The Ark, a lodge with decks with views towards a national park

The Ark is a lodge located in Mount Kenya, in Kenya. This lodge has several rooms in large bungalows and the hotel’s territory has a waterhole where animals come to drink.


The lodge has 60 rooms, and each room has traditional decorations and wooden carvings. There are five individual rooms, 37 twin rooms, ten double rooms with a large double bed each and eight triple rooms.

Each one of the rooms was built using materials similar to those used in building traditional cabins, and each cabin has its own private bathroom with a shower. There are bottles of mineral water for guests, and each afternoon the hotel offers hot water bottles per bed. Part of the rooms were designed for guests with mobility issues.

Each one of the cabins has a terrace with views towards the watering hole located on the hotel grounds, a place where many local animals com to drink. The terraces have armchairs and sofas for guests who want to observe the animals. The cabins have an alarm that sounds when one of the Big Five comes to the waterhole.

The building of the hotel has the shape of a ship, a symbol for Noah’s Ark. There are three decks in the building, each deck formed by several cabins, and there are large balconies from where guests will be able to enjoy views towards the hotel territory. On the ground floor there is an area where guests will be able to come closer to the animals.


Guests will be able to enjoy breakfast and dinner at the hotel’s large dining hall. One of the decks has a terrace with a lounge bar where coffee and tea are served.

Lunch is served at a nearby property, the Aberdare Country Club, where guests will find several restaurants, golf courses and tennis courts. The dishes served at the club use organic and local ingredients, many of which grow on the country club’s own farm. The country club can adapt most of their dishes to guests will food allergies. There is a wine cellar with a selection of wine.


There are no conference halls at this hotel. The hotel’s library has many publications about the animals and plants that can be found in the region. The hotel can organize events, safaris, trips and visits to nearby national parks for groups.


The lodge is located in the Aberdare National Park. The hunting lodge has a bridge with views towards a waterhole that was formed by the rain where local animals come to drink.

Guests have to travel across the Aberdare Country Club to reach the hotel. Guided tours are organized around the national park. Visitors will be able to enjoy many activities, from birdwatching and walks along the paths to safaris around the park.

Guests who stay at the hotel will be able to see elephants, leopards, rhinoceros and other local animals. Safaris are organized around Abderdare National park and other nearby parks. The peaks of the Batian, Kenya and Nelion mountains can be seen from the park, and guests will be able to observe colourful birds and buffaloes and other large animals.

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