IP Boutique Hotel, a place dedicated to art, murals and videogames

The IP boutique hotel is located in Seoul, in South Korea. This hotel has colourful rooms and a large garden filled with sculptures and statues.


This hotel has 133 rooms. Each room has bright, colourful lights and multicolour furniture, a double bed and a private bathroom.

The bathrooms located in the rooms are known for their design, and each one has a bathtub. There are frosted glass showers. All rooms have docks for iPods. The rooms have a flat screen television set and bright, colourful murals. Each rooms has its own colour scheme and is equipped with tea and coffee making machines.

There is a white room with a large red painting, and a white room with blue decorations. Another rooms is decorated in shades of green. There are several rooms decorated with murals of exotic animals. Some of the rooms are black and white spaces.

There are several types of rooms at this hotel. The Superior rooms are standard double rooms, the Deluxe rooms are larger rooms and the suites have a double room and a living room. There are superior rooms with a double bed and with two twin beds. All rooms have WiFi. Price is between 91 and 205€ per night.


The hotel’s restaurant specializes in Korean, Japanese and Western food. The restaurant has colourful leather chairs. The Amiga Café is a buffet where guests will be able to enjoy a variety of international dishes. Champagne and wine are served during dinner.

The Deli Amador is a pastry shop that sells a selections of fresh pastries and snacks. The deli is located on the hotel’s territory.

Inside the hotel guests will find a variety of art and sculptures. There is a large statue of a knight seated on a horse in the lobby area. One of the halls has a red sofa and murals of colourful squares. The lobby has bright sofas with backs that reach the ceiling.


There is a business center where guests can connect to the Internet. The business center has fax machines guests can use. Events can be celebrated in the hotel’s conference hall.

Next to the hall guests will find a room filled with game consoles where they will be able to play videogames. The hotel has a gym with a fitness center and several massage rooms.

The hotel can organize guided tours and trips around the city of Seoul and has a shuttle service to and from the airport. The hotel can provide guests with limousines.


The hotel is located close to the center of Seoul. The Han River is located a short walk away, and guests will be able to enjoy long walks and views towards Nam San Mountain.

The hotel has views towards the mountain and the river. Guests will be able to walk around the nearby gardens and climb to the top of the mountain. The hotel is in the center of Itaewon district, a place filled with bars, restaurants and shops. Nearby neighbourhoods are filled with historical attractions, including the Seoul Tower and the Namdaemun Market. The Samsung Musem of Art is another nearby attraction.

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