Cocomama hotel and hostel, bicycle signs and Delftware rooms

The Cocomama hotel is located in Amsterdam, in the Netherlands. The building used to be one of the city’s brothels and has now been transformed into a hostel with many rooms.


This hotel has several hotel rooms and several shared hostel rooms. There are four private rooms at the hotel, and each room has a double bed and a private bathroom.

There are several hostel rooms with four beds each, a room with two beds and a larger room with six beds. Each room has a private bathroom with a shower.

The rooms are decorated with designer pieces of art that represent the country’s regions. One of the rooms has a Warholesque portrait of the Queen of The Netherlands. Another room has beds covered in white and blue Delftware patterned covers, and these white and blue patterns representing the countryside are very typical in the region of Delft.

The four private double rooms have their own bathrooms. Each room has a safe, a double bed covered with colourful covers, coffee and tea making machines and themed decorations. The Tulips room is a twin room dedicated to these very typical local flowers. The Forest rooms is a colourful green room with replicas of deer heads. The Royal room has several paintings of the Queen. The Cow and Milk room is decorated with a countryside design and has murals of cows.

The two bed hostel room can be rented by bed and by room. This room has a bunkbed and is decorated in Delftware, with decorative Delftware plates on the walls, a private bathroom and a locker the size of a large backpack for each guest.

There are several themes in the four bed hostel rooms. One of the rooms is dedicated to the Red Light district. Another room is the Windmill room, decorated with cuckoo clocks in the shape of traditional windmills. The Water room has blue decorations and several murals of canals. Bikes and Traffic has several bicycles and a carpet that has a city map. Cheese is a yellow room with cheese holes. There is another blue and white Delftware room. Each one of these rooms has a locker for each guest and a private bathroom.

The hostel has a six bed room. The room’s theme is the city’s Red Light District. The room is covered in gold.framed ancient posters offering escort services, leopard-print cushions and red velvety curtains. The room has its own bathroom and a locker for each guest.

Price is around 21€ per bed in a room with six beds. Each bed in a four bed bedroom costs 29€ per person per night. Price per bed in a double room in the hostel is 39€ per night. The hotel’s double room costs 39€ per person per night.

This hotel was one of the first hostels to offer hotel rooms in the city. Guests will be able to mingle in the common rooms, and there is WiFi connection in the hotel.

The hostel has a large kitchen where guests will be able to cook. There is a fridge with a freezer where guests can keep their products, and the kitchen has a selection of natural spices.


The hostel organizes many activities for guests. There is a hall with a large television screen for movies and the hostel organizes themed afternoons. There is a computer hall that has access to Internet.

There is WiFi connection at the hotel and hostel. Joop, the hotel’s cat, lives in the common room. The common room is filled with sofas, many board games and screens. Guests will be able to participate in tours and trips organized by the hostel.


The hotel is located in the center of Amsterdam. There are many ancient bridges, historical canals and many museums nearby.

The ancient building used to be the Yab Yum brothel. After that the house was transformed into a mansion of a porn actor. The actor rebuilt part of the house, and some of the decorations remain the same, ranging from chandeliers hanging from the ceilings to the large windows. The hotel has large garden with a patio for guests.

A short walk away from the hotel visitors will find the city’s Red Light District. The Royal Palace and the centric Dom square are located nearby. The hotel organizes tours around the city’s main landmarks and offers a bike rental service for guests who want to explore the city by bike. The hotel can point guests towards bars, cafés and restaurants located in the area. The hotel is known for its centric location, next to various museums. Guests will be able to buy fresh ingredients at one of the markets located steps away from the hotel. There is a tram that connects the hotel to two of the city’s main streets, Leidsplein and Rembrandtplein.

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