Kulala Desert Lodge, kulalas with views towards the desert

The Kulala Desert Lodge is a lodge located near Sosussvlei, in the Namibian desert. This lodge has several wooden cabins that were built and adapted to the conditions of the desert.


This lodge has 23 traditional kulala houses designed to be adapted to the conditions of the desert. Each house has several rooms, and each room has beds, a bathroom with a shower and a terrace.

Eleven of the kulalas have two twin beds. Two kulalas were transformed into houses with a double room and a double bed each. Another tow kulalas are family rooms that can accommodate up to four guests. There are other accommodation options at the rondavels, round houses built in the traditional African way, that are used for tourist guides.

Guests who stay at the kulalas will be able to see how local live in these traditional houses. The mud houses are covered with canvas and straw roofs, and are on an elevated platform. Price varies between 146 and 339€ per night.

The rooms at this lodge are decorated using traditional designs. The rooms have stone floors and decorations coloured in desert colours. The are wicker chairs and polished wooden furniture. Each room has a bed and a lounge area with thick cushions under the straw roof. Here guests will be able to lay down and enjoy the stars.


The lodge’s main building has a bar, a dining hall and a lounge with a terrace. Guests will be able to enjoy traditional local dishes and fresh products grown in the region.

The hotel’s lounge has a large terrace where guests will be able to enjoy lunch and dinner. The terrace has views towards the lodge’s natural pond, a waterhole that attracts many animals from the nearby dunes.

The hotel has a partially covered pool. The pool has views towards the red peaks of the nearby dunes and the orange desert.

In the afternoons guests can relax by the fireplace in the dining hall, next to the main lounge. The dining hall is decorated with wood and bricks and has slate floors. The armchairs and sofas are made of wood and covered in leather.

There is a large natural pond on the hotel grounds that attracts many local animals. Guests will be able to see ostrich birds, jackals, springboks and oryx gazelles. There are many birds and geckos on the hotel’s territory.


There are no conference halls at this hotel. The hotel can organize events and trips to the dunes and around the region for groups of guests and teams.

Most trips start at dawn, when visitors will be able to enjoy views towards the red, glowing dunes and dried our river basin. When the waterhole and the river are overflowing, they become a large azure lake that reflects the dunes. Some other activities are horse riding trips, trips in quads and ecological trips around the Kulala Reservation, located nearby.


The lodge is located in the Namib Naukaluft Park, which is part of the Kulala Reservation. The lodge has access to and views towards the Sossusvlei dunes, one of the highest dunes in the region.

Guests will be able to walk across the dunes, which are located close to the hotel. Guided tours are offered around the natural parks and the region.

Visitors will be able to enjoy many activities in the region. There are trips in four by fours around the region and the Deadvlei and Sossusvlei dunes. Guests will be able to participate in group tours around the desert. One of the most typical safaris is the night safari. There are trips by hot air balloon that offer guests views over the lodge and the dunes. A glass of champagne is offered after landing.

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