Coral Lodge, traditional bungalows with sea views

The Coral Lodge Hotel is located in the San Blas archipelago, off the coast of Panama. This ecological lodge has several cabins, each one with a private terrace and access to the sea.


Each one of the six bungalows has a kingsize bed covered in mosquito netting and a bathroom with a jacuzzi. Each living room is decorated with local art and wooden furniture carved by locals, and has access to a terrace with a hammock.

The villa are located above and in the water, and each bungalow is a traditional palapa house. Each suite has a bathroom with a jacuzzi that has views towards the sea. Guests will be able to enjoy views towards the jungle and the sea from the hammock on the terrace, the jacuzzi and the living room.

This hotel is an ecological and sustainable lodge. The materials used in its construction are local recyclable materials and the decorations were made by local artists. Price per bungalow varies between 80 and 120€ per night, and can reach 180€ for three meals.


The Cayuco Café is a restaurant where guests will be able to enjoy Caribbean, Latin and Mediterranean dishes. The many offers a variety of seafood and rice. The restaurant has a deck where visitors will be able to leave their kayaks.

The Casona Bohio is decorated with traditional wooden furniture and light colours, and is known for its local dishes and the bocas and piqueos that are served with cocktails. During breakfast, lunch and dinner visitors will be able to enjoy views towards the sea. The Casona, located next to the reception area, used to be a meeting point for the Kuna Indians, and has now been transformed into a restaurant where kuna dishes are served.


This hotel was designed to be a place where guests would be able to relax, and there is no Internet in the hotel. The lodge does not have any conference rooms where events can be celebrated. The hotel organizes several group activities ranging from diving trips to horse riding along the coast.


The hotel is located in a natural reserve on the country’s coast, near the San Blas archipelago in Panama. The nearby islands are known for the ancient ruins of the Kuna Indians.

A short boat ride away visitors will find the island of San Blas, where many traditional Kuna villages are located. Guests who want to stay at this resort have to land on Povernir Island, where the hotel’s ferry can pick them up and show them around the nearby islands.

Guests will be able to enjoy walks by the beach, known for its golden sands. Visitors will be able to dive and see the coral reefs, and the hotel has diving equipment for rent. Guests will be able to enjoy diving courses and guided walks around the jungle. There are guided kayak tours around the nearby islands.

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