Kasha Boutique Hotel, spices and villas next to the beach

The Kasha boutique Hotel is located in Zanzibar, near the coast of Tanzania. The hotel rooms are villas decorated with paintings of local spices and Swahili furniture.


The hotel has eleven villas. Each villa has a room with a kingsize bed covered in mosquito netting, a bathroom with a bathtub and a shower, a large conference hall and a living room with views towards the beach.

Each villa has its own private swimming pool and a tropical garden with views towards the beach. The rooms are decorated with Swahili style wooden furniture. Each bathroom has a cascade shower and a bathtub with views towards the sea. The bathroom amenities were made using traditional local ingredients.

The carved wood beds are four poster beds covered in mosquito netting. Each room is decorated with a handmade carpet and handwoven textiles. There is a private patio in each room, and the patios were built in a traditional Arab style, with small benches and hammocks next to the swimming pool. Price varies between 311 and 415€ per night.

Each room is dedicated to a spice that can be found on the island, which is called the Island of Spices by the locals. The eleven villas are Karafuu Clover, Mdalisini Cinnamon, Tangawizi Ginger, Vanila Vanilla, Pilipili Chile, Uzile Cumin, Zafarani Saffron, Kungumaanga Nutmeg and Giligilano Cilantro.

Each room has a minibar, coffee and tea making machines and a television set. The light rooms were built and decorated using tin, wood and local pieces of art, and have high ceilings. There is an antique trunk that was carved by local islanders in each room. Guests will be able to enjoy views towards the sea and the corral reefs from their private terraces.


The hotel has a restaurant and two bars. The Sama restaurant serves regional dishes, and one of its main dishes is fresh seafood cooked with local spices in a traditional Zanzibar style.

The Waterfront Bar is located next to the hotel’s swimming pool. The Nargili Bar is located on the beach and has views towards the sea. Cocktails are served in the bars.

This hotel has a large swimming pool with views towards the sea. Guests will be able to enjoy cocktails at the bar and in the hammocks located by the pool. Traditional dhows, local fishing boats that sail the ocean, can be seen from the pool.

The hotel’s spa is located next to the beach. The spa offers a variety of massages, body and skin treatments and treatments with natural oils that can be found in the region.

There is room filled with magazines and local literature, and guests will be able to rent DVDs. Nearby is the large living room, which has a lounge with a television set where guests will be able to watch matches. There is complimentary WiFi at the hotel, and guests can rent snorkeling equipment in the lobby. The hotel sells hand woven cloth and handmade jewelry from Zanzibar.


The hotel is located on the east coast of north Zanzibar. The villas have views towards Mnemba beach and the Mnemba coral reefs in the Indian Ocean. The hotel has direct access to the Mnemba beach where guests will be able to snorkel and swim. During low tide, there is a staircase that connects the hotel to the beach, and during high tide there is a boardwalk to the beach.

The hotel offers a shuttle service from the hotel to the airport. During the trip from the airport to the hotel guests can visit the local spice farms, and one of the nearby Kidishi farm. At this farm guests will be able to see how cinnamon, clover, cumin, nutmeg and black pepper are grown. The farms have rambutan trees.

Near the hotel visitors will be able to visit the Kidichi Persian baths, which were built by the first Sultan of Zanzibar. One of the most visited places in the city are the ruins of the ancient Maruhbi Palace. The Matemwe village is a traditional fishing village. The hotel cooperates with local organizations to promote economic development and guests will be able to visit non profit organization that operate in the region.

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