Chakrabongse Villas, an oasis on the banks of a river

The Chakrabongse Hotel Villas are located in the center of Bangkok, in Thailand. The hotel has four private villas, each one with its own private garden and a large designer pool.


This hotel has four villas, and each villa is a large suite. Each suite has a double bed and a bathroom. The suites are decorated with wooden panels. Another separate villa has several double rooms decorated in a Moroccan style.

The Mali room is decorated in a traditional Moroccan style. This room has a double bed, a bathroom and a television set, and guests who stay there have access to the hotel’s pool. The Fueng Fa room is another Moroccan room. This room has a wooden double bed, a bathroom and a lounge area with a television set. The Chaba room is decorated with colourful carpets. Price per room is around 131€ per night.

The Garden Suite is a villa with a large double room that has access to the hotel’s garden. The suite has a bathroom, a kitchen and a lounge with a table and chairs. The Garden View rooms are located next to the Riverside Villas. These Villas have a price of 263€ per night.

The Thai House Suite was built with teak wood following the traditional style of Ayutthaya villages. This villa is perched up on a platform in the hotel’s main garden. The suite has a double bed and a large private terrace. The terrace has a daybed and views towards the hotel’s pool. Price is around 344€ per night.

The River View Suite is a traditional Thai apartment built with teak wood and located on the banks of the river. There is a double room with a double bed, a bathroom, a room with a desk and a chair, a kitchen and a living room. The private terrace has views towards the Sunrise Temple. The suite has a price of 395€ per night.

The China Suite is a suite with two double rooms. Each room has its own bathroom with a shower. The suite has a large living room with two terraces. The terraces have views towards the swimming pool and are decorated with antique furniture bright from China. This room has Chinese tapestries, silk screens and carved wooden furniture. Price is around 658€ per night. The price includes a continental breakfast.


Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served in the pavilion located in the garden. The menu includes many traditional Thai dishes, all of them made with local ingredients.

The restaurant and pavilion is located on the banks of the river and offers a personalized service: guests can choose the dishes they want to eat for dinner and the hotel staff will buy the ingredients at one of the local markets. Next to the restaurant guests will find a lounge bar with a barbecue.

There is a tropical garden spread out across the palace grounds. The swimming pool is located on one side of the garden, decorated with sculptures and stone statues.

The hotel offers a variety of traditional massages at the spa. Guests can rent bicycles to explore the city and canoes to sail around the Chao Praya river.


The villas do not have a conference hall. The hotel can organize a variety of events for groups and trips around the nearby towns. The most popular trip is a night-time canoe tour. Trips in traditional boats can be organized.


The hotel is located in an oasis in the center of Bangkok. There are several ancient temples near the hotel, and guests will be able to enjoy walks along the banks of the river, which is peppered with landmarks.

The hotel has views towards the Chao Praya river, located close to the historical city center. The hotel’s main building is an ancient palace that was built for the prince Chakrabongse, who used to stay at the palace when he visited the city. Guests will be able to enjoy themed tours along the river. The Royal Boat Museum and the Orchid Farm are located a short distance away and are worth a visit.

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