies, a popcorn machine and several armchairs. The bathroom ha a bathtub with views towards the river. Price is from 233€ per night.


The hotel’s restaurant is Gadz Grill, where guests will be able to taste meat and fish dishes, fresh seafood and organic vegetables. The restaurant is decorated with red armchairs and decorations.


There are no conference rooms at the hotel. Guests will be able to organize private dinners and events at the hotel’s restaurant and at the Zen Thai, another restaurant that belongs to the hotel.


The hotel is located in the centre of Durham. The hotel’s building is an ancient mansion that has been converted into a town house.

The city is known for its ancient castle and its Norman Cathedral. Guests will be able to walk along the river and explore the valleys of Durham Dales, filled with hills and small towns.

Welcome Hotel, a hotel with rooms from China, Egypt and India

The Welcome Hotel is located in Brussels, Belgium. This artsy hotel is filled with many decorations, art masterpieces and ornaments designed in various styles.

Rooms and prices.

There is a total of 17 rooms at the hotel. Each room is a double room with its own bathroom and an individual décor. There are rooms decorated with designs typical of a country or a region, such as Congo, Japan, Kenya and Vietnam. Tribal masks and country maps decorate the walls of each room. These rooms cost 135€ per night.

There are several Deluxe rooms which can either have a bathroom with a bathtub or a bathroom with a jacuzzi for two. The India Room has several statues of Ganesha and Shiva. The Bali room is decorated with hand crafted furniture and wooden crafts on the walls. The Tahiti room is made of bamboo and decorated with images of tropical birds. The Deluxe rooms cost 155€ per night.

The Suites have a kingsize bed, a bathroom with a jacuzzi and a shower, a separate living room and a balcony. There are several suites, such as the India Suite and the Silk Road Suite. The Belgian suite is a family room with two bedrooms and a living room that has an area for prams, and can accommodate up to five people. Price is 200€ per night in a suite and 240€ per night in a family suite.


Guests will be able enjoy a buffet breakfast. The buffet serves cold meats, soups, several types of freshly baked bread and pastries, fresh fruit, coffee, cocoa and tea.

Extra services.

In the lobby guests will be able to buy theatre tickets and tickets for guided tours around the city. The is WiFi available for guests and an Internet corner with computers and photocopying machines which is open all day.


The hotel can organize celebrations and events. Guests will be able to rent one of the several halls at the hotel, and the hotel can provide a catering service for the event, search for a photographer and transport the guests from the hotel to the city.


The hotel is located in the centre of Brussels, near St. Catherine’s Square. Guests will be able to visit some of the city’s most emblematic landmarks and monuments, such as the European neighborhood dedicated to the European Union, and the Grote Market, one of the city’s most centric squares.

Abali Gran Sultanato Hotel, feel like a Sultan in the 1001 nights

The Abali Gran Sultanato Hotel is located in Palermo, on the island of Sicily, Italy. This bed and breakfast follows the theme of the stories featured in 1001 nights.

Decorations and Themed Rooms.

There are several rooms in this small bed and breakfast. All rooms have an individual décor, a bathroom, air conditioning, a television and WiFi. The rooms are decorated in bright colours and eclectic ornaments. There is a room with a round bed, a tango themed room, and a Sultan suite, with a kingsize four poster bed and a jacuzzi directly in the room.

Price varies depending on the season and the type of room. Standard rooms cost around 30€ per person per night during low season, and the suites can cost around 90€ per person per night during high season.

There are three types of rooms, and some are triple rooms. Standard rooms have a double bed and a bathroom with a shower. There are Old England bathroom amenities. Each standard room has a different décor. One room is filled with chandeliers, another follows the pop art style, and a third one is an explosion of colour.

The Tango Suite has a balcony with views towards the historical center of the city. The suite has a kingsize bed decorated with golden and red patterns. The fileteado porteño, a decorative style typical of Buenos Aires, decorates the rest of the suite.

The Sultan Suite is decorated with frescoes on the ceiling and floors and has two large windows which fill the room with natural light. The suite has a separate closet. The large bathroom has a shower, and the jacuzzi stands directly in the bedroom.

Extra services.

The hotel can make guests feel like a real Sultan. Guests will be able to choose the type of pillows they prefer from the pillow menu, enjoy breakfast in bed and decorate their rooms with flowers and plants. The hotel organizes guided tours around the city and guests can rent bicycles directly at the reception desk. With just one call guests can book a shiatsu massage or a relaxing Turkish bath.

The Mohanaraja is the butler of this particular court, who is in charge of ensuring that guests have an enjoyable stay. The hotel’s common room has a wide range of table games including checkers, chess and majong. Guests will be able to spend a whole evening playing cards or darts.


Breakfast is served in the Royal Dining Room. This dining hall is decorated in an oriental style and guests will be able to enjoy a wide selection of coffee and tea, nutrition bars, cereal, biscuits, jam and honey buns, fresh fruit and juices. Depending on their dietary requirements, allergies, intolerances and preferences, guests will be able to choose between a gluten free breakfast, a lactose free breakfast and an organic breakfast.


The Grand Sultanate of Abali is located in the historical center of Palermo, on the corner of Via de San Agostino and Via Maqueda, two of the city’s main streets. The hotel is only a couple of blocks away from the traditional Capo Market and a short distance away from the Massimo Theatre and Quattro Canti. Nearby landmarks include the Piazza Politeama, the Palermo Cathedral and the Palazzo dei Normanni.

Re!Hotel, a colourful retro hotel with themed suites

The Re! Hotel is located in Singapore. This small boutique hotel has a clear retro style, with each room decorated by a different team of architects, artists and designers.

Rooms and prices.

The hotel has twelve floors and 140 different types of rooms. Each floor at the hotel is painted in a different colour, and all the rooms on a floor follow the same theme. All rooms are double rooms with a bathroom covered in mosaic tiles, and the décor varies in each room. Most rooms have a retro design with pop decorations and the latest technologies.

There are 53 Superior rooms. These rooms have a unique design, with walls painted in several colours, vinyl furniture covered by patterned textiles and pop art decorations. Price starts from 88€ per night.


The Premier rooms are brightly coloured rooms with a minimalist décor and views towards the city, with a price of 100€ per night. The Deluxe rooms can come either with a double bed or two twin beds and cost 110€ per night, and all the rooms in this category have views towards the park.


The Executive rooms are larger rooms with colourful decorations and queensize beds, with a price of 122€ per night. The Business rooms have two windows with natural light and a large bathroom with a bathtub from where guests can enjoy views of the city, and the price is 133€ per night.


The Family Suites are family rooms with two bedrooms and a living room. The master bedroom has a queensize bed and the guest room has two twin beds. Price is more than 200€ per night.


The Themed Suites are the hotel’s trademark accommodation. Each one of these themed suites is decorated in shades of either silver, gold or bronze. Each suite has a round kingsize bed and an LCD television set. Price is around 245€ per night.



On the ground floor of the hotel guests will find the Re!Fresh, a spa where guests can enjoy relaxing massages, manicure and pedicure. Next to the spa is the gym, known as the Re!Charge.

Conference Rooms.

There is a large conference room, the Re!Union hall, which can accommodate up to 100 people. Nearby there are two meeting rooms, the Re!Call and Re!Tune, both of them with the latest audiovisual equipment and a capacity of up to 20 people. The Re!Connect business centre has several computers, fax machines and photocopying machines.


The hotel’s restaurant, the Re!Fill, is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. On the second floor of the hotel is the Re!Wine, a wine cellar with views towards Pearl Hill Park.

The Re!Joice is a large terrace located under a canopy where guests can celebrate events such as weddings and large conferences. There are fifty tables with a capacity for ten people around each table.


The hotel offers several extra services to their guests, such as transport to and from the centre of the city. The hotel is located on Chin Swee Street, only a short distance away from Chinatown and Outram Park, places which are communicated with the rest of the city by several bus and metro lines. Orchard Street is located only a couple of blocks from the hotel, and some of the city’s finest places can be found there, such as bars, restaurants and shops. The airport is located only 20 minutes away from the hotel.

Three Ways House, a hotel all about puddings

The Three Ways House Hotel is located in the Cotswolds, Gloucestershire, in England. This hotel is part of a select club of those who enjoy pudding, and all rooms are pudding themed and cater for those with a sweet tooth.

Pudding Club.

The hotel has close ties with the Pudding Club, an association of people who enjoy traditional puddings. All the hotel’s decorations feature elements that have to do with puddings. Many of the Pudding Club’s meetings take place at this hotel, and for less than 40€ guests will be able to enjoy a pudding tasting party. The Club sells many souvenirs such as teddy bears, recipe books and large mugs with the club’s logo.


The hotel has 48 rooms. All rooms are double rooms with a bathroom. Each room has an individual décor, and the largest rooms are decorated according to a pudding theme. All rooms have coffee and tea making machines, a television set and WiFi access. There is a spacious bathroom with either a bathtub or a shower in each room.

The Standard and Superior rooms are located in the main building. Each room has a double bed, a bathroom and an individual décor. The Superior rooms are larger than the Standard rooms, and have a CD collection, a larger television screen, bathrobes and a wider range of bathroom amenities.

There are several rooms adapted for people with mobility difficulties that are located on the first floor of the hotel. Some of these rooms are larger family rooms which have space for extra beds.

The hotel was founded in 1985 by the Pudding Club, whose main objective was to maintain the historical importance of traditional puddings. There are seven pudding themed rooms, known as the Pudding Club rooms. All seven rooms are located in the Garden Wing of the hotel.

The Sticky Toffee Room is decorated in caramel colours and has a large mural representing a desert. Lord Randalls is a chic room covered with red velvet. The Spotted Dick and Custard Room, named after the dessert, is decorated in a pale lemon colour and has a mural with dalmatians. The Syrup Sponge room is decorated with golden silks. Oriental Ginger is a room designed in shades of orange with a dragon mural covering one wall and a pudding recipe on the door. The Summer Pudding room looks like a large colourful cake, with lavender walls and flowers. The Chocolate Suite, decorated in chocolate colours, comes with bathroom amenities that include chocolate shampoo, chocolate bath foam and chocolate sweets elaborated with fair trade cocoa.


The hotel has a restaurant which specializes in all kinds of puddings, such as the traditional meat based Yorkshire pudding and the internationally known chocolate pudding. Randalls Bar and Brasserie is a more informal dining place with a bar.


The hotel can organize conferences and events. The conference halls at the hotel are spacious and have a lot of natural light. Either before or after a meeting all team members will be able to enjoy a delicious local meal. The recently renovated Hidcote Suite is located on the first floor of the hotel and is equipped with ergonomic chairs designed to provide more comfort during the conference hours. The Terrace Suite is the largest conference hall, and has a modern décor and a private terrace, and is capable of accommodating up to forty people.


The Cotswolds region is known for its natural landmarks. The hotel organizes hikes and guided walking tours around the region. Only a ten minute drive away guests will find the town of Stratford Upon Avon, William Shakespeare’s birthplace. Other nearby historic places are the towns of Broadway and Chipping Campden.

Lancrigg Country House, gluten free menus in a mansion by the lake

The Lancrigg Country House is located in Lake District, in the United Kingdom. This hotel is located in a large territory with several gardens and has a restaurant that provides gluten free and vegetarian menus.

Rooms and Prices.

This hotel has 12 rooms. Each room is a double room with a four poster bed, a bathroom with either a shower, a bathtub or a jacuzzi, and an individual décor.

The Nightingale Room, named in honour of Florence Nightingale, can be either an individual or double room. The room is decorated in pastel colours and has a double bed and a bathroom. Price is 100€ per night.

The Whittington Room is one of the most spacious rooms at the hotel and is located on the first floor. This modern room has a large kingsize bed and views towards the valley.

This hotel has a room honouring William Wordsworth, a poet who visited this region in Grasmere, Cumbria, in England, a lot. The Wordsworth room is decorated in several shades of white, has a kingsize bed and views towards the valley both from the bedroom and the bathroom.

The Franklin Room is located on the hotel’s ground floor, and is decorated in a rustic way. This room has a four poster bed, Turkish carpets and mahogany furniture. All three rooms cost 112€ per night.

The Darwin Room has a large double bed that can be converted into two individual beds. This room is decorated with wooden furniture and painted in shades of gold, and has views towards an eighteenth century granary.

The Dickens Room is named in honour of Charles Dickens, a writer who used to visit this region when looking for inspiration. The room has a kingsize bed and a bathroom with a Jacuzzi. There is antique furniture and views towards the Silver Howe Valley.

The Easeadale Room is located on the hotel’s ground floor. This spacious room is decorated in shades of blue and has a double bed that can be converted into two individual beds and a bathroom with a Jacuzzi.

The Wainwright Room is named after Alfred Wainwright, a writer who wrote many guide books about the region. There is a four poster bed in the pastel coloured master bedroom, and a double sofa bed in the living room. The bathroom has a separate bathtub and shower. These four rooms cost around 117€ per night.

The John Richardson Rooms used to be the Arctic explorer and naturalist’s library. The ancient library has been remodelled into a spacious room with a private entrance to the garden and views towards the Easedale Valley. The ceiling of this room is a work of art, as are the rest of the room’s decorations. The four poster bed is covered by lace, and the bathtub with lace curtains is located between the bedroom and the bathroom. This rooms has a big closet.

The Silver Howe has views towards most of the Silver Howe Valley. The room has a large gilded double bed covered by lace and red velvet, and the bathroom has a Jacuzzi.

The Azalea Suite is a spacious suite with views towards a garden filled with azaleas and magnolias. The main bedroom has a kingsize bed and a bathroom with a Jacuzzi. The suite has a lounge with views towards Easedale. These three rooms cost 120e per night.

Common Areas.

The Lounge Rooms is the hotel’s common room where guests can relax while they enjoy views of the gardens and the rolling hills. This room has large windows and a chimney that is used during the cold winter months.

Health and Wellness.

This hotel was the first hotel in the country to be granted the Health Creation Status. The hotel organizes holidays for those people who have health issues and their caretakers, offering them the opportunity to enjoy a couple of stress free days. These holidaymakers are offered special menus for all kinds of dietary restrictions, meditation walks, cooking classes and therapy.


The hotel’s restaurant, the Green Valley, uses organic ingredients as much as possible in their dishes. The menu offers a wide range of vegetarian dishes, and there are many gluten free and vegan options, fit for all dietary needs and food preferences. The restaurant is open at breakfast, for lunch and during supper time, and guests will be able to enjoy coffee and tea with snacks at all times. There is a wide range of beers and organic wines.


The hotel is located in a traditional mansion in Lakeland. The hotels is a place for relaxation, and many poets and writers have lived in this region throughout the years. Near the hotel guests will be able to enjoy long walks near the lakes and views towards the mountains.

Prisons that are now hotels, cells that have become suites

The Malmaison Hotel is located in Oxford, England, in the United Kingdom. Today this old city prison has been remodelled and converted into a large hotel which still conserves its past décor.

Originally this building was an ancient Victorian prison, and even now guests can appreciate the heavy metal doors, iron staircases and forged steel cells. Inside, the hotel could not be more different, with a plush modern décor and rooms with flat screen television sets, climate control and light control. There is Internet throughout the hotel.

The hotel has 95 double rooms, and each room is located in one of the ancient cells. Each room has a private bathroom, a double bed, and heavy metal doors which serve as a reminder of what the building used to be. The cells are painted in dark colours and have red velvet curtains that match the furniture.

The hotel has several suites. One of the old jail’s wings houses several large suites, while what used to be the jailer’s room now has spacious rooms with poster beds and a small cinema.

Each one of the cells holds a selection of wines and snacks, and a large bathroom with a modern shower. There is room service during all day and guests will be able to enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner directly in their rooms.

Price starts from 200€ per night in a double room, and is higher for suites. An extra bed costs 34€ per night, and the cribs are free of charge.


The Liberty Hotel is located in Boston, Massachusetts, in the United States. This jail was built in 1851 and because of terrible conditions it had to close its doors nearly 140 years later.

More than a decade ago and after a major makeover, the building was transformed into a hotel. The old jail, where Malcolm X and Frank Abagnale Jr. were imprisoned, still has the original brick façade. The interior patio has remained mainly unchanged.

A large tower was built after the jail closed its doors, and most of the hotel’s rooms and suites can be found there. All rooms are double rooms with a private bathroom, and are decorated in pale pink and grey with mahogany furniture. The windows fill a whole wall and many rooms have views towards either the river Charles or the city itself.

The suites are even larger and have a kingsize bed and a bathroom, another guest bathroom and separate living and dining areas. There are several types of suites, and none remind guests that the building used to be a prison, since they all have a private pantry, a giant closet and a library. Other suites have a private open air terrace.

The hotel has five bars and restaurants whose decoration reminds one of the building’s original use. One of the bars is an open air bar which opens during the summer months, located where the interior patio once was. Some of the old cells have been transformed into conference halls and meeting rooms, and a large portion of one floor is now a ballroom where events can take place.


The Lowengraben Hotel is located in Lucerne, in Switzerland. The building was built as a city prison in 1862, but from 1998 onwards it has been converted into an hotel.

The rooms are located inside the old cells. Each cell is now a double room with a bathroom, although the windows still have bars on them. The hotel has several themed suites located in what used to be the old recreation room, the jailer’s office, the visiting room and the library. Price varies between 95 and 187€ per night.


The Langholmen hotel is located in Stockholm, in Sweden. Known as the Prison of the Crown, the prison closed its doors in 1975 and years later was remodelled into a hotel.

The rooms can either be individual or double rooms with a bathroom, and despite their modern design they still have the same doors they had when the hotel was still a prison, although each one has their own key. The windows no longer have bars and the decoration is apt for the most exquisite of guests. Price starts from 172€ per night for an individual room and 215€ per night for a double room.

The hotel has its own museum, called From Crime to Chains. The museum has several galleries dedicated to the nearly 150 years of this prison’s existence.

The hotel has a restaurant, the Finkan, known for its traditional cuisine and its Sunday brunches. The hotel has a small café which serves snacks and a shop. Guests will be able to use the hotel’s parking.

There are many historical landmarks near this centric hotel, such as a beach near Langholm bridge where locals and visitors soak up the sun rays during the summer months. On the other side of the bridge guests will find many shops, restaurants, cinemas and art galleries.