Reflections Boutique Hotel, murals, stickers and a statue of a horse

The Reflections Boutique Hotel is located in Siem Riep, in Cambodia. This hotel is a traditional building with colourful designer rooms.


The hotel has 16 themed rooms with a private bathroom. Each room has air conditioning, Internet access and a plasma television set, and the bathrooms have designer products.

Each room as designed by a group of designers. Each room varies in design and has themed decorations and is filled with colour. Price is between 31 and 110€ per night.

Stick To It is a room decorated with many stickers, and guests will be able to bring their own stickers and add them to the murals. Price is 47€ per night.

Hope for Cambodia is a room dedicated to the country’s many jungles. The walls were designed by orphans from a local orphanage and are decorated with colourful tropical birds. Price is 47€ per night.

The Moody Moody Moods room was designed by a team of graphic designers. The room is filled with colour and there is a large bathroom with a jacuzzi and a shower. Price is around 95€ per night.

My Secret Garden is a room with a garden theme and murals of flowers and vines. There is a jacuzzi in the bathroom and a sink covered in flowers. Price is 95€ per night.

Animal Farm is a room where animals and animal print decorate the wardrobe and the bathroom. This rooms costs around 83€ per night.

From Belgium with Love is a smaller room with two twin beds decorated in blacks and whites. Prices is around 63€ per double room per night.

Snap Shot is a room dedicated to the city’s arts and culture scene, with many glossy magazine covers decorating the wallpaper. Price is around 47€ per night.

Life is Plastic is Barbie’s room. Large Barbie heads decorate the area above the door and Barbie accessories cover the bed and the lampshades. Price is around 47€ per night in this pink room.

What a Cat Thinks is a room filled with feline decorations that has twin beds. Feline eyes decorate the wardrobe doors and the lamps. Price is 63€ per night.

The Art Studio as a room decorated with bohemian art pieces. The room has a double bed and a large balcony with views towards the swimming pool. Price is around 63€ per night.

Under Smile is a room dedicated to those who want to achieve a certain goal. The room is decorated in creamy colours and has a large mural. Price is 47€ per night.

Imagine is a blue room that has colourful furniture and bright murals that shine in the dark. Price for this large room is around 47€ per night.

The Mood of Nature is an ecological room with murals of nature and people. Price is around 63€ per night for this double room with a double bed.

Trash Chic is a room filled with colour and many artistic decorations. This rooms has several antique paintings and frames. Price is 47€ per night.

Dream Dreaming has decorations hanging below the ceiling. There are several china dolls and china plates. Price is around 63€ per night.

Butterflies is a room dedicated to art and design, with large butterflies that decorated the doors and furniture. This room has purple decorations. Price is around 63€ per night.


The hotel has a bar and a café. The Reflections Beach Restaurant is a designer restaurant where guests will be able to enjoy traditional Cambodian and Thai food. Meals can be served in the room, by the pool and on the hotel’s terrace. The hotel’s kitchen specializes in Asian dishes and international dishes.

The hotel offers several types of massages. There is a large garden where visitors will find the hotel’s swimming pool, where they will be able to relax.


The hotel has several conference halls where guests will be able to organize events. The hotel can organize private functions in the hotel bar, in the café and in the restaurant.


The hotel is located in Siem Riep, one of the country’s most visited cities. The hotel is located a short walk away from the Angkor Wat.

The hotel uses recyclable materials and reuses and redesigns the building’s ancient structure. The reception area is decorated with the statue of a large black horse holding a red lamp on its head. The hotel has a colourful kitsch design.

The hotel offers a transport service to and from the main stations. The hotel can organize guided tours to Angkor Wat, Angkor Thom and Bayon. These guided trips can be in several languages and guests will be able to explore the country’s most visited places.

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