The Olive exclusive, ecological suites and furniture made from tree trunks

The Olive Exclusive is a hotel located in Windhoek, in Namibia. This hotel has designer room with large bathrooms and traditional wooden furniture.


This hotel has several rooms decorated with furniture made from local trees and twisted tree trunks. The hotel was designed in cream colours.

The hotel has seven double suites and each suite has its own bathroom. Each suite is decorated with murals typical of each one of the country’s regions.

Each suite has a large double bed and a lounge area with a dining hall and a fireplace. In the center of each bathroom there is a bathtub with views towards the mountains. There is air conditioning, iPod docks, Internet access, a minibar with a selection of wines and a television set. A set of glass doors lead to a private terrace, and each terrace has a rustic hammock. The four premium suites have a private swimming pool.

The Junior Suites are Benguela, Namib and Otavi. The Benguela suite is decorated in hues of blue, grey and white, and has a large double bed with a carved wooden headboard and murals and paintings of the region. The Namib suite is decorated in the colours of the desert, with a wooden headboard, a bed with a blue cover, dark wooden furniture and an ochre bathroom with two grey sinks in the shape of stones. The Otavi suite is decorated with local artifacts made from copper and has grey and light wooden furniture and a light brown bathroom with two stone sinks.

The Premier Suites are the Caprivi, Erongo, Etosha and Kunene suites. The Caprivi Suite has a room decorated in greens and whites with wooden furniture and a living room with beams on the ceiling and a large painting of a cheetah. The Erongo Suite is decorated in cream colours, with a coffee table that was built from a block of stone and a sofa made from woven baskets. The Etosha suite is a blue suite with a kitchen decorated with a painting of an elephant, a bathroom with one stone wall and a living room decorated in light colours and rustic vases. The Kunene suite is a large suite with two double beds and large windows with views towards the city that is decorated in light and dark colours and has colourful lights, wooden furniture and stone decorations.

The rooms have views towards the Eros mountains and the olive groves. From the hotel grounds visitors will be able to enjoy views of the Windhoek Valley.

Price is 203€ per night for a Junior Suite and 318€ per night for a Premier Suite, and the price includes breakfast, coffee and tea. Guests will be able to relax on the hotel grounds, which were designed and decorated by locals.


The hotel has a restaurant that serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. The menu changes each season and the dishes are made using local ingredients. The bar has a selection of wine and whiskeys.

There is a swimming pool for guests. The Olive Grove mansion is a mansion that belongs to the hotel, and the hotel’s spa is located here.


The hotel does not have a conference room. The hotel can organize private events in the hotel’s restaurant and offers private tours for groups. The hotel can organize a transfer service from and to the airport.


The hotel is located in Windhoek, and is one of the first boutique hotels built in the city. There are several historical buildings located near the hotel.

This hotel is an ecological hotel where the furniture is made from natural materials. The reception area has carved benches and wooden tables. The lounge is decorated with large blocks of granite that are used as tables and there are several abstract murals, where each mural is dedicated to one of the country’s regions.

The hotel was built on the grounds of an olive grove. The hotel is a short walk away from the city’s financial district. Guests will be able to visit the city’s historical district and the main landmarks.

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