Museumotel, a motel with themed rooms in the shape of eggs

The Museumotel Motel is located in Roan L’Étape, in the south of France. The hotel has several rooms in the shape of a large bubble, and each room has its own design.


The motel has several bungalows in the shape of colourful bubbles. Each bungalow has a double room with a bathroom and a theme.

The bubble rooms can be rented for several nights. The main bubble, where the reception area is located, has Internet access. The hotel has a large private garden where guests will be able to walk. Price is between 70 and 170€ per night.

The hotel has nine bungalows in the shape of bubbles and eggs. Six of the bubbles are smaller suites that can accommodate up to two people. These bungalows have a hall, a double room with two beds, a bathroom with a shower and a closet area.

Three of the bubbles are larger than the rest and can accommodate up to five people. The large bubbles have an arched doorway, a master bedroom with a double bed, a bedroom with a bunk bed, a bathroom with an Italian shower and a closet area.

The Purple Bubble follows Verner Panton’s style, known for his use of organic figures. This bubble is decorated with phantasmagorical designs and has a large round bed.

The Pop Art Bubble is filled with bright colours, murals and many portraits. The bed is decorated with many colourful cushions and a bright cover.

The Zen Bubble is decorated in light pastel colours and has a Japanese design and oriental decorations. This bubble is known for its wave shape.

The Fifties Bubble is a retro bubble. The inside of this bubble has many vintage murals and part of its furniture is bright vinyl furniture.

The Orange Bubble is a filled with colour and light. The orange bubble has retro decorations and there is a model of a car on the ceiling.

The Star Bubble is a blue bubble. This bubble has many reliefs and guests will be able to relax in this room decorated as the outer space.

The Chlorophyll Bubble is a large green bubble. There are many plants and the bubble’s window has views towards the river that flows near the hotel.

The Love Bubble is a red and white bubble. Inside the bubble there is a large double bed and the room is decorated with several mirrors.


Guests will be able to enjoy a coffee at the L’Utopie Coffee Shop. This bar has terrace with views towards the gardens. The bar offers a selection of cocktails and snacks.

The hotel can prepare picnic baskets for guests who want to explore the nearby towns. Guests can spend an afternoon in the countryside.


Conferences and events can be organized in the Mojo Hall. This hall is located on the ground floor of the main bubble and has several chairs and tables.

Events can be celebrated at the hotel. Conferences, dinners and other celebrations can take place in the bar, in the main hall and on the hotel’s territory.

Large events can be organized at the hotel. There have been art exhibits, antique car exhibitions, concerts, performances and presentations.


The motel is located on an island, with a river flowing on each side. The designer motel has houses in the shape of white eggs and retro bubbles.

The hotel has a large garden decorated with artistic sculptures. There is a bamboo garden and a flower garden where guests will be able to take a walk. The hotel is located in a region known for its architecture, its culture and its gardens. Visitors will be able to enjoy views towards the two rivers.

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