Solar do Castelo, medieval suites in an ancient castle in the city center

Solar do Castelo is located in the very center of Lisbon, in Portugal. This hotel is part of the ancient medieval castle grounds built in the historical Alfama district.


This hotel is a large, two-storey mansion located in what used to be the kitchens of St George’s Castle. The mansion has twenty suites, each one with an antique décor and a bathroom. There are rooms with two twin beds and rooms with a large double bed decorated with embroidered cushions.

The hotel’s twenty rooms are located in the Alcaçovas Palace, on the grounds of Saint George’s Castle. The suites are decorated with medieval-style paintings and tapestries, gilded statues and antique furniture covered in leather.

Each room has a large double bed, a bathroom with a shower, Internet access and an LCD television set. The bathrooms provide bathrobes and slippers for guests. These rooms have views towards the gardens and the patio. Price varies between 149 and 186€ per night.


Saint George’s Hall is one of the hotel’s common halls, and the place where guests will be able to enjoy their breakfast. A selection of coffee, tea, fruit, jam and freshly baked bread is served at breakfast.

The hotel has access to one of the castle’s patios, which is usually filled with peacocks. Guests will be able to enjoy strolls around the gardens and the patio, which is decorated with Pombalina ceramic tiles.


There is a business center with Internet access, faxes and photocopying machines located on one of the top floors. The hotel can be rented out for private events.

The hotel can arrange a transport service to and from the airport. Private events can be celebrated in other parts of the medieval castle.


The hotel is located on the territory of the Castelo Sao Jorge, a medieval castle in the ancient Alfama district of Lisbon. There is a tramway station next to the castle that connects the castle to the neighbourhoods of Alfama, Baixa, Barrio Alto and Chaido.

Guests will be able to explore the rest of the ancient castle and the nearby medieval structures. One of the buildings houses the Architecture Museum. The patio and the hotel’s garden are filled with historical artifacts. Guests will be able to see an old water tank that used to provide the castle with water. There is a gallery filled with pieces of ancient murals and tapestries. There are several restaurants where a variety of local dishes, including cod and pasteis de Belem, are served.

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