Hotel Kelebek, rooms in caves and Turkish baths

Kelebek Hotel is a hotel carved in a cliff located in Goreme, in Turkey. This hotel has fairy chimneys, a stone formation that can be seen in the area, and is decorated with antique furniture.


The hotel’s 36 rooms are located in the ancient stone building. This building was built using stone from local quarries and the rooms have been adapted to the natural caves located around the area.

The building, which was built during the Middle Ages, follows the natural lines and curves of the caves. Part of the rooms are located inside the caves. There are several types of room, ranging from standard and deluxe rooms to junior suites, suites, king suites and presidential suites.

Each room has a large double bed, carved wooden furniture and colourful textiles. Each room has a marble bathroom with a bathroom and a shower. The suites located inside the caves have bathrooms with hammams. The suites have views towards the valley.

The three standard rooms have a price of 55€ per night. One of the rooms is located inside a cave, another one has incorporated a stone arch into its layout, and the third one was built using local stone.

There are five deluxe rooms. Three of these rooms are decorated with ancient arches and have a kingsize bed each. The room in the cave has a large kingsize bed. The two stone rooms have large kingsize beds. Price is around 70€ per night.

The hotel’s triple rooms is located inside an ancient cave. There are three individual beds and the price per room is around 85€ per night.

The Junior Suites have a double room each, a large bathroom and a living room area. Part of the suites have a chimney. Price is around 85€ per night. Rooms 9 and 10 are twin rooms, with two individual beds each. Rooms 4, 13, 15, 113, 114 and 115 have a kingsize bed. Suites 18 and 19 have their own fireplace.

The six suites are located next to the hotel’s rose garden. The suites were carved directly inside the mountain, adapting to the curves of the natural caves. Each suite has a chimney and the bathrooms have showers and jacuzzi tubs. Price is around 105€ per night. Suite 17 is a room where the hay used to be stacked. Suite 102 is an ancient stable and 103 was part of the stable. Suite 104 used to be one of the halls of the main mansion, and 105 was the mansion’s living room. Suite 106 used to be the cellar.

The King Suites are three suites located in another mansion, in the middle of the rose garden. Each suite has an iPod dock, a safe, an LCD television screen and a large bathroom with a bathtub. Suite 107 is part of the stone mansion, suite 108 was part of the vineyard, and suite 109 has a large balcony. Price is around 135€ per night.

The Fairy Chimney rooms are located inside the hotel’s natural fairy chimneys. These two rooms have a cost of 55€ per night.

This hotel has three Presidential suites. The Divanhane suite is decorated in a traditional way and costs 140€ per night. The Pacha suite is a stone suite with a price of 160€ per night. The Heritage Cave Suite is one of the most ancient suites, carved into the natural cave, and guests have to pay 160€ per night to stay at this room. The hotel’s other large suite is the Eagle’s Nest Suite, a suite decorated with wooden carvings and a price of 180€ per night.


The hotel’s restaurant specializes in traditional food from the region of Cappadocia. Guests will be able to enjoy lunch and dinner. The nearby bars is known for its selection of local wine.

This hotel offers many services to its guests. Guests will be able to relax at the local hammam, the traditional Turkish baths. This hammam is located inside one of the caves, and next to it guests will find a massage room and a sauna. THe hotel has a swimming pool decorated with the mosaic of an ancient map by the Turkish sailor Piri Reis.

There is Internet connection available at the hotel’s restaurant and terrace. Guests will be able to walk around the hotel gardens and enjoy views from the terraces.

The hotel is located in the northern part of Goreme, close to the historical city center. The hotel can arrange to pick-up guests from the closest stations and the local airport.


This hotel can organize trips to nearby valleys, known for their views towards the natural formations and fairy chimneys. Group events can be celebrated at the hotel, ranging from trips around the city to trips and breakfast picnics in the nearby valleys.


The hotel is located near Goreme, a town in the region of Cappadocia. Guests will be able to explore the nearby towns and valleys, known for their views.

Guests will be able to visit the nearby historical caves. The hotel’s terrace offers views towards Cavusin and Uchisar, a view worth waiting for. There are several other nearby towns located a short distance away from the hotel.

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