Loch Ness Lodge, rooms with views towards Loch Ness

Loch Ness Lodge is located next to his famous Scottish lake, just a short distance away from Inverness. This lodge is known for its views and for the variety of activities that guests will be able to enjoy.


The bed and breakfast has seven double rooms. Each room has a double bed with goose-feather duvets, a bathroom with white fluffy towels and views towards Loch Ness. Each room has a flat-screen television set, CD and DVD players and WiFi access.

The seven rooms of the hotel are decorated with antique furniture that used to belong to the families of the owners of the hotels. The rooms have fresh flowers, a rustic design and views towards the tower located on the hotel’s territory. Some of the rooms have lake and mountain views.

Each room is dedicated to one of the local glens. The rooms have WiFi, personalised air fresheners and colourful drapes.

The two Superior rooms are Orrin and Oykel. Orrin is located in the ground floor and is decorated in shades of olive green. Oykel is a large blue room. Price is around 200€ per room per night, and prices include breakfast and afternoon tea.

The Premium rooms are located on the hotel’s first floor. The Maree room is decorated in deep shades of red with matching velvet drapes. Carron is a room filled with gilded decorations. Coriusk is a purple room with tartan gold and purple cushions. Each one of these rooms has a price of 294€ per night.

The two Premium Plus rooms are located nearby. Affric is a neutral room with antique furniture. This room has a balcony and is located inside the old tower. The bathroom has a jacuzzi for two people. The other Premium room is Assynt, which boasts a four-poster double bed and a bathroom with a designer tub. The Premium Plus rooms have a price between 340 and 390€ per night.


This hotel offers a variety of breakfasts and dinner to its guests. The hotel breakfast is cooked using local ingredients. Guests will be able to enjoy traditional porridges. There are plenty of scrambled eggs with salmon and banana pancakes covered in caramel syrup. There is a table filled with fruit, muesli, jams and natural juices.

The lounge is the ideal place for an afternoon tea. English Breakfast tea is served accompanied by a variety of scones and tarts. Lunch is served in one of the nearby restaurants. The hotel lobby offers a guide to nearby pubs and other dining places.

The hotel has a spa with its own massage room, a sauna and a steam room. There is a private roads the leads to a beach on the banks of the famous Loch Ness.


There is WiFi connection around most of the rooms. The hotel can be rented for large group events. Conferences and events can only be celebrated if the whole hotel is booked. The lodge can be booked for a price between 2400 and 3600€ per night. It is an ideal setting for company events and private parties.


The hotel is located on the banks of Loch Ness, a short distance away from Inverness. Guests will be able to enjoy long walks along the edge of the lake, waiting for a sighting of the Loch Ness monster. There is a tunnel that connects the hotel to the banks of the river. Those who enjoy hiking and other mountain activities will be able to explore the nearby mountains.

Guests who stay at this hotel will be able to enjoy a variety of activities. Rowing boats are available for rent around Loch Ness. Guests can visit the famous Urquhart Castle. There are several kayak-renting services all along the lake, and there are several other lakes nearby that are ideal for fishing. There is a Nature Reserve where guests will be able to hike and the neighbouring Glen Affric valley is ideal for bikers.

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