Hotel Herangtunet, nine suites dedicated to nine countries and views towards the fjords

The Herangtunet Hotel is located in the town of Heggenes, in Norway. This rural house has been transformed into a hotel where each room is decorated according to a country.


The hotel has an apartment and nine double rooms and designer suites. Each room has a large bathroom, a rustic décor and windows that have views towards this village.

Each room and suite has a large double bed, a private bathroom with a shower and coffee and tea making machines. The hotel provides slippers for guests who stay at the hotel.

The hotel has several apartments that have double rooms, a bathroom and a kitchen. The five themed rooms and the four designer suites are dedicated to several cities, countries and regions.

The Norway room is a studio room decorated with large tree trunks. The bed is covered with large fluffy pillows, covers and deer skins. The leather sofa is located next to the log fireplace. There is a wooden kitchen and a dining table. The room’s bathroom has a shower.

The France room is decorated in a Louis XVI style. There are bright decorations and a large four poster bed covered with a velvet cover and several stacked pillows. The room has its own vintage boudoir, a colourful crystal chandelier and a carved wooden table next to the fireplace. The bathroom is decorated with wooden panels and the sink has copper faucets.

The Holland room is covered in wooden panels and was built based on the traditional, Dutch hose design. The room is decorated in blues, greys and whites. There is a double bed and the area above it is decorated with black and white paintings of tulips and windmills. Next to the fireplace guests with find antique sofas.

The Iceland room is decorated with light coloured wood. The furniture and the room’s decorations were made of natural materials. Part of the room is dedicated to the Northern Lights, and next to this mural guests will find the bathroom, which has a bathtub.

The Sweden room is a family room. The master bedroom has a double bed covered with a traditional broderiekatoen and next to it there is a fireplace. The other room has a bunk bed covered with colourful covers. These two rooms have access to the bathroom.

The New York Suite is a suite decorated with designer furniture. The bathroom was built using cement and stainless steel. The suite is decorated in neutral tones. The living room area has a thick carpet and a fireplace. There is a kitchen with a minibar, microwave and a refrigerator.

The Rome Suite has handcrafted dark furniture. This rooms is decorated with silks and green and purple velvet, and there are fresh flowers on the tables. The bathroom has an Imperial style, with golden murals, mosaics, a large bathtub and frescoes decorating the ceiling.

At the Aspen suite, which has a rustic décor, guests will be able to enjoy the views towards the mountains. The suite has leather furniture, wooden tables and furs, and there is a fireplace next to the large leather armchair. The bathroom has a wooden bathtub and a hydromassage shower.

The London Suite is a suite with antique furniture and chic decorations. The marble bathroom has chrome taps. This room is has velvet covers and there is a living room with a fireplace and leather armchairs.


The hotel has its own restaurant, decorated with a large log fireplace. Guests will be able to enjoy local dishes, including deer meat and other regional delicacies.

The hotel’s building is an ancient mansion built in the traditional Valdres style. Next to the mansion there are several traditional buildings that were brought here from other regions to show the architectural diversity.

There is a relaxation area at the hotel. Guests will be able to enjoy several skin treatments and relax in the hotel’s jacuzzi and traditional sauna.

The hotel has a large garden with a terrace from where visitors will be able to enjoy views towards the mountains. The hotel has views towards the fjords.


The hotel’s restaurant is equipped with several long, wooden tables. Guests will be able to organize private dinners and events at the restaurant.

The hotel can organize group activities. Guests will be able to enjoy snow sports, navigate the fjords in a canoe and explore the nearby towns in a snowmobile.


The hotel is located in a traditional Norwegian home made from wood in the village of Heggenes. Near the hotel there are many natural attractions, fjords, mountains and the Beitostolen ski resort.

The hotel is a short distance away from the Hegge fjord and the Jotunheim mountains. The village is located 500 meters above sea level and has views towards the mountains. Nearby guests will find several natural lakes.

A short distance away from the village is Fagernes, a town in the valley of Valdres. The hotel can organize trips to nearby towns and tours to see the fjords and the mountains. Guests will be able to enjoy many sports activities in this region. Canoeing and fishing are two of the activities offered.

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