Turbine Hotel, suites next to an ancient turbine

The Turbine Hotel is located on the Thesen Islands in South Africa. The hotel is an industrial building that used to house a large turbine, and the building has now been transformed into a hotel with large windows.


The ancient turbine building is now a large hotel. Each room is a double room with a private bathroom and a lounge area with views towards the sea.

The hotel has 17 suites, six Luxury Suites, a Honeymoon Suite and an apartment. The apartment is larger than the suites and has several rooms, bathrooms and a kitchen. Each suite is a designer suite with pieces of art done by locals decorating the rooms. The suites have been adapted to the structure of the hall where the turbine was located.

Each suite has a double bed and a bathroom with a bathtub and a shower. The rooms have a flat screen television set with DVD’s, tea and coffee making machines and a minibar. The Luxury Suites are larger and have a lounge area with bar stools and a sofa bed.

The Honeymoon Suite has a large bathroom with a claw foot bathtub and a double shower. The Water Club Apartment is the hotel’s apartment, and it has several rooms with a bathroom, a kitchen and a living room. Price is between 87 and 139€ per person per night.


The hotel has two restaurants. The Tapas Bar restaurant is known for its selection of traditionally Spanish appetizers, and the Island Café offers local food and cocktails.

There are three bars on the hotel’s territory. One of the bars has access to the terrace, from where the canal and the artificial islands can be seen. Guests will be able to enjoy dinners at the Turbine Water Club, where fresh oysters and champagne are served.

The hotel has a large designer swimming pool that is known for its views towards the canal. There are several hammocks and loungers next to the swimming pool, and guests will be able to enjoy cocktails by the pool. The Amani Spa is located next to the pool, where guests will be able to enjoy massages and other relaxing treatments.

The hotel is located inside an ancient industrial building where the turbine was located. The turbine is now part of the structure, and guests can see parts of the mechanism that used to provide the city with energy.


The hotel has two conference halls. Each conference hall can seat around forty people. The Boiler room is located where the boiler room used to be, and still has the same layout. There is Internet access in most of the hotel.

The hotel can organize several activities for guests. Guests can rent bicycles and kayaks in order to explore the region, and pontoon tours are offered around the bay.


The hotel is located inside a turbine building on the coast of Knysna. The hotel has views towards the nearby canal and guests will be able to explore the nearby Thesen islands.

The ancient turbine has been restored and is the hotel’s main attraction. The hotel is located on top of a lagoon and guests will be able to enjoy views towards the lagoon and the islands from their rooms. The city is part of the Garden Route, a route that covers some of the country’s most famous gardens.

Guests will be able to enjoy many activities in the region, ranging from kayak tours around the lagoon to water sports. The Thesen Islands are located in the Knysna Lagoon. This area is filled with bars, cafés and restaurantes. Guests will be able to enjoy walks along the coast and participate in whale watching tours. Other typical activities include kitesurf and paddleboard. Guests can explore Knysna, the nearby city.

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