Hi Hotel Eco Resort and Spa, colour, technology and a private beach

The Hotel Hi Eco Resort and Spa is located in Nice, in France. This hotel has rooms decorated with designer furniture and a private beach.


The boutique hotel is an ecological hotel that has nine types of rooms and 38 designer rooms. Each room has a double bed with a private bathroom and views towards the city, and each room has one of the hotel’s nine designs.

The Techno Corner rooms are designed in the style of private viewing rooms. There is a large television screen that can be watched from the bathtub and the bed. The sofablaster is a sofa with integrated loudspeakers and headphones, and the armrest has a selection of CDs.

The Happy Day rooms change each afternoon. During midday each room has a sofa where guests will be able to relax and are decorated in light woods and bright greens, and during the afternoon the panels behind the sofa glide to reveal a double bed decorated in pink. Each rooms provides slippers and water for guests.

The Up and Down room is a duplex room decorated with chestnut furniture. The lower floor is a large living and the upper floor has a large double bed. Behind a large chestnut wardrobe guests will find the bathroom.

White and White are large white rooms where each piece of furniture is not used in a traditional way. The table is the bed, the bed is the bathtub and the ceiling is fuchsia. This rooms is filled with organic products.

In the Indoor Terrace rooms the furniture is located in the center of the room, and the rest of the room is used as a terrace with wooden floors. The bathrooms are located inside a cabin in the room.

The Digital rooms are decorated with several graphic design themes dedicated to cyberculture. There are large pixels on the room’s surface and the furniture has the shape of desktop icons. In the center of the room there is a box that changes its colour.

The Rendez Vous rooms are modular rooms. The space can be rearranged into a bathroom with a lounge and a desk area with desk and chair. Each room has a private terrace.

Monospace are rooms that have three sections, and each section is decorated in one colour. Each section is dedicated to one function, and one of the sections is for relaxing and another one is for comfort.

The Strates rooms are designer rooms decorated with coloured panels. The shower cabin is transparent, and bright red stairs lead to the double room.

The Happy Day, Monospace and Up and Down rooms cost around 269€ per night. The Digital, Strates and Techno Corner rooms cost 309€ per night. The Indoor Terrasse has a price of 369€ per night. The Rendez Vous and White and White have a price of 489€ per night. Price includes an organic buffet breakfast at the hotel, Internet access and use of the spa area.


The hotel has a bar and a restaurant. The Happy Bar is the hotel’s epicentre, and has views towards the hotel’s gardens and the street. DJ’s and group perform each afternoon at the bar.

The Cantine Bio is a restaurant where visitors will be able to enjoy dishes made using organic ingredients. The restaurant offer breakfast, lunch, dinner and brunches. There are vegetarian menus and a sushi bar. The restaurant is decorated in bright colours. Guests will be able to enjoy their meals in the garden.

The hotel has a private beach and a terrace with views towards the sea. The Hi Beach has colourful hammocks for guests. The terrace, which has three parts and each part has a theme, has access to the beach.

Guests will be able to enjoy many spa treatments at the Hi Body spa. There are massages and relaxing treatments. The spa has a steam room and two chamber hammam that is connected to a lounge where guests will be able to relax before heading to the massage room. Next to the spa there is a shop.


Events can be organized at the Happy Bar. The bar has its own large screen and a projector for when the hotel organizes themed movie nights.


The hotel is located in the center of Nice, a short distance away from the Promenade des Anglais. Guests will be able to visit the beach and the city’s main landmarks.

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