Hotel Heinitzburg, a hall for knights and a wine cellar

The Heinitzburg Hotel is located in Windhoek, in Namibia. The hotel rooms are decorated with a variety of antiques and the hotel can organize safari tours around the country.


The hotel used to be a castle that was built for a count and his wife. The castle is located on a hill that has views towards the city and the Khomas Hochland plains.

This hotel has 16 double rooms, and each one of them has its own bathroom. Each room is decorated in a unique manner, with headboards carved out of wood and covered by leather and furniture covered in colourful cloths. The Deluxe rooms have a bathroom with a shower. The Superior rooms have a bathroom with a bathtub and a shower.

Ten of the rooms are located in the hotel’s new building, an annex that holds these double rooms, each one with its own bathroom. The rooms have large double beds, carved wooden furniture and floors covered in ceramic tiles. The rooms have television sets, antique sofas and decorations in pastel and neutral colours. Each bathroom is white and has a Victorian style sink.

There are individual, double and triple rooms. The hotel has several family rooms that are larger than the rest, with two double rooms and two bathrooms.

The price for a Deluxe rooms is around 180€ per night. There is a lower price for guests who travel alone and a higher price of around 235€ is the room is transformed into a triple room. The are two types of Superior Deluxe rooms, those with a double bed and those with two twin beds. Price is around 235€ per night. Price per family room, with two double rooms and two bathrooms, is 335€ per night.


The Ritterraum is the Hall of Knights, decorated with antiques. This hall is the hotel’s bar area, where guests will be able to enjoy a variety of cocktails.

The Garden Terrace is the hotel’s main terrace, where guests will be able to enjoy lunch and dinner. Fresh pastries are served, direct from the oven’s of the hotel’s pastry shop. The terrace has views towards the city and the mountains. Cocktails are aserved at sunset, and guests will be able to enjoy walks around the gardens. The terrace has access to the hotel’s restaurant.

Leo’s at the Castle is the hotel’s restaurant. The restaurant is known for its dinners and is decorated with crystal chandeliers and wooden panels. The restaurant offers a variety of traditional local dishes and during dinner guests will be able to enjoy views towards the city.

The hotel has its own wine cellar. Guests and visitors will be able to taste wines from Namibia and South Africa. The cellar was built inside a hill and can now be used for events.

There is a large swimming pool in the garden. The swimming pool is transformed into a heated pool during the low season.


The hotel’s interior is decorated with pieces of art done by local artists. There are several conference halls for events, and events can be celebrated at the wine cellar and the restaurant.

The Ritterraum is the hotel’s main conference hall and has its own bar. This hall is decorated with antique furniture and several pieces of art. The hotel can organize events and prepare the halls for celebrations. There is Internet connection in most halls, and the hotel can organize a shuttle service to and from the hotel.


The hotel is located on a hill close to the city of Windhoek. Guests will be able to explore this city and enjoy safaris around the nearby nature reserves.

Guests can enjoy walks around the hotel gardens. The hotel can organize trips around the city and the nearby towns. Some of the most popular trips are desert trips and hiking trips in the mountains. Guests can tour the region of Khomas Hochland, known for its natural attractions.

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