Hotel de Art, colourful and themed rooms in Malaysia

Art Hotel is located in Klang, in Malaysia. This small designer hotel has several themed rooms decorated with bright murals and colourful decorations.


The hotel has 58 rooms. Each room has its own bathroom with a shower and themed murals. There are several types of rooms. There are coffee and tea making machines and LCD television screens in all rooms and the hotel has WiFi. Price is between 63 and 98€ per night.

The hotel has fairy tale themed rooms, rooms with flowers and rooms dedicated to movies. There are rooms that resemble cities, allowing guests to visit Ancient Egypt and China. Guests will be able to stay in a New York room and a Paris room. There is an Elvis Presley room, a Lady Gaga room and a Michael Jackson room.

Part of the rooms have views towards the lake. Guests will be able to relax in their themed rooms, some of which have views towards the city.

Standard rooms have an individual bed and no windows. The Superior rooms have a queensize bed and no windows. The Superior Deluxe rooms have a queensize bed and a window. The Deluxe View rooms have a queensize bed and a large window with views towards the lake. The Twin Superior rooms have two large individual beds. The Family rooms have two queensize beds and a windows with views towards the lake.

The Celebration room is decorated in black and white. The Breakfast at Tiffany’s room has a large double bed with black and white decorations seen in the film. Your Royal Highness is a room decorated in a Victorian style with a hand carved wooden headboard. Roman Holiday is a room dedicated to the film, with a black and white design.

Just Like Paradise is a room decorated with large clouds. The Snotty Peacock has two double beds and is decorated with the colours of a peacock’s tails. The Rock Solid room has tow beds and a brick wall. Another themed room is the Zen room, with two double beds and a relaxing light green colour.

Bring in Da Funk is a funky room filled with colour. The Déja Vu room is a small retro style room. Pharaoh’s Conquer has a large double bed with curtains and Ancient Egyptian murals. In the African Fire room one wall is covered in a mural of flames.

The Minimalist room is decorated in simple white and grey. The Radioactive room is a bright purple room with a double bed. On Cloud Nine is a blue room with a double bed covered by a white duvet, creating a cloud effect. In the Flourish room there are yellow cubes decorating the room.

Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon is an oriental themed room. Oakland is decorated with oak panels. The Scottish Castle has stone walls and tartan decorations.

The Golden Fortune is decorated in shades of gold and there are several portraits above the double bed. I Feel Bubbly has many bright coloured spheres. The Raveling has a double bed and murals of orange waves. Maharajá is an Indian style room with many golden decorations.

Oopsy Daisy is abright yellow room. The Great Empire room glows in gold and has two large wooden beds with carved head boards. Autumn in Rome has two beds with carved leaves. Roman de la Rose is covered in small rosebuds.

Glitter is a room decorated with shiny furniture and sparkling portraits. Leopard’s Phantasy has a double bed with a leopard print duvet. Sweet Dreams is known for its mural of a dark sky with clouds. Wall Street has murals of tall buildings.


Guests will be able to enjoy breakfasts at the Hailam Coffee House, located next to the hotel. The price per breakfast is included in the room rate.

Guests will be able to try traditional food at the Hailam Kopitiam restaurant. The restaurant is known for its local dishes and for its views towards the Shah Alam lake.


The hotel has a large conference hall. Next to the reception guests will be able to buy tickets for nearby fairs and other cultural events.


The hotel is located next to Section 7 of Shah Alam, in Klang, a city a short distance away from Kuala Lumpur. Guests will be able to visit I CIty and the Blue Mosque, one of the city’s main landmarks. The Sunway Lagoon Theme Park is located near the hotel.

Guests will be able to golf in the city’s main golf courses. Extreme Park and the Bukit Cahaya Agricultural Park offer many activities. The area where the hotel is located is known for its traditional markets. Guests will be able to visit the Sultan Alam Shah Museum and its many art galleries. The Shah Alam Arte Gallery is next to the lake. Guests will be able to explore the nearby botanical gardens.

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