Manta Resort, an underwater room away from civilization

The Manta Resort Hotel is located on Pemba Island, in Tanzania. This hotel has several bungalows located on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean and a room directly in the water.


This hotel has 17 bungalows. Each bungalow has a double room with a bathroom equipped with a jacuzzi and a private terrace with ocean views. Some of the more traditionally-decorated rooms are located in the hotel’s green gardens.

he Garden Rooms are traditional makuti houses. Each room has a kingsize bed covered in mosquito netting in the center of the room, a bathroom and a terrace with garden views. Price is around 360€ per night.

There are four Garden Superior rooms. These large, double rooms are connected between them and can be transformed into family rooms. Price is around 432€ per room per night.

The Seafront Villas are six villas located next to the ocean. There is a large kingsize bed in the center of each villa and a stone bathroom. These villas have private terraces from where guests will be able to enjoy a colourful sunrise. Price per villa is around 540€ per night.

One of the most famous rooms is the hotel’s underwater room. This large room has eight windows from where guests will be able to observe the fishes, which are usually swimming around the structure. Guests who stay in the underwater room will be able to watch the octopuses. A staircase leads to the top floor, where the bathroom and lounge are located. The roof of this subaquatic room has a terrace with hammocks. From here guests will be able to enjoy the views towards the hotel and the ocean. Guests will be able to eat their breakfasts, lunch and dinners on the private deck that joins this private island to the rest of the resort. This room has 250 square meters of space and views towards the Indian Ocean. This private island costs around 1100€ per night.


There is an All-Inclusive restaurant on the hotel’s territory. This restaurant served a variety of traditional dishes, including seafood, and has a terrace with views towards the garden. Do not miss the spicy meat dishes, the freshly-baked bread and vegetables from nearby farms. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are all served on the hotel’s terrace.

The Beach Lounge is a lounge that has ocean views, located next to the hotel’s private beach. This lounge offers a variety of cocktails, coconut milk and fresh fruit juices.

The hotel has a large swimming pool from where guests will be able to enjoy views towards the ocean. The Kipepeo Spa offers many varieties of traditional massages.


This hotel has no conference halls. There is a business center with faxes and photocopying machines and a lounge with WiFi access.


Located on Pemba Island, a short distance away from Zimbabwe, one of the hotel’s most popular features is its private beach. Guests will be able to practice many water-sports, including diving to see the coral reefs and sailing to nearby islands.

Another popular sport is scuba diving. The hotel offers scuba diving lessons and all the necessary equipment can be rented in the lobby.

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