Huntington Surf Inn, ecology, murals and surf

The Huntington Surf Inn is located on Huntington Beach, in California, in the United States. This surfer hotel has rooms decorated in a Southern California style.


The hotel has several types of double rooms with their own bathrooms. The rooms are decorated in a traditional Southern California style, filled with colours and flowers.

The hotel has nine rooms. Each room has a theme, and there are decorations in the shape of surfboards. The rooms have Internet access, a fridge and a flat screen television set. Guests will be able to enjoy views towards the ocean. Price is around 171€ per night.

Room 1 has a large kingsize bed. This rooms has a surf theme, decorated with surfer murals and surfboards, and has views towards the pier and the Pacific Ocean.

Room 2 is a red room that has two queensize beds, a chandelier and black and white furniture. This room has views towards the pier.

Several rooms were decorated and designed by Antonio Ballatore. Room 3 was designed by Antonio Ballatore for Nike, and another room is dedicated to Jimi Hendrix. This room has two queensize beds and a fridge. There is a mural of Jimi Hendrix and a mural with several beaches.

Room 4 has two queensize beds. The wrought iron beds are covered with a bright red duvet, and the room itself has yellow decorations.

Room 5 has a large kingsize bed. The furniture in this room was built using recycled wood from the city’s destroyed buildings. The room is decorated with several surfboards and waves, dedicated to Surf City, the surfing town the hotel is located in.

Room 6 has two iron queensize beds and paintings of local flowers. Room 7 is a blue room with two queensize beds and a large carpet.

Room 8 is an oasis of blues and reds with a large kingsize beds. This room has its own fridge and a lounge area with several colourful murals.

Room 9 has a kingsize bed. This ecological room is dedicated to the state of California. The furniture is made from recycled wood and the other decorations are made of reused materials. The large windows have views towards the ocean.


A short distance away from the hotel guests will find several bars and restaurants. Each room has a fridge where guests will be able to store their food.

The hotel has a terrace with lounge chairs and views towards the ocean. Guests who choose to relax on the terrace will be able to enjoy views towards the beach filled with surfers and the harbour.

This hotel is one of the most visited hotels in the region by surfers. During surf championships the hotel is filled with surfers, and surf conferences are organized at the hotel.


The hotel is located near Huntington beach, one of the state’s most visited beaches by surfers. Guests will be able to take long walks by the beach and enjoy views towards the Pacific Ocean. There are many places where guests can rent surfboards. The US Open of Surfing is organized nearby.

The hotel is located near the pier. A short distance away lies the Main Street, filled with bars, restaurants and shops. There are several beaches near the hotel. Guests will be able to enjoy many water sports.

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